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June 28, 2021
Razors are here!
We are happy to share that all SxS's have arrived! We have 4 Two Seater Razor Trail S1000's, 3 Four Seater General XP1000's and 3 Four Seater Razor XP1000's. Come by and Rent one today! I hope you're all enjoying your summer!!! 16 Fridays till sledding starts start planning your winter trip soon!!! We had a fun filled week with the General Lee group,they had a great 3 days though conditions are dusty,thanks for lunch,and staying at the cabins glad you found us glad I was able to answer your questions
June 13, 2021
summer is here
the weather has been in the 80 plus degrees 1 day then the next day in the 60's typical U.P. weather can change hourly. An update on the S X S rentals like everything else things are on back order so we had to replace 3 of the 6, 4 door units with the General 1000's ,the RZR 1000 4 doors will be here mid July ,the 2 door units along with the General's should be here on the 15th of June,units are booking fast so select your dates and book online through our website/page.
April 11, 2021
switching modes
from tracks to wheels,yes we are going to be a Polaris Adventure Outfitter Destination rental again this year, like last year we are working around Covid,dealers are having a hard time fulfilling orders for their locations.Our starting date is looking like JUNE 15TH - OCT. 15TH we will be offering the RZR 4 SEATER 1000 6 units on site, also 4- 2 seater trail S 1000's. Please keep in mind due to Covid we prefer you supply your own googles and helmets,children MUST MEET HEIGHT REQUIREMENT, you MUST be 18 years of age with a VALID driver's licenses,a INSURANCE POLICY PAYMENT is required DAY OF RENTAL which is APPLIED to a credit card, read info when booking on line. To book on line go to our web page,right hand column there is a box click n and it will guide you through,be sure to read and check off each disclaimer,insurance options will be charged day of rental PLEASE READ THE OPTIONS AND PRICES KNOWING YOUR CARD WILL BE CHARGED 1 OF THESES AMOUNTS....we look forward to serving you again this year and hope you have or try a great outdoor experience here in the U.P. We again will offer guide service for a unique adventure.....Thank you for your patients
March 1, 2021
2020-2021 snowmoble season almost over but S X S SEASON IS FAST APPROCHING!!!!
Hard to believe the snowmobile season will soon be ending, grooming stops April 1st, but it isn't over yet , though we are down in inches of snow this year we still have it and groomers are out.Have to say this has been a tough year for all but we survived, we are YOOPER'S ,The restaurants/bars are open still at 25% and we ask that you support them, we still had our yearly visitors and can't thank you enough..... many have been coming now for 18 years and running and new ones have found us and booked already for next year! Many calls are coming in now asking if we will be renting S X S 's the answer is YES we finally got word from Polaris the models will soon be released and we will be posting on our site the models available , pricing ,info ,etc. thank you for your patience, like everything else Covid has backed up the S X S industries production and we hope to have our fleet info released soon. PLEASE KEEP WATCHING WE WILL BE UPDATING SOON!!!
November 9, 2020
After a lot of thought and 18 years of service we have decided to go into retirement mode.We are both in our mid 60's now and have decided to retire like a athlete on top of their game,as that is where we are,even hrough these trying times.They have actually worked to our advantage as we have had the best year ever,as people have found the U.P., found us through social media,natioal magizines,travel guides,and ou newest adventure becoming a Polaris Adventure Destination. We have been blessed thru ups and downs of the lodging industry and worked hard to maintain the 5 star establishment we have become.After 18 years we are now at a 80% rebooking rate year after year and go into reservations 2 years out.I think hat says a lot about our accomplishments to the area and community. We established a area services with guided tours,hosted gatherings with renouned companies,riding clinics,hosted private parties,reunions.weddings,and more.We became involved with local clubs,volunteered to maintain and groom trails,fund raisers,and more. We canonly hope that the next owners follow and exceed our accomplishments. Please don't panic we will be here for you and help you with your future adventures to our area,and bookings.If new ownership needs us to go thru any transitions we will be here for them.we will take care of our staff and hope that they will continue their services and support for us as well as the new owners.Before finalizing the papers if anyone is interested in a purchase before signing papers and save on realtors fees contact us before Fri.only serious inquires please.The listing will be through a wonderful realtor Julie Waara @ Northern Michigan Land Brokers in Houghton Mi. 906-523-5575
September 18, 2020
1/2 way through the month of Sept.
wow time is flying by, we have been busy getting the Hibernation Station ready , and now it is good reviews from our 1st. guests and bookings coming in please view the pictures on our Facebook page, we will post info soon on our website.Also wrapping up soon is our 1st year as a Polaris Adventure's Destination Rental,still open slots for the fall colors!!! All wraps up Oct.31st. colors are starting I would say we are at 30% as of today.still lots of beautiful days left. This year with no kick off to winter with Hay Days don't forget to start thinking of your winter destination spot ...hope you consider us!!! start booking as we are filling in fast!!! winter is in the air,we had our 1st frost this morning, love this time of year ,good luck to all my hunting brother's and sister's best of luck!!!
September 15, 2020
New addition to the cabins
we have a new rental called the Hibernation Station located on the cabins property,it is 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house,complete kitchen,forced air natural gas,central air,pictures can be viewed on the cabins Facebook page and will soon be listed here,there is a 2 day minimum stay at $300 per day plus tax.there will be a $500 security deposit charged the day of checking in which will be refunded after inspection after check out.The use of the sauna area and firepit area
August 27, 2020
Aug. is soon to be gone
where has the month gone, soon it will be my 2nd favorite time of year, cool nights, waking up to dew,and fog hanging in the low lying areas, then when it is a sunny day every thing glows with color, from brillent reds, to orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow ,citrus green , sap green and more and if it is a blue bird sunny day the sky is a vibrant blue, the rains get the area falls moving and then in a blink of a eye it's hunting season ahhhhh....peace and quite with nature a whole new canvas is in front of you, the days can be the most perfect conditions for hiking , biking and S X S adventures. soon our rental season will be coming to a end so get your bookings in soon......And then the best season will be upon us soon WINTER... the most exhilarating time of year from holidays which we hope will be spent with friends and family , to daily if not hourly changes in weather, all waiting for the right amount of snow base to get our engines started to hit the trails and backwoods of our area,miles ,smiles,and memories made hope you have the enthusiasm I have for the winter sport of sledding, although our area has many options open for those that are not motor heads,snow shoeing, cross country and down hill skiing,snowboarding ,dog sledding and more....so it is getting late for prime slots to reserve but there are still openings available, take time out come and see what the U.P. has to offer.....see you soon
July 29, 2020
it has been a beautiful summer,the weather has been a little bit of everything, cool, warm, hot, rain, sunshine, misty, foggy, so typical of U.P. weather,it can change hourly!!! well our rental program has taken off, a lot of happy customers truly enjoying what our area has to offer,from lakes to rivers ,back country,rides off the main trail and more, The guide service is getting great reviews as well.This has been quite the learning experience as well,99% of our customers have treated our units as if they were their own,we have waivers that are well explained, and expectations of our customers as well. We hope that they don't have the ride it like a rental attitude because we have to pay for damages not covered by insurance. We had to become strict with the insurance policy ,due to a customer that burned us good in our 1st week of renting,hope he doesn't run his business like he conducted himself to us....karma is on our side.We will try to make your Polaris adventure the best it can be....... coming soon... we will be adding another rental unit to our cabins, a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom,unit many features that surpass what the cabins have as well, such as a washer,dryer,full kitchen, and central air,it will be a 2 day minimum rental unit with a security deposit required, which will be refunded 48 hours after check out...pictures and more info to come soon....as always we thank everyone for their continued support and making us your destination home away from home!!!!
July 19, 2020
SUMMER is 1/2 way through
time sure fly's by when you have a perfect summer,15 more Friday's till the smell of 2 stroke hopefully fills the air. Yes I am not fond of the hot weather we have been having but my gardens are loving it.The past 2 days have had the feel of fall cool crisp mornings, my favorite time of year,for those of you that love to color tour you might want to plan a fall tour, the last week of Sept thru the first 2 weeks of Oct.are usually peak, what better way then to come rent a s x s and get out in the true woods of the U.P.folks are loving the experience and have really enjoyed the guided tours. let's hope the U.P. stays open and safe,if not we fear the worst for the best area in the mid-west......thank you all for choosing us to be your home away from home
July 4, 2020
summer is here
very warm temps. ,bluebird skies, where better to be....here.come on up to to a piece of heaven...hike. bike. boat ,s x s it's all here for you!!!
July 3, 2020
warm summer days are here...
summer is here the past 2 weeks have been busy in our area, it's time to play in the U.P. S X S RENTALS are going over really well,that is 1 way to see the U.P. ,there are many options to hike,bike,and boat as well remember days are getting shorter!
June 23, 2020
SO SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE YOU MAY HAVE ENCOUNTERED THE PAST 4 DAYS SPECTRUM IS NOT DOING US ANY SERVICE BY RECTIFYING THEIR ISSUE OR MISTAKE...all of our calls have been going to a private # he has been very understanding and we are now back in business........Rentals have begun,summer is in full gear and we hope you make us your destination soon!!!
May 29, 2020
heading into June
we will soon be set to become a Polaris Adventure Outfitter, the units are arriving daily,and we are in the process of setting up the rental pages,waivers,and info,hoping all will be as user friendly as possible and informative as possible.There is a mandatory request that helmets and googles are worn, so we are suggesting to bring your own,as well as face masks, either for your comfort of the COVID 19 issue and/ or just for your comfort in case trails are dusty also bring proper riding gear ,as weather can change on a dime here in the Copper Country. As for cabin rentals we are offering a 10% discount on lodging if you book 2 or more days along with a side by side rental. Also due to Covid 19 we want all to feel safe and comfortable,so we are asking that if you would like to bring your own bedding and towels please inform us so we can remove ours,if you are comfortable using ours let us know.We ask you bring your own personal products,hand sanitizers,spray sanitizers, etc. what ever makes you feel comfortable. We want you to enjoy your stay, as well as our area......Another change in the past we didn't care how many guests were in a cabin however due to Covid 19 and the strict codes being set upon small businesses we ask that the allotted persons per cabins will be according to beds available i.e. twin beds are for 1 person full beds are for up to 2,we ask for your patients at this time and hope the future is brighter for all and your vacation time is fun filled in our area...welcome to the YOOP!!!
April 30, 2020
now what was suppose to be a busy weekend with MTU graduation and other area schools,collages and trade schools we are experiencing what others are, a mandatory shut down with no reopen dates set as of today. This has been a very upsetting time for us,we are honoring deposits with a transfer to another date within this year, as this was beyond everyone's control,we hope that you will re book another date.We have not heard yet when we can start the UTV rentals,Wisc. opened their dates for mid May,so we hope our Governor will release info soon on lodging and recreational rules. We hope to be able to serve you all soon....miss everyone, and we wish the Graduates a successful future, and the parents a sigh of relief CONGRATS TO ALL!!!
March 23, 2020
closed until futher notice
thank you one and all for the years of support you have given us. We will reopen when the Governor ok's it...we hope you wll continue to support us and others in the area most have not recovered from the Father's Day flood 2 years ago,we are YOOPER STRONG and will find a way to survive,this has impacted most of my friends as we depend on tourism in this area....THANK YOU SEE YOU SOON!!
February 8, 2020
winter conditions
what a different winter it came early and with lots of ups and downs,but a lot of snow as well,the trails were hard to get into shape this year as we had no freezing temps. rain,heavy wet snow that brought down trees and branches,many froze into the snow creating tree arches every where in the woods.we survived the 30 plus days and now have had cold temps. the trails are in great shape,however fresh snow is always a plus.The weather was perfect for Winter Carnival the statues were incredible,Phi Kappa Tau took 1st. their statue is not on campus but located in Hancock. The 1st. Hillclimb was a success and the next one is coming on the 22nd.a must see event in our area! Many ask is there enough snow in the woods for boondocking? Yes 3-4 feet plus,but fresh would be better and is in need hard to find untracked snow,some think the season is almost over just keep in mind we groom until April 1st. 3 years ago my last sled ride was Mother's Day weekend,however with snow still on the ground at times it is the kick off weekend for UTV/ATV ride in's..this year starting in May we will have a rental fleet available so check us out.....THINK SNOW for now
February 6, 2020
1/2 way through Feb!
where does the time go, we are 1/2 way thru the month,signs of spring are in the air it's lighter longer, shadows look different on the ground,and what is typically the best month next to March to sled has proven to be off track like Jan. was.It has been Jan. weather now for the past 2 weeks bitter cold,with minimal snow, so for boon docking having over 4' of good solid base snow has proven to be not so good conditions as everywhere is tracked up,however the cold temps. have made it god for the groomed trails as late night grooms have given the trails time to freeze up but new snow is needed to add to the old sugar snow.... this week looks interesting 4 days of snow in the forecast but then warm temps. for the weekend.....keep waiting for the epic dump from Lake Superior but nothing yet..... 1st time in many years though I am looking forward to spring as we have found a new passion that has almost put sledding to the back seat and that is UTVing!!! It truly is as much if not more fun the sledding and we will get to share that experience soon thanks to Polaris that has chosen us to become an outfitter,we know their product well as we own 2 of them ourselves, like sleds they just get better and better with technology and make the riding experience better and better, looking forward to sharing adventures with all!! But for now till April 1st we are still in snow mode and want you all to know that there is plenty of snow 4'-5' in the woods and a good solid base on the trails, soon the falls will be running and longer days are ahead so don't give up on Mother Nature yet still plenty of good riding yet to come!
January 7, 2020
1 week into 2020
and we have had a roller coaster ride with Mother Nature,in Nov.she hit us hard we were able to start grooming on Dec. 1st then came warm temps. some areas with rain then more snow then rain.These conditions have made for wet soft conditions for our area clubs and grooming but in limited areas.Other reports are trails are good, but then again on weekends and holidays the volume of traffic has been high due to lack of snow in other areas.We have snow, groomed trails,for off trail riders it is not perfect conditions but as I type things could change as we are in a winter storm advisory for this after noon,things here can change in a hour or a day easily in case you are not aware of our area.So many ask is it worth the trip,well that would be up to you ...it's your vacation time,there is snow,there are groomed trails,that's what our area has to offer,you have to make the best of it we have no control of Mother Nature,we can offer you a warm,nice,clean place to stay,we promise you will be comfortable!
December 18, 2019
rzr adventure's
It's a go we are now set up to be Polaris Adventure's Destination location we will offer 3 types of units RZR 1000 2 seater, RZR 1000 4 seater , and 2 seater 1000 Polaris General. bookings are available on line now! So think about your next warm weather vacation and include a venture ride with us!
November 28, 2019
Blessings to all
as many celebrate with friends and families,and others are alone or far away it is a day of recognition Happy Thanksgiving to all.As we dig out from the big storm that left many areas with 12'' or more we are excited to get the sledding season started.I always tell people weather here can change in hours many times you can experience winter,spring,summer,and fall all in a day...well just like that we went from 2'' max on the ground to 12''-18'' over night!!! We do plan on taking the sleds out to open all the gates and at midnight some will be out for the 1st groom of the year...and so it begins...remember to get your trail passes ,respect the trails,signage,private property,don't leave litter on the trails or in the woods,be respectful of residential areas,be safe and have a great 2019-2020 sledding season.....track side down!!!!
November 9, 2019
possiably winter has arrived
seems as though mother nature is telling us winter has begun, no bears on the trail cams, the rut has started for the deer and snow depths are in the double digits in some areas. Friends are getting calls that their sled orders are here,others are getting their sleds in for recalls, the tire shops are busy and the wrecker companies are now more visible on the high ways, Our reservation book is filling fast for those that have asked us to hold your spot we need you to finalize your reservations by next Wed. 11/13/2019 or your spot is going to be passed on.Holidays are fast approaching and so is the 2019/2020 sled season looking forward to meeting those of you that are trying us out for the 1st. time this year,and looking forward to our yearly regulars that have found us to be their home away from home for numerous years thank you......let the snow season begin!!!!!
August 18, 2019
fall is in the air
as MTU,Finlandia,and Gogebic stundents are coming( WELCOME ALL) to the area and our local schools gearing up for the school season our area is buzzing.The Houghton Co. fair wraps up this weekend as well,stores are stocking for Halloween and fall decor,the mornings are a sparkle with dew and the evenings are coming sooner, color is starting in the woods hunters are gearing up for their big hunts....yes fall is on the horizon,I have to say this is my favorite time of year,brisk mornings and warm glowing midday that turns into cool evenings.Then of course the mad rush getting ready for the next season WINTER,getting wood made for the winter, getting the gardens set for spring,fall cleaning here and at home,getting used to the shorter daylight days.soon the area will be a buzz with fall colors and then the sound of snowmobiles yes BRRRRAAAAPPP season is soon approaching!!! a fun local event coming soon is the Lake Superior Road Rally, as well as events at MTU......fall is beautiful in the YOOP so come on up and enjoy our beautiful area!!!
June 29, 2019
coming soon 2020
we are so happy to say starting June 1st. 2020 we will become one of the locations nation wide for Polaris Adventure's Outfitters. Be sure to check out their web site and Facebook page.We will kick off the season with 3 RZR 1000 4 seaters, 3 RZR 1000 2 seaters and 2 1000 2 seater Generals, pricing and packages we will be offering will be coming in the next few months, thank you Polaris for choosing us!!! looking forward to offering a UTV experience in the U.P.,keep us in mind for your vacation destination next year!!!!
March 13, 2019
is there still ridable snow????
so the $100000000 ? is there still snow after the warm up yesterday was the 1st. day it hit 50 in some places,we did not get rain as of today, the snow did melt some areas it may have been noticeable but we still have banks of snow well over 9' + in areas, the snow goes and plows have been out all weekend and thru the week cutting back our banks, for those that trail ride 1 day the groomers were pulled as it stayed at 42 degrees to warm to groom however the weekend forecast shows in the teens to low 20's at nite and mid 30's during the day there is min. of 1 2' base on most trails and the back country at least 5' + ,spring riding is great the only issues will be getting into towns for gas or road crossings. the rivers will be opening and there are several waterfalls to see,don't be afraid or hang it up yet there is plenty of snow..if in doubt call ahead for conditions 4 days ago people cancelled because the weather was terrible you couldn't see 4' in front of you today the scare word s are possible rain and melting, it is going to take several days of 50 degrees to make a dent in the area snow
February 22, 2019
round 3 coming up
so they are saying this round will be a doozie,some say 18''-24''the last one there were areas that got 30'' so will the trails still be open and groomed I would say well into the end of March we usually groom until April 1st sometimes extensions have been granted,However please be aware that blowing and drifting is going to occur so therefore it will take some time to get trails back in order...
January 14, 2019
time flys
1/2 way through Jan.the ? daily is do you have snow,if so how much,do you expect any and if so when and how much...most people who know me know I don't have a filter I will be blunt we are the only place with over 2' of snow and clubs out grooming and have been for at least 2 weeks,have trails been perfect I would say depends on what time of day your on them,as groomers have tried to keep up but all must realize it's very heavy traffic here and there is no let up in site. For my trail riding customers I suggest they come up Sun. thru Thurs. well with that said it used to be good advice but for the past 2 weeks most places here are all booked up even mid week,today I tried to find lodging for a few groups and all I could find was in Ontonagon and Watersmeet for them. I must say the last system that came through dumped 1' to 2' in some places and off trail was deep though still early season conditions last Mon. and Tues was awesome snow each day though it settled.More snow and cold temps are in the future forecast so it looks like winter is here just not the normal 100'' to 200'' by this time.To hit it perfect is luck of the draw everyone sees conditions differently.... either way if your riding it must be better then work
January 7, 2019
fresh of heavy snow
has arrived 6 plus inches schools and businesses cancelled,old man winter hit us hard and still snow in the forecast...but it is here ad now the groomers have something to work with,all were out in the storm last night,but there was a lot of blowing and drifting so expect drifts!
December 31, 2018
goodbye 2018
hello 2019 there is snow in the U.P. and there is grooming going on however be advised this is the busiest weekend of the sledding season and traffic is VERY HIGH so therefore trails start off on a very good to good condition and within hours becomes fair to poor,the clubs do there best but it is far beyond what they can do when there is this much traffic....so sorry but please I cannot control the amount of snow or the trail conditions...we do our part and volunteer groom as often as we can but we run 23 businesses and can only do so much........today we are in a winter storm advisory 3 to 6 expected!!!
December 2, 2018
year #16 coming up!!!
it's official the 2018 sled season has begun!!! Yesterday we hit the trails to open the gates to the trails, can't thank the private land owners enough for letting the trails go through their properties 6 gates to open, signs to put up and downed trees,to clean up.Though the only ride able trail right now in our area would be trail #3 from South Range to Rockland, still soft muddy and lack of snow in most areas,but that can change in a matter of days if not day!! Some areas here are projected to get 8" to 10" starting tonight and colder temps. and snow is in our daily forecasts, so soon the groomers will be out I am confident of that!! WISHING ALL A GREAT HOLIDAY, SAFE TRAVELS AND TO THOSE CELEBRATING THEM HERE WITH US.. THANK YOU...you have all made this venture a successful business we are going on year #16 many of you have been with us for that long CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!
December 2, 2018
2018-2019 season has begun!!!
though their will be a few trail closures this year due to the epic Father's Day flood.their is still lots to ride, just not yet, though the trail #3 is rideable from South Range to Rockland use caution there are some water holes, we opened the gates on trail #13 yesterday many thanks to the private land owners that let us use their land,6 gates are on this trail!!! It is still quite soft ,water holes and muddy, washouts and the downed trees have been removed,ice is forming on the water holes,hoping if this weeks forecast pans out the temps. will lower and the snow machine will start,then groomers can get out and at least pan the trails....PLEASE LET THIS SEASON BE A SAFE ONE FOR ALL AND PLLLEEEAAASSSE BE RESPECTFUL OF PRIVATE PROPERTY, IF IT SAYS STAY ON TRAIL, PRIVATE PROPERTY OR NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES RESPECT THESE POSTINGS PLEASE!!!!
August 28, 2018
2018 booking changes
Please be aware of our cancellation policy that took effect as of 2017 we require a 1 days stay as a deposit on MC/or Visa, balance is due upon arrival... If splitting your bill 1 payment is due upon check in...we no longer will split the bill and charge cc separately... your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE UNLESS weather and trails are not rideable i.e. grooming in a 75 mile radius we will inform you of local trail conditions as we volunteer groom, we will also reimburse your deposit if we can REBOOK YOUR CABIN AND DATE or you may rebook a different date with in 1 year We are also sorry to hear that the Freda loop trail and lower trail to Lake Linden will be closed indefinitely. Please understand we are a small independent lodging facility not a big chain Hotel we depend on dependable reservations and do our best to accommodate our guests. After 16 years we have established almost 100% return customers and our re bookings are year after year so we have limited openings available, which is a good thing but also a bad thing as others do not get to experience what we have to offer... we cannot THANK OUR RETURN GUESTS ENOUGH and many have become good friends and riding partners.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE!!! please be sure to check out John Dee's Snow Central for continued updates of our area!!
John Dee Snow Central
June 18, 2018
respect nature has been the U.P. lesson
we here have just experienced a horrific natural disaster in the U.P. that will impact our area for a long time. We have suffered flash flooding and the damage done is incredible.Many sites of pictures, drone footage and aerial shots are all over social media. Homes and businesses as well as area roads and trails have great losses. It is going to take time,patients, and a whole lot of SISU to bring our communities back....prayers as well....the impact is great. Hoping that wildlife and 4 legged family friends have faired well through this storm. There will be many road and trail closers for quite some time ,some area businesses as well.It will be best to ask locals what are best routes,check our FB page as we are trying to post updates.
http:// keweenaw report.com
April 13, 2018
Fri. the 13th
so far so good but for those of us anticipating the big storm well let's just say so far 3'' of fresh snow came upon us so far....a few of us die hards are sooo disappointed. But it ain't over till the fat lady sings and I'm not a singing!Spring is in the air robins have arrived, little critters are out,skunks, ground hogs etc.deer are moving so be careful in your travels.We all would like to thank you for once again making us your home away from home,we were able to meet new folks this year and of course it is always nice to see our yearly regulars which rebook years in advance. Yes for certain events especially at MTU and long weekends we book out 2 years in advance now thank you. Please always be sure to read our policies and cabin rules before committing to a reservation,again thank you!!!
March 18, 2018
March came in like a lamb, will it leave like a lion????
for those of you that were here the past 2 weeks to get what some call late season riding in glad you were all pleasantly surprised at how great the snow conditions are. Yes there are bare spots and pavement in towns and crossings,some snirty spots are appearing in some areas but for the most part our trails are being groomed all reports have been positive, as for off trail one must wait until 11ish to hit the snow ,as the nights have been clear and cold so it takes a little time to soften up the snow. we have been out 4 to 5 times in the past 2 weeks and will say there is easily 3' to 4'of snow on the ground , creeks and rivers a starting to open but the local falls are still pretty solid yet.There should be easily 2 plus weeks left to ride however grooming stops April 1st. CAN NOT THANK ALL OF YOU THAT CHOSE US to be your destination vacation spot with out a doubt you all have made us quite popular and now we urge those that would like to return to please book early, yes we will take reservations through 2020,and again thank you!!
January 23, 2018
input from all that attended AM Magizine clinic
to all that attended if you could give your input to AM Magazine,Ashley, Matt, Skidoo ,and us we'd love to hear how it was,if another should be in the future,what could have been better.......
January 15, 2018
Painsdale hits 204.7 inches!!!
1/2 way through Jan. time flies our area has been blessed with a lot of snow, amazing how the conditions can change in a 25, 30, 40 mile radius. We are getting calls from ares within 1 hour of us worrying about the for casted weekend warm temps. I'm sure we won't lose our snow, it might hit over 30 which could make grooming difficult but that just means going out after the temps. drop for our club.Then the forecast is saying a significant snowfall storm is headed our way 8 to 12 some say 12 plus so it's wait and see. Any guesses??? please pay attention and know where you ride trespassing is causing major issues in our area, be respectful please
January 9, 2018
a new year
well we are now into the 1st week of 2018,snow fall came quick in less then 3 weeks we had 170 plus inches in our area, what most don't realize is the snow depths vary from area to area we are blessed to be in the " snow belt" other areas such as Baraga ,Chassell, or areas closest to Lake Superior have far less snow and another factor is LES"lake effect snow" does not show up on radar and varies in depth within a few miles so when I do a report I am reporting what's in our area and I usually report lower so as not to disappoint. It's been a tough year with ditch bangers and people not abiding by the laws and knowing what is ridable and what is not,I cannot stress the importance of knowing,I have gotten alot of negative feed back from trying to inform the public on these issues but this year so far 1 person died by getting hit on a highway and 3 trail closers wit no hopes of reopening in the Yoop so far, alot more private /foot traffic only signs up in the woods from the logging companies as well.Like lake front property there is only so much available, well the same goes for private land use as well, once we get a land owner upset it takes for ever to find new owners to give us permission to use their land. I have no answers other ten to educate, confront when you see wrong doing, report or file complaints with the local police dept.or DNR Now on a lighter note we have reached 170 plus total for the year with more in the forecast, there is now a good base in most areas and groomers have done their best to keep up with the high numbers of sledders to our area, they have had break downs but none have been for long.Also want to thank those that were 1st. time stayers here and the positive compliments on our resort as well as rebookings for next year and beyond, can't thank you all enough......ride safe!!!!
January 1, 2018
dates left in Feb.
we have limited availability left #4 for 2/14 and 15, #1 for 2/19 - 2/21, #5 and #6 for 2/25 - 2/28, #3 for 2/27 and 27 and last #2 for 2/27- 3/1 March is filling up fast
December 6, 2017
the snow has arrived
been none stop for the past 24 hours, lots of blowing and drifting so it's hard to pin point how many inches have landed on the ground, will say some nice 4' drifts in areas. It looks like it did back in Nov. white every where talked wit the North end groomer maintenance has been in session groomers are being moved down to the South end, speaking of the south end be advised there are logging trucks entering the highway by the cabins, not sure how long they will be on the trail will try and get an update.The Superior Snowmobile Club has their monthly meeting tonight so hope to have updates on the south end, I am sure they will only be panning at this point ,the mat will go down when the ships are done for the season. Update on lodging availability a few openings from 12/17-12/25 ,12/30 -1/2--4,1/7- 1/11,2/21-26 , 1/28 -1/31 that's it for Jan.Very limited openings for Feb. we as well as other resorts in the area usually book up on weekends and holidays 1 to 2 years in advance, te sled rental places as well,it's not easy being a snow chaser but planning ahead is a good plan!!!

It looks like it did back in Nov
November 12, 2017
wow mid way through Nov.
the U.P. national holiday will soon be here DEER SEASON, the traditions of getting the camp ready, cooking the meals to be had, area businesses getting the buck poles and stations ready for weigh -ins deer hunters balls and deer hunter widows craft,and shopping sales..it's a big to do.My tags are filled as I prefer crossbow hunting but it was a good year for me a 6 pointer and a really nice mature 8 pointer that will become a mount for me! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!! Some of you may know we have had 24'' if snow so far this season,and still have some on the ground,it has people fired up!!! Dec, 1st is the official starting date for grooming lets hope we get things to freeze up and snow continues in our forecasts. Just a FYI our weekends usually book 1 to 2 years in advance there is a few limited open, we can put you on a cancellation list as they to do come in. If you mentioned you saw it here we offer a free day if you book a Sun./Mon. or a Tues./ wed. but it is only valid if you say you saw it here! Please lets be respectful to land owners and communities that offer drop and ride parking lots, a perfect example is the lot in South Range, it s located by homes PLEASE IF YOU WNT THIS FACILITY TO BE OPEN PLEASE DON'T BE BRAAAPPPIN' YOUR PIPES IN TOWN!!! Also if side roads are plowed it usually means there is a logger doing his/her job these are NOT DROP AND RIDE locations plowed for you, they are hauling equipment and loads in and out of the woods... PLEASE BE RESPECFUL keep our sport in motion
October 14, 2017
this was peek weekend for our area,though there are still leaves and color. Last weekend was parents weekend at MTU and the weather was 1 day off but everyone made the best of it. The LSR rally is coming up next weekend try and get out in the woods to watch the action,lets hope the weather holds out ,they are saying a warm week coming up!Other then hunting and some pretty good fishing not much is happening in our area. Lots of snow shows is getting people fired up for this coming season, checked out John Dee's winter forecast and lets hope it holds true! Check out pics of my 2016 Summit XT-3 for sale on here and my FB page if your looking for a used sled this winter it still has a 2 yr, warranty left on it! Just a FYI for everyone weekends are almost all booked up, so we want to get you to stay at our cabins and get on the list for next year so we are offering a early week deal ...if you book a Sun. and Mon. your Tues. will be free or Mon. and Tues. and your Wed. will be free, but only if you say you saw it here!!!!! And please remember if you plan to attend any events at MTU please remember we book 1 to 2 years out!!!
September 20, 2017
time to get back to work on this page
it was a slow start to summer,but as time went buy the tourist came, record numbers of visitors to the U.P. this year. Thanks to all that choose us for their destination!This weekend is the Superior Snowmobile Club's trail work weekend, it starts on Fri. at 9 a.m. departing from Krupp's Resort and then again on Sat. with a BBQ to follow at the end of the day.Many lodging establishments have offered free or discounted lodging,area businesses are providing bag lunches, and others are donating dishes for the picnic.It is a fun time,try and join us!!!Bring your 4 x4 UTV/ATV,power saws ,loppers, gloves dress accordingly. Well the MTU and Finlandia students are settled in and out population in the area doubled, makes for interesting travels to town. MTU parents Weekend is coming quick we did receive a few cancellations,so there's time to book.LSR Rally is coming quick .as well as MTU'S mud run, some fun times ahead!!!Colors are at about 20% and are early this year,signs of winter are all around, humming birds are gone,geese are gathering in flocks, fruits are abundant, wasp nests are built high, and s many other folk lore things are happening.The reservation book is filling fast and all of us are in high hopes of a awesome year of snow!!
March 18, 2017
isn't over till the fat lady sings???
well this round lady isn't convienced it's over yet for us back country riders we shall see...there are still limited trails being groomed and rideable...a roller coaster year for sure, in Dec. we were off to what looked like a old fashioned winter, then came the annual Jan. thaw..and what a thaw never in my life time have I seen one last for so long, in early Feb. there was a glimmer of hope,soon to be put to an end 1/2 the month was hit with warm temps. and then our usual best 2 weeks of riding in March was a let down.For our area it was a blessing but a curse,as we had the only snow in the mid west,so warm temps. and heavy traffic made for some good,bad and down right ugly trail conditions. With that came a record number of complaints, Dave and I are snowmobile lovers that's why we built this resort, are involved in grooming trails, and get how you all look forward to your vacations.We understand the frustration when trails are poor, this year we did ask you all to get involved by reporting trail conditions to the MSA, and can't thank you enough for your involvement, it caused contraversy,but at least voices were heard. We cannot help you without involvement, we get it, you work hard all year, look forward to your time and are blessed that you choose to spend your monies here in the U.P. I just wish others understood the concept of pleasing customers with service.In the perfect world of grooming ,trails would be groomed after 8 p.m. and allowed to set up,day time grooming should only occur after 3 in the afternoon to help make the transitions back to your place of lodging a comfortable one, groomer speeds should only be 7 to 10 mph. Visitors should join a club in the areas they ride and most memberships are affordable,in the range of $25 per year, this money is needed by all clubs. This year is at the end and next year will be here sooner then we think, can't thank you all enough for choosing us to be your home away from home and your continued support of rebooking year after year! For 2017-2018 season we are almost all booked up on the favorite weekends, yes we book up 1 to 2 years in advance for certain weekends THANK YOU!! Well this hobby season is closing but now comes the next round ATV/UTVing and spring riding is a blast!!! wet,muddy,cold but no bugs,or dust, melting of snow which makes for great waterfalls!! This sport is picking up by leaps and bounds and with good reason we have alot to offer, good trail systems,inland lakes,the big lake, waterfalls,light houses,parks,shopping, galleries and theaters,and the prettiest scenery in the mid west. We have great spring river fishing close by, lots of inland lakes and soon the golf courses will be open all with in 5 to 20 miles of us. So consider joining us for the other 3 seasons you won't be disappointed if you enjoy nature, peace and quite, and outdoor activities. AGAIN THANKS FOR A GREAT 2016-2017 snowmobile season!!! ******PLEASE NOTE AS OF APRIL 1st. OUR SUMMER RATES WILL INCREASE BY $10... (we have never increased our rates since opening but find it neccessary) ******
March 1, 2017
1 month later
off and on winter spring conditions,yes we still have snow 2' to 3' in the woods,6'' to 14'' of base left on certain trails and areas.There is grooming still going on and limited riding to be had.From the tressel outside of Mass to Copper Harbor are still being groomed,some off shoots as in 109 and the south end of 13,getting through towns is hard ,some water /ice areas, but there still is limited spring riding to be had,again we avoided the rain last noght picked up 2" more son the #1 question asked is it worth the trip ... depends on how you spend your time I guess,limited riding ,away from every day life,with friends or family, seeing new sites,trying new places to eat or have a drink,I'd say it's worth it as long as trails are groomed and there's snow in the woods,make your day a good one, let's all hope for the St. Patty's Day dump,yes we are in the last 1/2 of the 6 weeks the ground hog gave us,but we can still ride!!!
February 6, 2017
please note we have a price increase for our winter rates starting March 1st.
After 15 years we had to do a price increase it is a increase of $10 per cabin, for winter rates, sorry for any inconvenience, our web site will be updated soon, for those that have made reservations before Feb 1st. you are not affected.
February 4, 2017
ground hog saw his shadow
6 more weeks to bbbbrrrraaaaapppp!!!!!
January 30, 2017
Jan. has come to an end
time flies,wow Jan is over,we were breaking snow depth records and then the Jan. thaw hit,although we didn't loose snow it has been quite a difficult time for the groomers as the snow is like sugar and since most places lost their snow and trails closed,so we are just hammered with traffic.Hoping that LES kicks in soon.MTU's Winter Carnival is soon approching the statues are taking shape, dog sled races are coming up as well, the ski hills are doing well.Winter isn't over yet we have very limited dates open for Feb. and the 1st 2 weeks in March are filling in fast!
January 9, 2017
We are blessed to have another 1' added to the total of around 120''.Do check out our face book page there are a few openings left for the women's riding clinic sponsered by Diva's Sled Gear, the snow is perect!!! and still more in the forecast!! just a few openings left mid week for Jan. and Feb. March weekends are almost booked up!
December 28, 2016
almost 2017
are you braaaappppin' yet??? sleds are every where!!!! The snow chasers are chopping at the bit as the 3 famous letters are in our forecast LES to our surprise as everyone was experiencing warm temps. and rain we ended up with 6'' - 8'' of fresh snow yesterday surprise,surprise, as the saying goes here our weather changes hourly,daily, and what we get whop knows!I'm happy for our customers that keep coming back and reserving very early in the year as they have a place to come home to, it's been really hard to find lodging for people that are trying top stay in our area, things really do book up to a year in advance around here especially if there are events at the 2 local collages, lodging is limited especially if your looking for a cabin.Well 2017 is almost here let's hope it is good to all!!!Please join us in the great room from 9 pm to midnight on New Year's Eve there will be a soup bar and munchies served!
December 10, 2016
in some areas of snow was dumped on our area in the past 2 days YAAHOO in this area the season has started!!!! Sleds are here ,ski teams are booked we're ready to rock and roll!!!! Next weekend is MTU's winter graduation congrats to bot the parents and the students may your futures be bright!! I did a brief trail report for those who are curious.As o now the trail cam is down John had to bring the computor in sorry!
December 3, 2016
a start
to the season has begun for us in the South Range area,there is a trace of snow on the ground so it's beginning to look like Christmas! But only here, 5 miles away in Houghton/ Chassell there and beyond there is no snow :( but wait!!! in the center of next week those 3 favorite letters LES are in the forecast ,so it's a wait and see deal. Everyone's been doing the snow dance and play it's song,so fingers and toes are crossed.Tis the season to get ready for Christmas, here like every where Christmas craft sales, programs, and small business sales are every where, towns are decorated but a little help from Mother Nature would truly set the setting. Again all of us in business are glued to the Weather Channel in anticipation, snowmobile clubs are starting up their meetings to get this years agenda in place, and those with reservations are chopping at the bit they are asking is there any snow yet, when and where will it come? Have faith all.. there will be snow, it may be limited to the highlands but like last year there was limited areas to ride and trails to ski but there was snow! Just in case I don't get in a new journal before the holidays David, Kathy, Helen, Torey and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,for those of you with other faiths and beliefs my your events be filled with fun,friends and families as well, we here at the cabins look forward to your return visits or your 1st. time here and hope that we can make your stay here a warm, clean, comfortable,fun, make memories,type of vacation! We thank you for choosing us to be your destination! Please if your here to snowmobile, please respect private property, ride to ' your' ability, know trail rules and etiquette,stop or move over for the groomers and let them know if your the last or more coming and give them the thumbs, up as many are volunteers! And please don't thrash or trash that fresh groomed trail as many more are either ahead or behind you,lets all try and keep the 2016-17 season fatality free!
November 19, 2016
1st snowfall
for the season was at 11:45 last night! A welcomed site for both hunters and a start to the upcoming snowmobile season as grooming hopefully will start on Dec.1st. So the U.P.'s official holiday started on Nov. 15th (gun season for deer) it was of to a slow start due to it starting on a Tues. and the bow season started prior to it, which by the way was successful for both Dave and I. I went bow hunting for the 1st. time this year with a crossbow, during bear season I bagged a whopper of a bear he dressed out at 450 so walking weight was at least 500 # +,so I then tried my hand at deer hunting with the crossbow and bagged a 6 pointer,the next day Dave got a 7 pointer,so we filled the freezers for 3 families now it's time for a trophy hunt but then again the meat will be shared with friends and neighbors in need,which is a good feeling to share in the bounty.Of course with the upcoming snowmobile season coming I love to put on a few wildgame feeds for my guests, it's tradition we do potluck! Well I have had a whopper of a year with 2 awesome hunts, and I get a new ride this year for the up coming sledding season, as Dave is getting a new sled so I get his from last year, and to top it off, I get a big girl truck, as a deal of a lie time came up for a 2015 F350 King Ranch dually diesel pickup whew what could top off this year...well winning the lottery would be nice!.A few positive changes for the area has come... there will be a gas station open in Copper Harbor, the Parkview and Omar's ( formally Wyandotte Hills golf course) are open this year, both are serving food and drinks and of course lodging.We wish them both a successful season and future! M&M motorsports has a new addition, beautiful to say the least.The Keweenaw received a new groomer this year 1 of the 2 released for the year in the state of Michigan! Here's hoping the season will be a good one!
October 26, 2016
winters coming
after getting 2 busy weekends caught up and a fun huge wedding it's time to take a breather and get caught up.Road rally weekend and parents weekend at MTU was 2 of the nicest weekends weather wise that we've had in quite sometime. This past weekend and for the most part for the whole week the Goodson families were here was great as well.The wedding they had was so fun and family and friend oriented, they hosted a Halloween themed wedding, the decorations and food was so clever and fun.Congrats.Now we are in snow mode getting all the things ready for what in store, wrapping up the yard/garede work,getting the winter's wood cut,split,and stacked,dog kennals set,plow truck and plow serviced,cabins cleaned from top to bottom and well the list goes on..but in our household it all has to be compleated by Nov.12th because Nov. 16th is the beginning to the U.P. holiday that many enjoy DEER SEASON, the men and well some women love to get away and out to the great out doors and many a ladies enjoy becoming deer hunter widow's for a few weeks.Good luck to all, I'm hoping to get out with the crossbow and bag me a record keeper myself,after my 1st.bear hunt with the crossbow and getting me a record keeper black bear 450 lbs. dressed the thrill is there I want to give it a try. All signs in nature are showing signs that winter is on it's way my Mt. ash tree is now stripped of it's berries and many a drunk birds have hit the house windows, the chippies/squirrels are stocking up their stash in the pole barn,the parking lot is full of snow birds for the past week,the woolly caterpillars are mostly black and well the list goes on. All predictions of weather are in the positive for a good snow year as well. Reservations are coming in, some however are disappointed that we were already booked or their dates and that they were filled in already a year ago. We are looking forward to being the host site for the 2nd. year in a row for the Diva's snow gear women's riding clinics..thank you Wendy, Travis and Stephanie,it filled up fast!!! Winter Carnival was booked up a year ago,but keep in touch we may end up with cancellations. Dec.1st.is the opener to the season,looking forward to seeing everyone!!!
October 10, 2016
need info
for Feb.12,13,14 we have Blumerck reserving a cabin but has not yet given us info please contact us asap or you reservation will be terminated Thank you..
October 3, 2016
2 months and counting
Dec. 1st. the 1st. day o grooming to begin...let's hope so! For this month the big road rally race will be in the area again starting the 13th thru the 16 weekend, in the past many big name racers/ corp. sponsored teams have come,if you have never seen them race it is quite exciting there are many check points to spectate from..Youtube Lake Superior Road Rally. For those of you looking for less excitement and wondering how the colors are in our area,my guess is this coming weekend should be close to peak. Well hunting season is in full swing,last weeks of bear season, archery deer season has started, bird season to star then of course we will be into the U.P. national holiday the opener to the rifle season for venison, we have openings or lodging available.Also for the families of MTU students we still have availability for winter graduation. So how many of you are disappointed in your preseason orders for the new 850 Skidoo's rumor has it they won't be arriving till mid Dec! Just a reminder we still have a few openings for the 1st. week in Jan. Also in Jan. we are happy to be the resort of choice 2 years running now for the Diva's Sled Gear Co.For the girls that booked early you won't be disappointed in our facility, and for those of you that were not able to book with us we have plenty of parking your more then welcome to drop and ride..your going to have fun,Stephanie is so awesome,upbeat,encouraging,fun,and knowledgeable in the sport no need to have any anxiety!As always we are sorry to say we are booked up for Winter Carnival 2017, and now taking reservations for 2018,but booking up fast!
September 18, 2016
whew fast 1st. 1/2 of the month!!
Well Hay Day's is now past,so great seeing ALOT of our customers,had fun saying hi to all of you... Thanks Frank and Angie for everything so fun seeing the kids.Now that snow is on everyone's mind we and the Superior Snowmobile Club would like to THANK ALL that came to volunteer to work on the snowmobile trails!!! Also a big thanks to all that donated bag lunches vand brought a dish to pass for the picnic that Krupp's hosts. Thanks to the businesses that donated ATV'S/ UTV'S.. WHAT A TURN OUT this was the most workers we had, the weather for the most part was perfect, lots of work was to be done,and I must confess and apologize as Dave and I did not partake in the effort this year. This year I was lucky enough to get a bear hunting tag and I really wanted to try a hunt this year and learn how to shoot a crossbow.Much to Dave's surprise I think, no actually I know he was happy that I wanted to try so he set me up to practice shooting and getting a spot ready for the hunt, giving me pointers and advice I took it quite serious.My 1st. day I passed on a nice one,but vI was in no hurry as I had my heart set on one we have seen for 5 years, so second day he came ,I shot and I git him!!! To everyone's surprise he was massive, dressed he came in at 450# I was told before cleaning him he was easily over 500# ,lots of congrats was given and thank you all...It is still like a dream and I can't believe I hunted and bagged one.I now understand the big to do of hunting.This month is and has been busy busy next up is MTU career days, then family. weekend at MTU. Many are asking how the fall colors are, my guess is we are at 20% starting the 1st. weekend in Oct. the fall chairlift rides at area ski hills, the corn mazes,and area events will be in full swing. Yes it is time to get your dates set for your snowmobile trips we look forward to seeing you.....
September 8, 2016
Superior Snowmobile Club
is having their annual trail work weekend coming up on 9/16 -9/17, bag lunches are provided by local businesses such as Krupp's resort, the Pit Stop, Mosquito Inn, and others.the annual cook out is Sat. after work is competed provided by Krupp's resort, others bring a dish/dessert to pass. Many offer free lodging as well,there was alot of damage due to sheer winds/ tornado that came trough the area last month,so ATV'S /UTV'S, 4x4's power saws, and lots of man power is needed.I you can't come please join the club in a area you ride in.The season is approaching fast this week end is Hay Days looking forward to seeing our friends from far and wide!!!This year is extra special I pulled a bear permit, so it's a hunting I will go!!!Trying to get the resort in top notch shape for the busy season ahead of us....bookings are coming in daily,prime dates are filling fast.....it's almost BBBRRRAAAAPPPPP TIME!!!
August 24, 2016
summers end in sight
after many hot days, we are blessed with a few cooler ones in the mid 70's and rain to cut down on the dust and dry.Last weekend the area received the doubling of our area population with the return o the collage students,the weather did not cooperate however,those that stayed through Sunday were able to enjoy the local area and it's beauty as well as events.The parents were quite surprised at how everything in our area books up for MTU/FU events, as I always tell my guests and those that tried to book with us,if there is a event at MTU you MUST book 1 year in advance, same goes for prime time dates during the snowmobile season.So the end of summer events are now upon us Houghton Co. fair is the last hurrah for the school kids, can't beleive school is starting already.A fun event coming up in Oct. is the road rally weekend, and of course mother natures beautiful color show of fall colors.The senior ATV/UTV ride is coming up as well as trail clean up weekend.This year there will be ALOT of work as we had high winds that took down alot of trees.As always the local businesses take care of those that come up to volunteer,with bag lunches,picnic and free lodging.It's such a fun time to see old faces and meet new people that want to come and work on the trails they ride..it is SO APPRECIATED!!!Don't forget to join a local club that grooms the trails you enjoy,we all need your support and tourisum.Speaking of trail work,the grand opening to the snowmobile season is soon approching,Hay Days, another fun event where we get to see our patrons! For those of you that follow us on Facebook there is a small request from Dave and I, there is a go fund me article posted on there it's or our friend and employee Kathy's husband Bob, many of you have probably met Bob,as he has probably lent you a tool,canoe,tow etc. he has incurred many hospital bills from his recovery or should I say remission from stage 4 throat cancer if you can find it in your heart /wallet to send a donation to them it will be greatly appreciated. Trust me Kathy and Bob are proud people and have come to accept they need help and their niece set this up much to their disapproval,but as many have told them it is not a hand out it is from people that want to help and know you...so please read and donate what ever you can THANK YOU!!!
August 13, 2016
all is in the air
Could hardly wait or the hot weather to pass, we needed rain and in 1 day all was in the air, cooler temps. and rain. The folks that are here to enjoy the trails and back country with their ATV's / UTV's could not have timed it better.Another sign of fall is getting ready to fill my bear tag, we can start scouting and baiting. The days are shorter already and just a few weeks away it will be Hay Days weekend (the grand opening to the snowmobile season) looking forward to our mini get away to see good friends and customers that weekend.The collage students and families have already started their trek here getting the kids moved in, and you know it's fall when your husband is watching football!!! Still lots of events on the calendar in our area,and Sept. is a nice time to come and relax and see the area sites as it slows down with traffic. Oct. gets busy with local events and people wanting to see the beautiful colors, be sure to check out the dates o the fall color tours via boat/ and chair lift rides they are a must see and do! Be sure to check us out and make us your home away from home , check out our facebook page as I try to post area events and places to see
June 20, 2016
1st. day of summer!!!
and it was,we had temps. in the 80's for a day! My husband points out that from today on the days now get shorter,getting closer to his favorite times of year...hunting season then snowmobile season.For today I am going to enjoy summer, the gardens at home and the cabins, and look forward to the local events that go on here in the area. Bridgefest is now over, Pasty fest, numerous 4th of July celebrations in the area, fishing tournaments, Strawberry Festival and more. The campers are in town, bikers, ATV/UTV's are touring the area as well. Come check us out and all that our area has to offer!
June 1, 2016
summer soon to start
Well we are in the very beginnings of the summer season. What does that mean to those of you who have decided to make the UP. your summer destination... where to begin,lots of annual events, fishing, golfing,biking w/ or without a motor,kayaking,boating,canoeing,hiking,touring MTU/Finlandia universities and all that they offer on their campuses, stop in the Seaman's rock museum, tour the area mining shafts,area waterfall, beaches,small businesses,ATV/UTV trails,and venture off to Isle Royale or tour the light houses in the area.It's a different pace up here, and to truly enjoy it forget your jobs, tv's, computers, fancy phones, just bring your cameras and make memories.We're not fancy, flashy,or cityfied,it's a slow pace, and to some boring,but I find it a piece of Heaven on Earth!!! Come and relax,enjoy ...see you all soon!!
April 28, 2016
congrats to all graduating
not only from collage, but high school as well as middle school and grade school, all have worked hard and parents have been patient and supportive.Good luck to all !! Well we are in a slow time here in the U.P. seems so strange after being so busy everywhere to local businesses closing to clean or go on vacation,but it's a good thing as well. The 1 thing that has been booming are the rivers, streams and big lake, reports of good fishing everywhere, thanks to Dane and Bill for supplying me with a few dinners! Reports are saying we are going to have a warm summer, many people have heard through articles that the U.P. is 1 of the top 20 destinations in the U.S. to come to, we ranked #8. I've been trying to post on our Facebook page things of interest,1 really neat post was a interactive waterfall map. Don't forget we have many outdoor waterfront concerts on weekends,as well as annual events.Come on up and explore what our area has to offer!! Especially come up and take advantage of our local 4 X 4 trails they are as much fun as the snowmobile trails!
April 1, 2016
april fool's day
last official day to groom was today, guess what, it's snowing! It's suppose to snow for 4 days then 1 day in the 40's and back to winter....uuuggghhh. But then again having snow cover means no yard work yet, fine with me. Also means the bug migration is on hold for awhile to. This week the robins arrived, no flowers yet. Here's hoping while searching for summer destinations while surfing the web you found our site...give us a look and give us a try, our location is perfect as we are located right in the middle of the 5 main destinations areas , Copper Harbor,Porcupine Mountains,Watersmeet, Big Bay and Lake Gogebic. We are on the main ATV/UTV trail as well as close to the Big Lake, small inland lakes, rivers, and streams. Our area offers great places to dine, small unique shops,and galleries as well as museums. This area has many hometown events or just a great place to kick back and relax.Maybe do a little fishing or hit the great bike trails ,or check out waterfalls or light houses. Give us a call we will be more then happy to assist you in your summer plans. We are a great resort for weddings, anniversaries,and family or class reunions as well. Hpoe to see you soon. FYI just a reminder if you plan to partake in any events held by MTU it is wise to book 1 year in advance, and for those that want to hit the snowmobile trails during the holidays book soon!!!!
February 27, 2016
last weekend of Feb.
this weekend is the Copper Dog, lots of entries,good luck to all.Everyone's wondering how our snow held out after the warming spell, well here in our area there's still 3'-4' base, and it is well set, on average 12''- 16'' base on the trails, as always areas closest to the lake have less, so some areas are experiencing spring like conditions, bare roads at highway and road way crossings, in towns as well.A few clubs have had groomer issues,and are doing their very best, but they are working with old snow,so it is the consistency of sugar, so corners get blown out right away and become icy, trail crossings become bumpy from people pegging the throttle at take off,as well as hilly areas. We could use 8'' of fresh snow to help these groomer operators out, but we still have the only rideable trails in the midwest.Snow is in the forecast starting Sun. so we shall see what comes. You can always Copper Country tour while here in the area, check out points of interest ,ATV/UTV areas to ride for future trips, antique snowmobile events, hillclimb races,and fishing tournaments.Just please ride with caution,use common sense,the same rules one uses to drive a car on a highway applies to a snowmobile on a trail.There's been to many fatalities this year,mainly caused from speed.We want people to come here and leave here having a good experience, we share the trails with others, some have years of experience, others don't, some are old,some are young, the trails aren't just yours to do what you want,please don't become another statistic.
February 6, 2016
no shadow
so early sprig ????? MTU weekend congrats to Phi Kappa Tau for yet another fantastic statue!!! Well we had a few cancellations come in now that snow has landed in other areas, though this weekends 3' plus of fresh powder is hard to beat,unless if your out west, it is pretty awesome.Dates open as of today are 2/7-2/11 #5 ,2/15 and 16 #6 ,2/21-3/4 that's all we have left for Feb.
January 30, 2016
well for me another year has passed
thank you all that wished me a happy birthday and thought of me. Tonight is one of our annual get together's with our guests that have been with us for many of years also want to wish Frank a happy birthday as well. WOW it's the end of Jan. already 2 more months of good riding yet though thank goodness, I wonder when my last ride for the year will be the latest was Mother's Day!Well I wonder if next weeks storm will produce the 2' to 4' dumps reported and will the ground hog see his shadow???? The student's at MTU have to be relieved that the snow came just in time for the statue building for Winter Carnival, good luck to all, I am a little prejudicial as I worked for Phi Kappa Tau for 13 years and they almost always rank high in the skits, and statue events,,,,good luck to all and as many have found out it is hard to get a place to stay with in a 50 mile radius due to this event, we usually book up a year to 2 years out, this year for most weekends we were booked up 8 months to a year, thank you for choosing us ,many are year after year repeat customers.Speaking of customer's wait until you see the helmet/coat racks that will be added to the cabins want to thank the Reeder gang what a good suggestion can't thank you enough! HAPPY TRAILS TO ALL PLEASE BE SAFE so far in our area 4 fatalities prayers to the families.....
January 12, 2016
1/2 way through Jan.
winter has finally come, 14'' plus in the past 2 days, more snow through out the U.P. has made it possible for more trail openings, fresh snow for the statue builders for MTU's Winter Carnival and ice starting to form for the ice fishing tournaments, it's beginning to look like old man winter has arrived! We are so proud to have been picked a 1 of 3 destinations for the DIVA'S SNOW GEAR Riding Clinics being held for women riders, looking forward to meeting everyone.Snow is in the forecast for the week ahead of us,and we can't thank our loyal customers for keeping our cabins booked through out Jan. and Feb. for those that are joining us for the 1st. time we hope you will like what we have to offer. Most weekends have been booked out 6 months to 1 year in advance, thank you. As of 1/1 all new reservations that book a Sun. and Mon. get Tues. free, only a few dates left! Trail conditions have been great as groomers were grooming even limited trails at the time since Christmas, more miles of trails are opening as snow continues to spread through out the U.P. keep checking our facebook page for new pics and posts of area conditions.
December 27, 2015
do we have snow?????
yes we do, not a typical winter by far....but we are about the only place that has snow and most of the mid west has found us.Our snow depth in our area is about 10'' to 14'', we have had groomers running off and on since around the 17th. there was limited riding however, which has not detoured many. A lot of folks as well as companies are testing and wanting to put on miles.It's funny but not, most of our guest this weekend are from the U.P.Yooper's staying in the U.P. The deepest snow is from Mass City to South Range,and Calumet to Phoenix, there is snow in our forecast for the remainder of this year, which is only 5 days!!! Then it's 2016 uuuggghhh where did the time go??? Let's hope the snow comes in with the new year!!! I have a feeling I'm going to be riding on Mother's Day this year....
December 18, 2015
14 plus inches last night still coming down, people are out riding even though the groomers had not been out. However Richard groomed from Twin Lakes to Toivola, and the North End will be heading out tomorrow A.M. please check out our posted pics and video of the snow in OUR AREA, lower areas did not get near as much, the usual snow belt areas did get hit yaaaahhooooo!
December 12, 2015
12 days till Christmas
What I'm hoping for is a min. of a inch a day!!! There is snow in the forecast, so far nothing epic, but it will come, have faith!! Congrats to the up coming MTU graduates, and the parents can relax now.We hope that all understand we can't control the weather, but we can and will work with all to make their vacation plans work,you gotta do what you gotta do,you work all year for your vacation time.Some fun will be had when the snow comes,and some cool events are soon coming, looking forward to meeting all the girls signed up for the Sled Diva's Riding Clinic, and in March is the Matt Entz Clinic to.Hang in there folks it will come.
October 31, 2015
the opening of the snowmobile trails!!! Our adopted winter families will be coming back yaaaahooo!!! Can't thank everyone enough for choosing us to be your winter destination!! Looking forward to all our new guests, here's hoping you will be happy with our resort. We are in the middle of all the main destinations that most want to go to, Copper Harbor, Porkie Pine Mts., Lake Gogebic, and Big Bay. All are a days ride from your front door, there are plenty of other areas to see as well. For those that like casinos they are a few miles away. NEW THIS YEAR....SAY YOU SAW OUR PAGE....and we will offer you a early week special.....BOOK SUN. AND MON. GET TUES. FREE... this only applies to these 3 days!!!!! Well before we get to excited about snowmobiling we have to get fired up for the U.P. National holiday.... DEER SEASON!!!! Last year was a bust and it's only looking fair to be honest, deer counts are down and so is the enthusiasm of most hunters...Good luck and remember it's not just about the horns and size, it's bring friends and family together. Making memories getting out and enjoying our beautiful area !!! Happy Thanksgiving to all.....
October 17, 2015
1st. snow
of the season, just a few white spots, but it's coming! Road rally weekend and the weather has held out for them so far, makes it nice for the spectators, snow is good rain makes it miserable.41 years ago tomorrow it was snowing like crazy and our daughter Jennifer was born, wow I'm old and time flies,I don't think that old but somedays I feel it,though I still am able to say I still look forward to winter and snowmobiling!The Sled Diva's riding clinic is booking up fast, sorry to say we have no more lodging available for that weekend.There is 1 more cabin available for the Matt Entz riding clinic in March!The U.P. national holiday is fast approaching Nov. 15th!! For those that aren't in the know, it's the opener of fire arm deer season! Good luck to all, must say it's looking pretty bleek this year to find that trophy buck.Well 1 of 2 painting workshops are starting this coming weekend looking forward to the Marquette girls coming, I've also added another art class to the week and it's filling up fast really happy and looking forward to meeting my new students! Sorry to say we are all booked up for Winter Carnival, that's 1 of many dates we book up 1 year in advance, if there's happenings at MTU we book up fast and up to 1 year in advance, so plan ahead! p.s. THINK SNOW & LES
September 18, 2015
the count down is on
as Hay Days has come and gone, this weekend is the Superior Snowmobile Club's trail clean up weekend and signs of fall are all around. This past week was the 2nd. season opener of bear season, one of our regular sledders Tim had put in for a tag 5 years now and was lucky enough to pull a tag and get to experience his 1st. bear hunt with great success he cross bowed a real nice 301# male, and Dave got a real nice 240# old ,old female, missing several teeth, the guys had a awesome 1st. day. The Hay Days weekend was good to our grandson Eli as he won a 120 snowmobile from the raffle the Sno Baron's had, what were the odds of that his 1st. time @ Hay Day's and won a sled!It's an exciting season ahead for us here @ the Wildlife Refuge Cabins as we were picked to be 1 of 3 resorts to host 2 riding clinics, 1 for the Snow Diva's featuring Stephnie Schwartz, and the other through Sled Solution's featuring Matt Entz. What an honor to be ranked with 2 of the other resorts on the schedule, 1 @ Togwotee and the other in Revelstoke. So lots of things to look forward to this season. Yes you can probably tell snowmobiling gets us excited, but we enjoy the other seasons here to. The Lake Superior Road Rally will be heading our way again, as well as many functions at MTU. The colors are now starting ,my guess 1st. week in Oct. this year for peek colors, time will tell. Please check us out on the American Snowmobiler's web site Dobson Production along with the magazine featured our resort on their web tv segment. Ross and his wife were able to come to the area and check it out to see what we have to offer. Jamie, Laura and I were able to get a session in with Matt Downy on riding techniques, a fun time! And Rick(Dobson Entertainment) of course was able to get some other production filming in while in our area for Q-maxx and Easy Ride. We had our busiest summer by far in many years, thank you all who found us ,tried us and liked us and want to return. Just a reminder to all MTU parents that have students here for the 1st. time, no matter where you decide to stay start booking 6 months to 1 year in advance......
August 22, 2015
summers winding down
and still working on the gardens here at the cabins, running out of time. Where did this summer go??? It's been a wonderful summer, weather was awesome and low gas prices brought many tourist to our area, thanks to those who choose to stay here during their vacation! Wow it's already time to gear up for back to school ,this weekend the students are arriving at MTU,on 9/28-29 is MTU career days,then on 10/9-10th it's MTU parents weekend,then 10/15-17 it's Superior Road Rally weekend.Also let's not for get the best time of the calendar year is fast approaching, 9/12-13 HAY DAYS weekend woot, woot the grand opening to the snowmobile season, ( on 9/12 is also our 41st. anniversary!). Also a date to put on the calendar is 9/18-19 because it is the Superior Snowmobile Clubs trail clean-up weekend, please come on up and give us a hand in preparing the trails for another year. If there's availability we offer a bed to rest your tired head on free !! Well that wraps it up for now, thanks again to all that found us to be your home away from home this past summer! Book early for prime times for this coming snowmobile season.Just a reminder we are hosts this year for 2 riding clinics coming to our area,1 hosted by Sled Divas, the other is Sled Solutions/Matt Entz weekend.Hoping Dobson Entertainment chooses the U.P.once again to film footage for snow related companies. Here's looking forward to a fun filled riding season.
June 7, 2015
June has arrived
as well as the pesty insects, we start with the nates which here they are call no-seems but feel'um, then the mosquitoes which have been pretty bad this past few weeks, then comes the black flies,deer flies,then hopefully the end! Well all the graduations are over and the kick off to the summer season has begun.This month looks to have alot to offer for those visiting the area, a short run down of a few area events for you...6/12 canal rock outdoor concert Hancock, 6/13-14 free fishing weekend, 6/13 Kew. legion riders bike blessing & Tony Beach schols. ride Lke Linden,6/13 Twin Lakes State Park 4th ann. ORV S.P.O.R.T. ride leave Twin Lakes, 6/13 10th annual Baraga Co. Lake Trout Fest Lanse marina, 6/15 music Mondays Calumet Theater, 6/18 L'anse waterfront concert, 6/19 Adventure Mt. Stock Car Races Greenland, 6/19 Bridgefest Houghton/Hancock, 6/20 Longest Day Fishing Tournament Copper Harbor YES THE LONGEST DAY FROM HERE ON DAYS GET SHORTER THAT MEANS GET YOUR SLEDS READY!!!, 6/20-21 Bridgefest Houghton/ Hancock, 6/25 L'anse waterfront Concert L'anse, 6/26 Canal Rock concert Hancock, 6/26 Badfinger @ the Calumet Theater Calumet,6/27 Kew. Roller Girls vs. Harbor City Roller Dames' Shipwreckers @ Ho. Co. Areana Hancock, 6/27 Pasty Fest Calumet, 6/28 Old Victoria's Log Cabin Day Rockland, 6/ 29 music Mondays Calumet Theater Calumet. There really should be plenty to see and do while here in our area, this was a sample of our area fare. Plenty of beaches, lighthouses, mine tours, Farmers Markets and area eatery's and shops to please everyone. Hope you make us your home away from home see you soon!!!
May 9, 2015
we had beautiful spring days, made it nice for the graduating students leaving the area as well as the new students arriving.Busy week as I clean for a Co. that has student rentals, very quick turn over, glad we're done now till June. Happy Mother's Day to all, cherish them if they are here with you,I make flower arrangements and brighten up the women that were in my life cemetery lots.Well it's wedding season we are hosts to a few wedding parties congrats to all, a few guests are having their events at a reception hall located 2 miles from us,please check them out at www.brownstonehall.com,they also serve lunches from 11 to 2 Mon.thru Fri., they also will cater an event and do delivery to South Range ask for details. Another FYI I'd like to pass on to MTU parents that might want to come and explore and visit their children is... wither you decide to stay with us or elsewhere please note that if MTU has an event we and most others book 1 to 2 years in advance. Well for awhile spring had sprung for us here in the U.P. but temps. went from 80 plus to 40 plus and possible rain snow mix in the forecast. It is good for the woods as it was getting pretty dry and dusty for exploring the woods on ATV/UTV's. Just a quick update and wanted to say HI please check us out and make us your home away from home while on vacation!
April 30, 2015
It's a happy weekend for many a parents as well as students, graduation is here congrats to all!!!! Next will be area high schools, the doors will open for many. But now real life begins!! But you did it yahoo!!! Well the past snowmobile season has come and gone, a little to early for most, while many have put the sleds away others are thinking of their new rides being built. We here that work the trails are continuing on planning for the next season.There will be many unhappy riders complaining about the permit hike, and more ammo for those that won't buy them because "they don't ride the trails" so therefore the money does not go to the places needed. At our last meeting my eyes were opened to a future problem we clubs face.Before clubs paid a % and the state paid the rest, which made clubs take ownership in care/maintenance and setting prices on equipment,now the state pays 100%, clubs apply for new groomers but they have no budget set so it's kinda like let's take advantage of the system and get the best, instead of like when clubs had to pay, what do we really need, so that has stretched the $'s so less groomers are passed out and many clubs waiting to get new groomers still wait until funds are available,interesting fact that adds to trail system problems. Plus the issues of disregard to private property, loud pipes and on and on. What we all enjoy as a recreation also comes with problems that only a hand full of people try and work out so all can enjoy. If you want to get informed and involved PLEASE JOIN A CLUB, BECOME A VOLUNTEER,EDUCATE, AND STAY INFORMED.We love this sport the people and the business we choose to support the sport. Well enough heavy discussion spring is in the air, fishing, hiking to the waterfalls, ATV/UTV season is now here so get out and come on up to the U.P., we'd love for you to choose us to be your home away from home!!
April 30, 2015
It's a happy weekend for many a parents as well as students, graduation is here congrats to all!!!! Next will be area high schools, the doors will open for many. But now real life begins!! But you did it yahoo!!! Well the past snowmobile season has come and gone, a little to early for most, while many have put the sleds away others are thinking of their new rides being built. We here that work the trails are continuing on planning for the next season.There will be many unhappy riders complaining about the permit hike, and more ammo for those that won't buy them because "they don't ride the trails" so therefore the money does not go to the places needed. At our last meeting my eyes were opened to a future problem we clubs face.Before clubs paid a % and the state paid the rest, which made clubs take ownership in care/maintenance and setting prices on equipment,now the state pays 100%, clubs apply for new groomers but they have no budget set so it's kinda like let's take advantage of the system and get the best, instead of like when clubs had to pay, what do we really need, so that has stretched the $'s so less groomers are passed out and many clubs waiting to get new groomers still wait until funds are available,interesting fact that adds to trail system problems. Plus the issues of disregard to private property, loud pipes and on and on. What we all enjoy as a recreation also comes with problems that only a hand full of people try and work out so all can enjoy. If you want to get informed and involved PLEASE JOIN A CLUB, BECOME A VOLUNTEER,EDUCATE, AND STAY INFORMED.We love this sport the people and the business we choose to support the sport. Well enough heavy discussion spring is in the air, fishing, hiking to the waterfalls, ATV/UTV season is now here so get out and come on up to the U.P., we'd love for you to choose us to be your home away from home!!
March 28, 2015
fresh groom
check out Dave and Eli grooming on our Facebook page, they groomed from Twin Lakes to South Range, Richard and Jack did south of Twin Lakes, yes it's spring riding but we're riding!!! Ain't over yet!!! Wonder how long we will ride this year my last ride was Mother's Day last year! If your planning a trip April thru Nov. we are now on summer rates, weekends are booking up for weddings, reunions,and our regular guests.Don't forget to reserve special event weekends soon!
March 23, 2015
wrapping up another season
there is still limited grooming to the south and north, still 2' on the ground but unless snow comes we are at a stand still. However we had a awesome season, American Snowmobiler, EZ Ryde, Dobson Ent., Castle clothing,Q Max, Frank, Roscoe, Justin , team Henderson and crew,Jeff, Brad and crew,Brown family,and so many more that come back several times a year ,some since we opened 13 years ago. Really looking forward to the next season with the possibility of more filming from companies in the snowmobile industry,riding clinics,and the return of our dear friends. But I believe is isn't over yet I believe there are 2 more dumpings yet to happen, but I'm afraid it will be to little ,to late, but hoping we can hit the fresh snow when it comes!
March 2, 2015
riding clinic that was scheduled for 3/12- 3/15 is now cancelled. Paul at Sled Solutions that was spearheading this event,tried to get the news out but pulling permits,land use etc. took time and the release of the event did not give enough notice to those that want to attend, so now it will be held next year and bookings will start Hay Days weekend, sorry... bummer....but will see him next year. On a happier note snow is still here and more to fall tomorrow, best snow of the season,we rode this weekend check out the pics on facebook.
March 1, 2015
still snow
here in the U.P.to date Twin Lakes has 230''+ bbbrrrr cold temps. for the past few weekswhich has made trail conditions close to perfect. Our schools have been cancelled so many times this year I think it will be July before they get summer vacation.The weather may be cold but the past few days we have had blue bird skies and the perfect weather for the Copper Dog 150 dog sled races this weekend.We are hoping for our annual St. Patty's Day storm for the weekend of 3/11- 3/15 as we are the host place for the Matt Entz Riding Clinic ,what an op to meet him, want to thank Paul from Sled Solutions for setting this up.This was something on Dave's bucket list to do and it's here in the U.P.how cool is that!It's been another incredible year getting to meet folks that are involved in the snowmobile industry and have the return of the film Co. Dobson Entertainment, we love having our local area get positive publicity in this industry.Must say we were able to live our dream and open this resort 13 years ago,it's had it;s ups and downs but we love this sport( Dave probably more so, as he volunteers 2 days a week to grooming trails, I've gone on occasion and must admit you have to enjoy going 8 miles an hour for 7 to 10 hours,now if it was 70 to 100 miles an hour it would be fun!!). The sport and sleds have changed a lot in this time,as well as riders. There are a lot of good people out there, and working with John Dee the past 10 years for the Make A Wish Ride In proves the generosity of many tourist that frequent our area, sad thing is most only hear of the few bad apples that give this sport a bad reputation.This area has 4 seasons to offer and most families here have jobs that depend on tourism. This sport and ATV/UTVing depend on private land owners to keep the trails open. Through the years I've talked to people that have closed their land to trail use and have understood their issues, but in the same token have also tried to explain to them that small business's aren't becoming millionaires, but probably employ a member of their family, as all this area has for most, is service employment.But we in turn deserve respect to our land and people that bring you these services.We're hoping to be here for many years to come, it's not the end of the season yet, but I want to thank all of you for choosing us as your winter destination, some year after year. Many know we are small and we book up quickly, it's good for us, but many have wanted to stay here and we would love to have you, all we can say is plan ahead,yes like all other resorts we do have a cancellation policy but we are also fair if there is absolutely no ride-able snow in a 60 mile radius we will tell you, we snowmobile and have traveled as well. Hard to believe that spring is coming but there are other reason's why people come to the resort, wedding and family, and school reunions are fast approaching and weekends are filling. Give us a call or check out the rest of this site to see what we can offer you.
February 17, 2015
1/2 way
through Feb. wow time fly's by when your having fun! Snow conditions have been really good, trails are doing great, weather however has been a mix of blizzard conditions, then blue skies, or cold temps. a little bit of everything. Well this past week we were hosts for American Snowmobiler Magizine, EZ Ryde suspentions, and Dobson Entertainment, be sure to check out the write up on the U.P. and our area on our facebook page. This was a banner year for us thus far, we have booked up 1 year to 6 months in advance, and booking quick for next year.The snow is prime as of today 4'' plus added to our total everyday this week, best conditions for the season! Remember we groom until April 1st. last year I was able to ride on Mother's day!!! Can almost bet on 2 good storms for the month of March, the best riding is yet to come!!! Availability is filling in quick for March just 9 open days left for Feb. We had a great time with the folks from American Snowmobiler and looking forward to a event coming in March a riding clinic with Sled Solutions and Matt Entz, think snow!!!!
February 1, 2015
will he or won't he
see his shadow???? Well another week has passed w/ min. snow fall, but temps. have stayed cold.It was yet another busy weekend, the big draw was the John Dee Make A Wish Ride In it was our 10th year and our last, but so many generous folks have made this event a success, from our local business owners to the folks that have made it an annual event for the past 10 years. It was awesome that we granted wishes to those that needed a break from travel, treatments, and meds. The 3 events out did each year and this year will far exceeded all the years. The big draw by far was the past 2 years Kelly built 2 vintage sleds and donated them to the cause, they were beautiful, this years sled was won by a person in Pennsylvania, one lucky dude!!! Well This week coming is the annual Winter Carnival held on the campus of MTU,be sure to take a strole on campus and a drive through Houghton and Hancock to check them out. Lodging is hard to find for this weekend we usually book 1 to 2 years in advance so if you plan on a visit in 2016 we have limited bookings left.Well let's see what Mr. ground hog will see tommorrow!
January 25, 2015
whew glad it's over
2 weekends in a row, no fresh snow a few days of warm temps. with light rain in some areas = lots of traffic, broke down groomers ,bumpy trails. With this area being the only one with snow it has been very busy for all, for the past 2 weekends. Wish people could under stand that grooming in temps. over 32 degrees is pointless and hard on equipment as well as groomers and operators.That's 2 things we can say here is we can't change the weather and if your here it can change in minutes! We want to thank all of our faithful customers that keep coming back to us for the past 13 years, this past 2 weeks I want to thank the Brown's as they brought us the most beautiful deer mount for our great room, the Speight group, hope you enjoyed your 2 days of off trail adventures want to thank you for dinner at the Pilgrim River, glad it was a good experience, also want to thank the VanRouden group for their wonderful $500.00 donation for the Make A Wish Ride In coming up this weekend,( also thank you for bring the memorial helmet please Mikie bless us with snow!) can't forget who's coming this coming week end Frank and the boys, glad your coming to the last ride in, looking forward to Super Bowl Party with you all!! We want to thank everyone who has given us a try this year,as many try to book with us but we book up very quickly for the winter months, long weekend, special event weekends and holidays, we hate saying sorry. We have 3 very busy weekends coming to the area this month and would like to put out a FYI for the MTU Winter Carnival most places here book a min. 1 year in advance!!! Well let's all think snow ,hope the ground hog sees his shadow!! Please for you boon dockers please know your areas and stay out of private land, the crack down IS COMING,let's do our part and be respectful .
January 5, 2015
winter as hit
full force, after last weeks New Year kick off and the previous weeks warm weather and iffy trail conditions all has come full circle all that were here enjoyed their time here, positive attitude, they saw snow, made the best of what was here and the snow came and hasn't let up. Cold temps are making grooming so much easier along with the fresh snow. It's looking like winter here! Thanks to all that joined us on New Year's in the Bear's Den hope to see you next year!
December 27, 2014
winter begins
I will try and give an accurate report for our area( Mass City to Copper Harbor).In Nov. we had over 80 inches then in Dec. we had a warm spell that had settled our snow down to a 2' base,this of course has led to reports that there is no snow to trail closings so everyone is in a panic can we ride?? Dec. 1st all groomers started grooming and have been out doing what they can with the snow that is here, it's been a tough go as temps. have been in the mid 30's ideally the temps. need to be below 30 degrees. Because of this there has been no freezing therefore there are wet areas. muddy areas especially where there is logging, but the trails are rideable and yes you can still get across the bridge! In the past week we have picked up another 12 inches and temps are dropping and snow is in the forcast for several days.This a.m. alone 3 inches has fallen since I came into work. Guests that have been riding this past week have reportef fair/good conditions with the exception of low lying areas closest to the lake.Off trail riders all I can say is the epic snow that came in Nov. melted down and gave a good 1' plus base but because there has been no freezing temps. yet low areas are soft, lakes are not froze , rivers are still open, if it's a hump/bump it's probably a rock or stump and should be checked out before hitting it!!! Riders are out doing both types of riding there is snow here at least 3' but please take in mind this is only for this area, not 80 to 100 miles away, conditions may and will vary.
November 15, 2014
opening day
good luck to all, this past week has brought at least 24 inches of snow many are riding their sleds already, area ski hills are open,good for many ,but this snow has made it hard on the hunters getting to camp, oh well just gotta go with the flow. This weekend I did my 2nd painting workshop which included lodging, 1 lunch, 1 breakfast, the canvas,frame and all supplies, all will leave with a framed painting, great group of ladies from the Marquette area, had fun today,sounds like more workshops are in my future!!! Well let the riding begin, lucky few are out already. Don't want to sound pushy but some prime dates are filled up, and others are limited, we really want you to thank all those that return year after year! Really would like to see deer pics on our facebook page, I've posted pics of the 1st. day of the painting workshop on our page, they all progressed far and well, tomorrow a framed painting goes home with each one, they really have had fun, shopping ,eating, a little wine, and fun chats!!
October 29, 2014
for sale
my Lincoln Pick up, all info can be viewed on our face book page.Also please note that we are in our slow time, we however have our answering machine on 24/7 and will return calls a.s.a.p. Prime dates are booking up fast, winter conditions are starting in our area, would you believe that LES was in the forecast for this weekend. Really looking forward to the up coming year, we have a few events planned at the cabins and also please join us for the 10th annual Make A Wish event this will be the last year.
October 18, 2014
40 years ago my daughter was born, on a snowy night, 16 years later her 16th birthday surprise was cancelled due to a snow storm, today is cool , geese flying over, and it is cool. Thus far the rain has stopped which will make race day better then yesterday which was wet and miserable. Another kick off weekend for the snowmobiler's, Milwaukee Show is under way, hi to my friends that are set up to promote the industry, thank you all! Well prime dates are booking up fast,thanks to our repeat customer's!! This year we have been picked as the BEST IN LODGING by the reader's choice in the Daily Mining Gazette, we want to thank all that nominated us and voted for us THANK YOU ALL!!! Hard to believe we are in our 12th year here, thanks to all that have picked us to be their home away from home.So looking forward to this year, hoping a few events in the planning come through, hope I can announce them, please remember the one event that we enjoy doing is the John Dee Make A Wish Ride In this will be our 10th year granting a local child their wish . I'm sadden to say this will be our last year, but we want it to be our best ever PLEASE CHECK OUT THE UPDATES AND REGISTER TO COME, through John Dee.com web site. IF ANYONE IS WILLING TO DONATE ITEMS FOR THE SILENT AUCTION OR RAFFLES PLEASE CONTACT ME SOON. Want to thank all those that have donated the past 9 years you have all made this a success and we can't thank you enough. Well we just want you to know that this weekend was our last super busy weekend with the LSRR race , hope all enjoyed their selves, nice having our racers back from previous years and welcome aboard to the new racers! So with a few weeks of slow time our office hours are limited but our answering machine takes messages 24/7 and we will return your calls A.S.A.P. as I stated in the opening of the journal snowmobile trips are in the planning and we are a small resort so prime dates book up early. But in my opinion the best time to come if your a trail rider is Mon.- Thurs. that way you avoid the weekend warriors, and far less traffic on the trails, way more enjoyable!! Back country riders the best time to come is during or right after the fresh snow falls, be a storm watcher and get here asap before the fresh stuff gets tracked up!! Always keep in mind that in most cases there is great snow through March and April, after all the last day of grooming is May 1st.Looking forward to another year!!!
September 22, 2014
Fall has come to our area
we have had some cooler temps. but this week looks to be picture perfect mid 60's to 70's and colors in our area are at 65%.This past weekend was trail work weekend, Dave and I had a group of 3 others and our job was to re deck 2 bridges, all went well we had it wrapped up in about 5 hours! As usual the people were awesome the turn out was unbelievable,and a lot was completed. The picnic food was awesome and great chats were had. Well in Oct. we have 2 busy weekends, LSRR Lake Superior road rally weekend great time to come and see some super off road racing many spot to spectate from, or volunteer to work! Also it is parents weekend at MTU, fun filled weekend for all. Just a FYI for newbie parents, where ever you choose to say like us most places book up 6 months to 1 year in advance when there's an event at MTU. Hunting season's have started , goose, bear and this past weekend was youth hunt weekend, we want to congratulate our nephew Zach on his 12 point buck! The small game and bird season is here and I hear fishing has been pretty good as well.Come and enjoy the beautiful colors, because soon the next color will be white!
September 11, 2014
9/11 a date we must never take for granted
prayers to all. But today is a new day, fall has truly arrived,colors are appearing in the woods, hunting season has kicked off,geese are heading south, snow birds have arrived,and cooler temps. are here. 3 busy events are coming the weekend of 9/19-9/21 is trail brushing,fixing,and fellowship weekend. Both sides of the bridge will be heading out, north side will be leaving from the Trailside, the south side will be leaving from Krupp's. We offer free lodging for those that want to come up and work, as well as other resorts on both sides of the bridge, call for info. Event #2 is 10/10 thru 10/12 that is MTU parents weekend.Fun,food,football, go Huskies go!!! #3 weekend is 10/16 thru 10/19, the LSRR RACE weekend a long standing tradition in our area! It's road rally racing at it's finest, great fun for spectators, racers, and of course volunteer workers, get right in with the action! Go Team Grenwis!!!! Looking forward to seeing you!! And in between these dates are our 40th anniversary of wedded bliss :), our 12th. year anniversary since we opened,Dave's birthday, our son-in-laws birthday and our daughter's birthday, wheeew busy 2 months! PLEASE NOTE it is slowing down here at the office during mid week,our answering machine is always on so PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE,we will return your calls as well as e-mails A.S.A.P. THANK YOU!!!
September 3, 2014
fall is on it's way
summer has come to an end, the parents have left their students at the local collages. 1ST.days of school has also begun for the families of K thru 12 students, facebook had pics of 1st. day of school, sure brought back memories, hope I'll be around to see our grandson Eli's 1st. day! Fall colors are starting to dot the landscape, the hunting buzz is starting as well. Believe it or not reservations are coming in, as the 1st. addition snowmobile magazines have hit the shelves, and this weekend is the Super Bowl of the sport, good old Hay Days, and of all things the S--- word was in the weather forecast! It most likely will not be here to stay.There's far to much to be done around here, like winter wood, getting the flower beds ready for their long winter sleep.Hate to say it but it is also time to think about the up coming color tours,up coming MTU event, parents weekend, career days,many local events, the list is long. Let's not forget trail work weekend for the North and South trail system, on our end there is a lot to do, Dave's project is fixing the decking on 2 bridges. We as well as a few other resorts offer FREE LODGING to those that come up to work the trails. But it's hard not thinking about the snowmobile season, getting to see the friends we have made through out the years, getting to ride, share stories,videos,food and brews. But in a few weeks it will also be our SLOW TIME so we may not be here during our regular office hours which are 8 to 12, Mon. thru Sun. but our answering machine is on and we will call you back a.s.a.p.
August 2, 2014
tourist ask where's summer, my reply is the 2 days in April when we hit 80 and 2 weeks ago we had 2 more days in the mid 80's. For me I'm fine with that this summer has been on the cool side thus far and I love it!Signs of fall are here though, NHRA drag races, Hay Days, local county fairs, road rally,OMG so much to do before the white stuff comes!!The Copper Country has been hopping with tourist,a late start but it's been steady now. This weekends events are the 20th Annual music jamboree at Agate Beach, Baraga Co. Fair and the Copperman Triathlon in Copper Harbor.Next weekend is the Italiana Fest, Melfest Bike Show, Eagle Harbor Art Show. In the weekends to follow a few up coming events are Calumet Heritage Celebration,Keweenaw Mini Cooper Rendezvous in Copper Harbor,Lac Vieux Desert Pow Wow, Brewfest and the Great Deer Chase Mt. Bike Race. Let's not forget the trail clean up weekends for the north and south sides as well, love to have anyone willing to come and help prepare the snowmobile trails that you all enjoy, it's a good time for all!Please remember we are a small operation here, our office hours are 8 am to 12 noon, our answering machine will take all massages and we will return your call asap. Come on up and enjoy the U.P.!
June 14, 2014
'Honey moon'
Was last night a full moon on Friday the 13th.Hoping the staff at the hospital and police dept. had a uneventful night.As for the moon it was beautiful! Summer must be officially here now school is out Bridgefest weekend is here, soon 4th of July, then Strawberry Fest.However the past few days have felt and looked like fall,temps. have been in the low 40's at night mid 60's and 70's during the day,which to me is perfect for working in the gardens and keeping the bugs at bay!Bookings for weddings,reunions, and ATV/UTV groups are filling in our reservation book nicely,we would like to thank you all for making us your U.P. home away from home. There is plenty to see and plenty to do while here. Our area doesn't offer a lot of BIG BOX type of shopping, but we have plenty of unique shops , galleries. mom and pop dining,bike trails,horse trails,rec. vehicle trails, waterfalls, inland lakes and rivers and streams for some good fishing.Local events for entertainment and a few casino's as well. So come on up and see our area~
May 17, 2014
spring is here
though we did have a trace of snow on Fri. yes snow for this area it can come in July, which it has. As a matter of fact back in our days or mud drag racing we had 2 plus inches of snow on a Memorial Day weekend race, and another year we were having a picnic at Twin Lakes a very cold 4th of July and coming back to South Range for the parade we hit snow fall in Painesdale.Trying to enjoy spring like weather now, doing hours of yard work, both at home and the cabins before bug season starts,our 1st. sign of flowers blooming came this weekend beauty has arrived, dirty snow banks are just plain ugly.The collages have had their graduations,every weekend for the next 3 are high school graduations, then we head into the wedding season. This weekend was the kick off weekend for the ATV/UTVers there have been a few local mud runs, but the tourist are now arriving,great time of year to get into the back woods and check out waterfalls , rivers, and streams.Fishing reports have been so,so, 1st. the rivers were to high, now the quick meltdown has slowed down so the rivers have as well.Another sure sign that spring is here is the yard sales and auctions have started.Summers are so short here and it just seems so hectic trying to enjoy the short season but also knowing there is lots to be done before the snow flies again. For many of us it's getting our winter wood cut,split,and stacked.Getting our hunting spots ready to hopefully fill our freezers,getting sled,snow blowers and plow trucks ready for the net big blast, as we know it's not that far away. 145 days till the bear/deer season which means that's the 1st. signs of snow fall and only 160 days till the opening day of trail grooming! But for now let's enjoy today and the upcoming summer events.
April 5, 2014
Survived the big spring storm
what a change in weather last weekend we actually had a few raindrops ,thunder and lightning,a slight warm up and then it all turned back to winter! Yes we ended up with at least 16'' of fresh fallen snow! Hard to believe else wherein the country there are signs of spring while I'm waiting to finish writing this entry so I can go out and play in the snow, yes there are still snowmobiler's here and they can't believe how much snow is here! Well soon we will be in spring mode, graduation's as well as weddings are coming up fast and soon the mud season will be here for those that like to UTV/ATV trails will be passable sometime soon!Fishing season is off to a good start from what the locals have told me.A few slow weeks ahead of us but the answering machine is on,time to get the spring cleaning started, so if trying to book with us please leave a message, don't forget to check out our facebook page. Want to thank all of you that made us your winter destination,hope to see you all net season!
March 20, 2014
some where,not here! 3 inches last night and no sign of a warm up in sight. The trails are in great shape but no one here to use them :( Next weekend looks like everyone's last hoorah.Most people are getting into spring mode,and we are still in full force winter uugghh.Soon it will be MTU's graduation, wedding bookings are coming in as well as ATV/UTV group bookings.This is lull time can't do much of anything till spring like weather comes to greet us.
February 28, 2014
last day of Feb.
and to look out the window it looks like the 1st day of Jan. I've bben updating pics on our facebook page, to see is to believe! Our banks along the highways in areas well exceed 9'-10', record cold temps. are still in the forcast,along with snow.They say as of today spring is 23 days away, not here! I'm really wondering when the 1st. signs of pring will come and if it will be kind, as it could become a nightmare here if it comes to fast, I'd hate to see the flood damage that could occure. I'm thinking for all hardcore riders we will be riding well into April,possiably June! For those that have come trails are reported to be excellent, one warm day, so far this month, it hit 40! Well there is still plenty of snow, love to have you ,many are getting into spring mode, but I'm afraid here in the U.P. winter will be here for some time, catch our updates on Facebook!
January 9, 2014
The buzz has begun
This weekend was the 1st busy one for our area. The sound of buzzing sleds filled the air. Chances are they were surprised to see the amount of snow that has been dumped upon us. Many smiles from the Speight crew, they couldn't have timed their trip any better ,Dave was able to get them into untouched areas, it was deep and steep. I'm thinking of putting care packages together for them to include Motrin, Bengay, and Velcro, oh yes duct tape to!Our Grandson Eli turned 2 this past weekend,it was a fun filled weekend.Just a FYI for trailriders trail #122 from Lake Linden,to Dreamland to Gay in closed due to logging however it will be accessable to all businesses. As many may have found out the 2nd. weekend in Feb, is the MTU Winter Carnival and lodging is hard to come by, as a matter of fact most places book 1 to 2 years in advance!Well there's alot of winter activities in the area happening, drag races ,hill climbs, fishing tournaments, fund raisers for area snowmobile clubs, as well as the Make A Wish John Dee ride in, alot of nice donations coming in for sileent auction and raffle items, hope you consider coming to the event, it's for a awesome cause! Please find it in your hearts to consider a donation , if not for this event how about a local snowmobile club,youth club , animal shelter, what ever your cause just donate it makes you feel good! Trails are in excellant condition for those that have come to ride,there have been many miles and smiles to be had. We offer great accomodations as well as others in the area, so come and see our area!
December 26, 2013
the day after
Christmas and our ghost town is being swarmed with the buzz of sleds! What a difference a day or two can make, welcome all, you should find our trails to be in great shape though this is considered the busiest weekend of the season.2014 is just around the corner looking forward to seeing our riding buddies, hoping the snow releases from the downed branches soon, hard riding off trail right now but it is ooohhhh so pretty. our hope is that 2014 bring good health, happiness and a few extra $'s to everyone.
December 23, 2013
Merry Christmas
to all and to all a wonderful 2014. For me Jesus is the reason for the season, and to be shared with friends and family.Looking forward to seeing our guests in the next few weeks!
December 12, 2013
the snow is here
it's been snowing for a week now. plenty of snow to get out and enjoy the out doors! trails have and are being groomed, reports are the trails are good a few drifted areas, but riders are happy,happy happy.Afew cancellations have come in from snow chasers so there are a few open cabins/dates for 12/25 to 12/30 70 plus inches have fallen in our area!
November 25, 2013
has started to fall, there actually is a few inches on the ground now. Club meetings will be starting the 1st week in Dec.grooming schedules will soon be set by the Superior Snowmobile Club. It's actually starting to feel like winter may just be right around the cornor , as tonite and through Wed. 4 to 8 inches are in the forecast! The buck pole has been busy here at the cabins,a 6,7, & 8 pointer were hung this week, way to go Sleeman family! With Thanksgiving arriving in just 3 days it's hard to believe that Dec. 1st is the 1st. day of grooming if there is snow and below 32 degree days ahead.Can't believe Christmas is in 30 days! Our cabins will be BUSY,BUSY,from there on into March YEAH! We want to thank you for your continued support and welcome all new comer to the Wildlife Refuge Cabins. I hope to be posting soon on trail conditions soon!
November 11, 2013
Today is suppose to be...
one of the best days for the deer in rut , according to one of the hunting magizines. We'll see as this year is off to a poor start for many of my friends that hunt. Well we had yet another tease for the snowmobile /ski buffs, a cold front brought us in some cold and snow for the 2nd time, but rumor has it by Thurs. it's suppose to warm up again.The hunters are gearing up, the ladies have been doing their annual hunts as well at the local arts and crafts shows. Dear hunters balls are coming up as well as wild game feeds.Yet another traditional holiday for us Yoopers! Everyone's getting antsy for the coming snowmobile season, thanks for choosing us to be your home away from home. Looking forward to seeing our yearly guests as well, the great room will be busy with plenty to eat, drink and stories of the day. May have to think about a few traveling trophies, maybe for the best stuck, the worst break down , uuummmm. The 2013- 2014 Masters Racing Circuit has announced their hillclimbs and snow drags dates. They run from 12/13 to 6 /14, 12/7 snow drags in Ontonagon, 1/4 make update in case of lack of snow, 2/1 snow drags Sagola, 2/15 hillclimb Caspian,2/16 Uphill snow drags Caspian (TENTATIVE),3/1 hill climb, Iron Mtn., 3/15 hillclimb Florence Wisc.,3/ 16 hillcross Florence Wisc., 3/29 & 3/30 hillclimb & hillcross, Superior/Duluth Mn., 4/5 & 4/6 snowdrags & hillcross Marquette Mi. Also gearing up for the annual John Dee Make A Wish weekend the 1st. weekend in Feb.anyone wanting to make a donation has until 12/15 to contact me, please help us to grant a childs wish, I know the snowmobile community can come through with generous donations.Well I thought I'd give a little info on happenings in our area. Anyone wanting to become a volunteer groomer operator can contact Dave as he is working on this years schedule!
October 26, 2013
getting ready
for 2013-2014 winter season.Hard to believe 2 months from now will be Christmas weekend some will already be taking the trimmings down!Of course the stores are stocking up and getting ready for the big day ,Black Friday, never really under stood the hipe.I have for many years shopped all year long, when I see that perfect some thing for that certain person I buy it,put it in my Christmas totes and enjoy wrapping that gift, besides I've never had the luxery of having alot of $'s just to go shopping in all the mess, nor desire, and many years ago I got in the credit card trap and payed till the next Christmas!Course it would be nice to be thinking and preparing fot the 2 holidays approching 1st., Halloween and Thanksgiving. Wondering what our little Eli will be? Thanksgiving is quite different now, for the Sleeman guys it's all about hunting, so if you plan a dinner it best be after 8pm.Our families are all gone,as in parents and grandparents so there's no going home for the holidays. I've always said that I would not put our daughter under pressure and make plans to be some where at a certain time, or that she'd have to pick between the in-laws or the parents, as I told her she has a family now and she needs to start her family traditions.And when running a resort you have to be available to accomodate your guests so that their vacation is the best it can be. Friday we took a break and went up north ,went to the Trailside motel to hook up with other volunteers to work on the snowmobile trails. Posted a few pics on facebook. We recieved pics from one of the racers that were here last weekend for the LSPR, those are posted on our facebook page as well.Well we've had a little bit if snow, just enough to get everyone geared up for what's ahead. Picking up the yard, getting wood done,tires changed, plows ready,etc. etc.The busy weekends are booking up or already are, must thank SnowTech magizine again for the nice write up they did on the resort.Talked with John Dee at the trail clean up meeting, things are on track for the annual John Dee Make A Wish weekend fund raiser, nice gifts are already coming in.We haven't heard who our child is for this year, I eagerly await for the news, it's always so nice that we can help someone in our community, wish there were no sick children out there but as a small group of snowmobilers we can make a differance. Anyone wanting to donate can contact me at the cabins or at home,it really is appreciated.Well I've bannled on long enough, till the next time....
October 16, 2013
The S word
is in the forcast for this weekend! But we'd like to see nice weather for the Superior Road Rally as they had a change to their route due to the goverment shut down, what next? Welcome racer's ,good luck! Although 23 years ago on our daughter's 16th birthday, on 10/18/74 we had a snow storm that cancelled schools and her basketball game as well as party that was planned,I belive there was at least 16" that day, the year she was born we to traveled in snow and the next day was white, so it's not out of the question that at least a dusting of snow could come. Hoping though the snow holds off till after next weekend as it is the north ends trail clean up. It will be 0n 10/25 and 10/26 and the meeting time is between 9 and 9:30 at the Trail side lodge. Well people are gearing up for this years season, bookings and questions about the area are coming in since there was a write up on our resort in Snow Tech magizine, thank you Snow Tech!I'll let you know when the snow comes!
October 15, 2013
1/2 way
through Oct. hard to believe !! Summer is now behind us. Schools and collages are now in session. Parents are getting their creative minds in motion to help their little ones get ready for trick or treats. The local hunters have now speckled the woods with hunter's orange. The last of the berries are done and my friends that can, are very busy putting up their produce, stocking up for the long winter ahead.The prospect of wildlife has mixed reports. For me it seems as though all the wildlife population is down. New this year will be a select hunt for wolves. Alot of mixed reviews on this hunt. Hay Days has come and gone and now people are planning their vacations. As always select dates are already booked up,and others are planning their dates.Speaking of riding our local clubs are gearing up and asking for volunteers to come help prepare the trails for the up coming season. A few resorts are offering free lodging, a few events are planned as well, as well as a few free meals. The best source of information will be John Dee.com or facebook.The colors were off to an early start but now they seem to be at a stand still, actually they will probably be on schedule. The Lake Superior Road Rally will be coming to the U.P., This year a few of the top pro racers will be back, 5 years ago we had Rock Start Energy Drink staying with us, pretty busy weekend. Can almost bet we'll see a few snow flakes in the air by that time.Well we are looking forward to our 12th year of visitors, do plan early as we are starting to book up. THANKS TO ALL that are our return patrons. As usual we will host a few parities in the Bear's Den, see you soon! **Please note that we appreciate your interest in us, please leave us a message, I will contact you A.S.A.P, as it is now our slow time and I teach art classes, as well as work part time away from the resort. Thank you Lori **
October 1, 2013
Wow 10/1/13
fall is in the air, the trees are starting to show their colors for the color show, 2013. The opener to the deer season starts today for bow hunters and the bear season continues.A few upcoming events other then the U.P. color show, is parents weekend at MTU and the big football game MTU verses NMU! Our dear friends from our mud boggin' days Joe and Kim will be coming to watch their son play, looking forward to seeing all of them. Then the road rally will follow ,and one of the "boys" from the Phi Kappa Tau fraturnity house I cooked for is racing again this year, good times and alot of fun coming up.Bird season is also open and of all things I pulled a permit for the 1st ever wolf hunt!!! Getting my hopes up to add a new mount to the living room! Willow and I are continuing to go to dog training classes, I'm getting well trained! The 4 letter word " snow" has been in the weather reports for out west so that means old man winter will be heading to our area sooner then we think. Reservations have been coming in daily, yeah!! :). Looking forward to seeing our annual vistors and getting to ride with you all soon, we'll keep you posted!
October 1, 2013
Wow 10/1/13
fall is in the air, the trees are starting to show their colors for the color show, 2013. The opener to the deer season starts today for bow hunters and the bear season continues.A few upcoming events other then the U.P. color show, is parents weekend at MTU and the big football game MTU verses NMU! Our dear friends from our mud boggin' days Joe and Kim will be coming to watch their son play, looking forward to seeing all of them. Then the road rally will follow ,and one of the "boys" from the Phi Kappa Tau fraturnity house I cooked for is racing again this year, good times and alot of fun coming up.Bird season is also open and of all things I pulled a permit for the 1st ever wolf hunt!!! Getting my hopes up to add a new mount to the living room! Willow and I are continuing to go to dog training classes, I'm getting well trained! The 4 letter word " snow" has been in the weather reports for out west so that means old man winter will be heading to our area sooner then we think. Reservations have been coming in daily, yeah!! :). Looking forward to seeing our annual vistors and getting to ride with you all soon, we'll keep you posted!
September 3, 2013
summer has come to an end
the fairs are over, the collages are buzzing, everyone has moved in, families rushed to get their vacations wrapped up.The retail stores have been busy with the back to school rush.Summer items will soon be put away and those that like to hunt are gearing up. Plans are in action, baiting stations are being tended to, the orv's are getting tuned up,all the signs of fall are in the air. The cool brisk mornings turn to warm afternoons,not quite ready to put the sandals and shorts away,but yet you need a sweater or hoodie for the early evenings.The trail clean ups are coming, the opening to winter, Hay Days is coming up and everyone has their sights on a winter get away,hoping this will be your destination place of course! We are going into our 12th year and are looking forward to our annual visitors, but always look forward to meeting new arrivals as well.We strive to make your stay a good experiance, our cabins are cozy,clean,and warm.The sauna and Bear's den are a little added bonus as well as a few parties we like to have.A few events for the winter season that book up really early are between Christmas and New year's, MTU Winter carnival,and the John Dee Make a wish weekend, so start planning.As always we thank you for your interest in us, for checking us out and you should get to know us on facebook.
August 20, 2013
until Sept.it's that time, MTU students are arriving back, the town is a hustle and bustle,fall is in the air.Colors are now appearing on the trees,it's hunting season frienzy,guys and gals are getting their guns and bows sighted in. Reservations are coming in for hunting season,and already many of the busy event weekends are booking up for the snowmobile season ,after Hay Days,the phone will be busy. Parents weekend @ MTU is coming up, the big football game, MTU verses NMU is the high light for many. Career Days is coming up as well, and as I have always told the incoming Freshmen's parents if it's a MTU function in this area book at least 6 months in advance. That's also a heads up for those wanting to come to the area for the upcoming fall color season and snowmobile season.We are trying to get a facebook page set up so please check us out, hoping to be able to do better at keeping this site up and doing more posting of pictures for all to enjoy. Can't thank all of those that have been with us for the past 11 years, hoping newbies will enjoy our resort and make us your home away from home.
August 11, 2013
almost 1/2 way through August
after that 1 week of hot humid weather in July, the signs of fall are in the air. Cool nights, dew kissed mornings the last of the wild flowers that bloom on the sides of the highways are showing their colors of yellows, and purples. The area events are in full force,events coming up for Aug. Aug. 15-18 is the U.P. state fair in Escanaba,Aug.17-18 is Art in the park in Copper Harbor,Aug.18 is the 31st. annual Old Victoria craft fair,Aug. 22-25 is the Houghton Co. Fair, Aug.23-25 is the Porcupine Mtn. Music Festival,and then Aug.31-Sept.1 is the annual Bell's Beer Copper Harbor Trails Fest.I'm sure there are many other events as well. The dates for trail clean up will be announced soon, as always we offer free lodging to those that come up and work the trails as long as there is availability. The groomers picnic is coming up soon as well.It's been a busy month here with wedding parties,hope they have many happy memories and years together.The time of year for the bear hunters is here,baiting has started and we are hoping to see signs soon.Well this is the best season of the year,next to winter.Outdoor ventures in the fall bring the beauty of colors,sightings of wildlife from partridge, wild turkeys,deer,bear,moose and wolves,as well as wild flowers, so come on up to the beautiful U.P. and enjoy!
July 8, 2013
2 minutes a day
of day light we are now loosing. Hard to believe summer is slowly starting to end and soon it will be fall.Signs are in the air, the lupines are going to seed,apples are forming on the trees,the new born deer are getting big as well as the 1 baby goose on Moyle's pond, only one born this year and the parents have been so protective of it.Bear permits were released, Dave was lucky, I was not, oh well luck of the draw.It won't be long and it will be Hay Day's weekend(the season opener to winter), the buzz will be on all the snowmobile sites.Soon to will be the snowmobile groomer's picnic with trail clean ups and trail work, so those that want to donate some time to the annual trail work weekend we as always offer free lodging if cabin space is available.But for now let's just enjoy the rest of summer, I've been working on the gardens, must say this is the best year for them, the cool wet start to the season has been kind to the plants.So many area events this month, Strawberry Festival,Aura Jamboree, U.P. Championship rodeo,End of the road car show,Ontonagon Co. fair, Battery D Civil War Encampment, Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Pow Wow and so much more. Just a good time to work on a summer tan in the good 'ol U.P.We'd love to be your hosts, so come and see what we have to offer.Trails and sites are awaiting you!
June 28, 2013
July 1st.
is in a few days, now it really is summer,our weather here has been on the cool rainy side for most of June, although Mother Nature threw us a few warm humid days in, just to give us a taste of summer heat.I personally am happy with 70 degrees and a cool breeze, throw in a late evening sprinkle to help water the gardens , that is perfection for me.Wow lots of weddings here at the resort this year,the families are enjoying how close we are to the reception halls and churches. They are enjoying the gardens and fire pit area as well as the great room, they are enjoying family time together.This morning there was a baby fawn helping its self to my garden salad bar, guessing it liked the hostas,a real surprise looking out of the office window at 9 a.m. So yes there is wildlife here!Well in the weeks to come there are many area events,on the 3rd of July Twin Lakes kicks off the holiday with a boat parade, most of the communities celebrate the 4th of July,a run down here, Dollar Bay, Lake Linden,Mohawk,Hubbell,Tamarack,Mason,Ahmeek, Gay, Copper Harbor, & South Range. Several High School reunions are happening in the areas well. July 5th and 6th is the annual Strawberry Festival, the Roza Center will have pianist Louis Nagel performing. July 13th is Lazy Days in Laurium, July 20th the Quincy Smelter Assoc. will hold tours of the Quincy smelter,July 20th is the 37th annual Canal Run,and July 21st is the Bootjack Fire and Rescue chicken BBQ. So there's a few thing you may want to attend while your here Copper Country cruising.It's been perfect weather to hit the ATV trails, with a lot of rain the past month the trails aren't dusty and off trail areas have some fun mud holes to hit.A few weekends for MTU events are booking up fast, Reunion weekend Aug. 1st - 3rd.,Northern and MTU football game is Oct.12th,job fair at MTU is Sept.23rd. - 26th.Then the count down is on for the U.P. National Holiday the deer season opener,hard to believe it is 139 days away , and the trail opener for the snowmobile season is less then a 154 days away ,that's if there is groomable snow! WOW time is flying by, let's just do 1 day at a time and enjoy our beautiful U.P. Hope you make us your destination home away from home, see you soon!
May 21, 2013
starting of summer
for us here in the U.P. It's now Memorial Day weekend and believe it or not that 4 letter word "snow" was in the air yesterday,and frost is in the forecast.All the area greenhouses are full of beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees ready to be placed at loved ones graves or gardens and yet it sure doesn't feel like the start of summer yet here.I was in Minn. last weekend and the grass was green , the apple trees were in full bloom, as well as flowers,people were mowing, it looked like spring.Came home and there is still a few spots of snow and the buds are just now appearing as well as the 1st. flowers of the year have made their appearance in my yard,so there is hope. But we all know what follows after the buds turn into leaves, the invasion of black flies,, mosquitoes, and ticks, which can shift ones mood in a hurry.Well I was going through the event calender for the area and thought I would list a few of the up coming events. Starting the weekend of 6/1 the blessing of the bikes in Lake Linden, 6/14 the the 2nd annual S.P.O.R.T. ORV trail ride,from Baraga State Park to the Twin Lakes State Park, 6/15 the Longest day of the year fishing tournament in Copper Harbor,6/22,23,and 27 MTU's Rozsa Center has music events,6/27 Keweenaw Brewfest at the water front in L'Anse,6/27-7/4 Bessemer Blast/4th of July Celebration, 6/29 Pasty Fest in Calumet, 6/30 Michigan Log Cabin Days at Old Victoria, and 2 of the biggest event will be held 6/14 and 15 is the Seafood Fest in Houghton 6/19-6/28 Finn Fest which is an area wide event from all the surrounding towns and villages, as this year the host city is Houghton it's the celebration of the Finnish culture, and 6/21-23 is the Bridge Fest,sponsored by the cities of Houghton and Hancock. So while in our area you should be able to find something to do. But if you prefer to just sit back and relax, the area offers beautiful beaches and river banks, or take a ride on a ATV/UTV and tour the area woods, or a motorcycle and see and ride the twisty, turny roadways that bring you to area sites and villages.Or get your boat or jet skies out and take in the area lakes or cruse the canal, you could also take a sunset cruze , or tour the light houses.For those that like to tour the mines there are many in the area as well as rock and mineral shows and shops. Again there is plenty of things to see and do, after all that is our industry, tourism ,so come on U.P. and see what the upper part of Michigan has to offer. We would love to be your hosts, and think you will enjoy our cabins which will be your home away from home for awhile.
May 5, 2013
Spring is on her way
the past few days has given us hope that spring is really here! Even though snow, yes snow ,is in the forecast for later this week.The snow has really dropped since our snowmobile ride last Sat. This week to 10 days will probably be the end of the riding season. We went back woods exploring for water falls and found a few,they still had a lot of snow and ice, but the past 2 days warm temps. have changed the snow depth alot, the snow has dropped and the rivers have risen alot. This is now our SLOW TIME until the rest of the schools close their doors for summer vacation. We hope you are checking our area out as a summer destination, as well as our resort.We ask that you leave us a message at our office number of 906-482-1001, as we both work at our other jobs, Dave's a residential builder, and I teach art classes as well as work at our local convience store. As we get into our our summer mode, Kathy is in the office from 8:30 to noon, and will be happy to answer any of your questions. We want you to enjoy our resort located in the village of South Range, but only 5 miles from Houghton/ Hancock, we are located in the center of 5 of the main destinations to our area, Copper Harbor,a quaint little tourist town with lots of hiking/biking, boat tours and beautiful high country views , and waterfalls. Along the way there are mine tours and beautiful golf courses. Lake of the Clouds in Ontonagon,which this area to, has the same to offer as the Copper Harbor area.Lake Gogebic, is a large inland lake, best known for great fishing, along the way are golf courses, Big Bay also known for good fishing ,as well as hiking trails, a small town famous for the filming of Anatomy of a murder,and you travel through the area of the L'Anse/ Baraga area, known for the Bishop Baraga Shrine,waterfalls, a beautiful golf course and bay side villages, also there is the beautiful area of the Bond Falls, also close is the Paulsing light, a unique light that shines most evenings, with a small tale behind it! All of thse destination offer light houses,and a few are located close to casinos. All are a days ride from your front door, then come back and enjoy your home away from home, if you haven't eaten out, come back and grill a steak, or roast marshmellows in the fire pit area,enjoy the garden areas with a good book and glass of ice tea. Our summer months are busy with honeymoon couples as we have become a destination for wedding parties ,because we are located close to the reception halls, The Brownstone, MTU reception halls,the community hall,and VFW halls.We are also a great base to start from for all of you that enjoy ATV/UTV riding as we are located on the Bill Nicholl's trail, easy access as well as lots of parking for your trailers. HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!
April 18, 2013
Snow is still coming!!!
IN A WINTER STORM ADVISORY 8" 10 12" PLUS, AND THE DATE IS 4/18/2013. We can't even say we are spring riding this weekend as the weather here is still winter wonderland conditions!I think our spring riding will be in May! Going to be a great weekend with friends braaaaping it up in fresh snow,yaaaaahooooo!
March 31, 2013
SPRING is in the air
but the snow banks are still holding out at over the 4' mark. It smelled like spring this morning as it was raining,and a hint of warmth was in the air as well, a hint of blue came out in the afternoon to. But to think that Sunday is Easter, very few up hear will be wearing sandels with dresses or hiding Easter eggs outside, though that could be interesting.We thought that maybe we would be getting an extension for grooming since we have alot of snow and forcasted cooler temps. but tomorrow will be the last day Dave and a few others head out, kind of :( sad to say good buy. Well another season under our belt, hard to belive 11 years has come and gone already. The good news is alot of you are still coming back year after year, you've become family not just guests, some even bring gifts, knowing what we like, in foods or decore. Can't thank you enough, this year brought alot of new guests to us and our area, I'm thinking they loved both as many plan to come back, it was nice to have met all of you.A few of you are MTU and FU parents and HAVE COME TO FIND OUT LODGING IS HARD TO COME BY FOR SPECIAL EVENT WEEKENDS AND HAVE LEARNED THE LESSON TO BOOK EARLY, and many of you have seen your students graduate and hope to come back to the area as you have come to love it here after visiting the past 5 or more years. The area is beautiful during all seasons, though most of our cutomers come during winter, but ask about the other times of year, what's there to do, what's there to see, my answer is alot, if you just want to step away from the cell phones, computors, and shopping districts for a moment. Come relax by a lake, or a river, take in the beauty of nature. Hit a golf ball at many area courses , take a ride on a trail or in the woods on a ATV/UTV or dirt bike, cruz the scenic highways on your street bike or tour the area in a rv.Take a boat out or wade a river and relax by fishing our area streams, rivers or lakes. As our state advertises PURE MICHIGAN it's about getting away and enjoying a slower pace and taking in the local beauty, local fare ,local art, and attractions. We have waterfalls best viewed in the spring or fall, lighthouses, some of which are bed and breakfasts, walking, biking, ATV/UTV trails and so much more. We here at the cabins have also become a wedding destination resort, because of our location to many of the area reception halls,and lakes that have become popular wedding locations, and now because of the Bear's Den, which can be rented for small gatherings. Well as most of you know this is the slow time at most resorts and busniesses so our office hours are now done by phone, to contact me it is best to call after 10 pm or e-mail,as I work part time,3 days a week, as well as teach art classes 2 days a week, you will always get our answering machine and I will call you back promptly. AGAIN, THANK YOU ALL, FOR THE PAST SNOWMOBILE SEASON,come again!!!
March 20, 2013
1ST day of spring and
we recieved at least 18 to 20 plus inches in the past 2 days, a combination of system snow ( base snow) and LES ( fluffy snow), it is as they say a "epic " dump , this will be winter riding at it's finest for the next few days. We are not even close to "spring " riding conditions yet, that's when it's 40 plus degrees and you ride in a t-shirt and tech vest, creeks and rivers are opening up and the snow feels like mashed potatoes.One things for certain riding time is much longer as it isn't dark now till after 8 pm. Well I just recieved news that Arctic cat will now only be here through this weekend, corprate called them home to Minnasota, so it's a bummer for those that planned to take advantage of our snow conditions plus try out the new line up for 2014. From now until the snow is gone if you mention you saw it here we will give you our summer rates, so come on up to the Yoop and ride baby ride, the snow is here nd the trails are groomed!
March 8, 2013
2 nd. week in March
and we still have snow! Plenty of snow as of today 3/8 the snow is holding out and our area trails are reported to be great! Today we were suppose to hit 40 degrees ,but as of 1:00 we aren't even close, they say rain/snow mix for tonight then Sun. temps. drop and next week snow is in the forecast 3 to 4 days next week, will it be epic snow, I doubt it , but we are holding out with at least 3' on the ground and all is good, groomers are out, trails are great, off trail riding should still be good a few weeks out. Arctic Cat will be doing demo rides here at the cabins starting Mon.the 18th., drop in if your in the area and try them out! Check us out and maybe get your bookings in for next year, as the month of Feb. books up quick! It's not over yet folks, not like last year, spring riding will be here for you, and for the rest of the month we will be offering SUMMER RATES!
February 20, 2013
SNOW, SNOW and lots of it
wow yesterday was a good old fashioned yooper day, a real blizzared day, school closings, businesses and road closings, blowing and drifting,and it contiues yet again today. Will be interesting to hear the final totals, there are drit areas by our house that has buried our neighbors trucks, vans and cars, the drift here in front of the office is at least 4', it is the fun fluffy snow thank God, but plowing has been a 2 day event, the village crew has started to run out of room in their snow dumps, we need an end loader to push our banks back as we to are running out of room. Kind of funny though as we are still behind in snow depth of years past, can't imagine the problems all would be having with snow removal and where to place it if it were like the good ol' days! One thing is for sure it looks as though our riding days will be extended, maybe this will be a year where we will get an extension to groom,it was 8 or 9 years ago we were able to groom till Aril 18th, I don't think it will end as quickly as last year, but then again here in the U.P. it can change hourly if not daily.A few events have come and gone, but there are more each weekend, the Copper Dog sled races are this weekend The Copper Country Ford car show is at the Copper Country Mall, down town Houghton is having a full day of winter events, the snowboard rail, home made sled races and more just to mention a few fun filled events.
February 3, 2013
yet another successful John Dee Make A Wish event, I'm sure John will have the totals posted soon. Cannot thank all the local and not local businesses that donated to the event, because of all of you we are able to raise $'s for cause. Thomas was from Mohawk, his wish was to recieve a Polaris Razor, his wish will be granted. So many gave, bought and hopefully had a good time. Scottiking did a great job Friday night at the Bug Bar, and Don and Donna won the restoration sled.The snow continues to fall in our area, the past 3 days we've recieved another 8 to 12 inches and still snow is in the forcast. The statues on the MTU campus are coming along, with a good amount of snow for them to work with a few of them are really big.The Copper Dog race is fast approching and the antique snowmobile run/show in Copper harbor is fast approching as well.It seems as though there is snow in all the surrounding areas now so all trails have opened up and are being groomed. We are hosting our first Super Bowl party in our new great room this year, I used to have it at our home, it should be a cool game, both brothers can't win, really don't have a preferance as to who wins, though our daughter has always been a 49er fan, so kinda hoping for their team.
January 16, 2013
JAN.17TH,18TH and 19TH.Location Houghton Power Sports in Houghton Mi. Rides from 9 am to 3:30 call or visit 20thvisittryaski-doo.comTBD or call 906-483-4841.SNOW ARRIVED as predicted by John Dee we here in South Range received a good dumping of snow, from Sun to Mon. morning we received 24'' of LES snow i.e. fluffy type of snow. For now it will do, and for those that are here they are happy to see snow, the snow belt that was lucky enough to get the LES snow was from Twin Lakes to Copper Harbor, and we are all grateful.But the winds are shifting and the snow machine (as in snow maker) is suppose to restart this Thursday and from what most weather men around here are predicting it looks as though we are all going to get hit with a large amount, so area buisnesses will be able to reap the benifits of this next storm and those that would rather put on miles instead of enjoying the smiles should be able to get those miles in.I'm sorry if you have had a hard time contacting me but I also work 2 other jobs, and do try to return all e-mails and calls asap. Since this past storm I have been returning a min. of 25 e-mails a day as well as 50 plus phone messages, the sad thing is that I can't accomodate any of the new inquries ,as I was all ready booked up a year ago, special long holiday weekends as well as special event weekends book up quick. It's been nice to get back in the groove, the old ghost town is starting to move again! Thanks to all that want to come to the U.P.and those that pick us as their destination home away from home, we look forward to meeting you, and ride with you!
January 6, 2013
no real change
as of today, no rain , no temps. above 32 degrees, snow depth here at the cabins to Twin Lakes is still holding at 8" to 12", areas closer to the lake are reported to be 6"-8", the mat and snow is on the lift bridge, groomers are trying not to disturb the snow, but are out panning when needed.Not a lot of snow to make moguls yet so the trails are reported to be good riding, but with thin areas. Our guests that have been here the past week also reported very low traffic, but as conditions get tough in other areas the migration here will begin. This weekend we finally have groups that have checked in and noticed other area lodging has trailers in their lots. This morning they will wake up to a light dusting of snow, hope to get a report from them. Off trail riding is happening as tracks are on the logging roads, but it is still very thin in the woods, to many hazards for me to ride, this isn't even like spring conditions as the base is not hard pack yet.Snow is in the forecast for the end of the week, looks as though winter may appear then, so there should be good riding after the 11th. The area could use both snow and visitors, this area for the past 4 weeks has looked like a ghost town.We look forward to seeing our yearly guests and hope that the lack of snow in other areas will bring you north to see what we have to offer.A few big events are coming soon, Copper Harbors antique snowmobile show/ride in,John Dee's Make A Wish ride in, MTU's winter carnival,and the Copper Dog sled races, a few great events that are a must do to get you out and about and enjoy what winter has to offer.
December 21, 2012
Can we ride??
the million $ question today, the phone has been ringing all day. 1st. question is there snow followed by how much, then should we come or cancel. To answer a few of these questions as of today in our area and south there is approx. 6" to 8" on the ground, some areas have groomed others have not. Can you ride, I guess, in my honest opinion you could, as I have seen less snow while at the Derby races in Eagle River. If you are a few of the 1st. riders out there I'm sure the trail would be fun, but after a few 100 sleds have gone by, well I would think it would be slim pickin'. Is more snow coming? well does the sun shine, my guess would be yes , but when and how much, who knows. If your looking for a white Christmas that we have ,is it epic conditions, I think not. There is plenty to do some sledding with sleighs, the ski hill looks as though it has been making snow. As everyone should know the weather here can change quickly from hour to hour, so I'm sure more will fall before Christmas. As for making a decision to come, well it is your vacation time and money. Memories, hopefully no phones, texts. or messages, time to kick back by the fireplace, have a glass ,or mug of your favorite beverage, time spent with friends or family, anything but being at work or school just being at your favorite destination would all seem worth it to me. You could have your nose up against the window wishing for more snow, and if it comes you would already be here and able to ride! Either way we hope to see you , and if not may you have a merry CHRISTmas and a white beginning for 2013! Christmas
December 15, 2012
CONGRATS STUDENTS AND PARENTS! Well everyone wants to know snow and trail conditions. A brief discription would be 5 inches on the ground, no grooming this week, yet, snow is in the forcast, how much and when is hard to say. My positive thinking is we are located in the snow belt, amounts of snow can change on a dime from hour to hour, so if it's in the forcast we will get snow,the other positive is we are in a area that recieves Lake Effct snow which does not always appear on radar, last Mon we were blessed with 6 inches that was not in the forcast.. The other positive is there is snow on the ground so it is looking like a white Christmas at least.We have tried to keep everyone up to date from day to day when they call, all I can say is don't panic yet, if Christmas was 2 days away yes then make change of plans, but I've seen winter conditions change here from hour to hour.So don't hesitate to call for info.I will say that reservation have been coming in quite steady in the past week, we THANK YOU ALL for choosing us.
December 8, 2012
come back maybe?
We were off to a great start, snow, snowmobilers, and groomers were all out last weekend, and then, the melt down. This morning wind and snow are in the air, bringing smiles to many, and frowns from others. I always ask the question if you don't like winter then why do you live here?, I really never get an answer back, but on occation they come back with,because I'm a Yooper and this is the Copper Country, no better place on earth, that I do agree with.Well MTU's winter graduation will soon be here so the kick down is on to get the great room finished off, as we are having our 1st. booking for a private party for a graduate. It's been a long time coming and in the end it's looking pretty good. We weren't able to put the hot tub in due to rules, regulations and extra expenses that just didn't justify the extra expense we would have endured. So we turned it into a gathering room with a gas grill on the front porch, fridge, micro, pizza ovens,etc.,lots of seating and tables, a foosball table, 2 tv's, board games etc. it's located right next to the sauna. We have had intrest in bookings for a few bridal showers and baby showers already. As soon as it is completed we will post pictures. We are looking forward to hosting a few events for our cutomers as well, in the plans are Super Bowl,meet and greet the riders and viewing of the footage filmed for the next Born To Ride series, and meet the producers of them, Rick and Deb, that's all based of course on snow. If it comes then they will come.The groomers were out last weekend on a few of the area trails, but now they are back to square 1, waiting for the snow to arrive, but as we locals all know weather changes, daily, if not hourly here in the U.P.! I'm sure all are gearing up to make their annual trip to the cabins and checking the trail cams, weather reports etc.,just be patient,and hope old man winter will be good to us all.
October 13, 2012
getting closer
to the end of another year, but just the beginning of a new year of riding. The things we as snowmobilers wait all year for is the first signs of the snowmobiling season. The 1st. magazine ,the 1st. snow show, the 1st. snow fall, the increased posts on our favorite web sites. Well it's almost here as we have had all of our 1st. already, now we just ask GOOD OLD MOTHER NATURE TO TURN ON THE SNOW MACHINE!I know there is more then just snowmobiling, luckily for me there are many things that get me excited ,and can hardly wait for the next adventure or the next person I'm going to meet.Our project here at the cabins is coming along now, just in case you missed it we are adding a great room where everyone can get together and share their days events. Or if your a small group and want to have a birthday party, anniversary party, baby shower, or a product party ,we can rent the room out for your special event.We hope to host a few yearly events, a few in mind would be a New Year's Eve get together, Super Bowl gathering,a meet and greet of a few of the riders that are featured on the Born To Ride videos, filmed here and out west. Give us some feed back. We have hosted alot of wedding parties this past summer, they all loved the location as they could walk to the reception halls, or travel less then 5 miles to other halls as well as the churches. A few took advantage of photo ops by a few of our garden areas. Well as many of you parents of MTU and FU universties have found out that events at these campuses make finding a place to stay frustrating as they book up fast, we tell our repeat customers to consider booking ahead at least 6 months in advance. What people don't realize is that the college events bring in alot of people to the area so those that aren't coming to these function can't find a room and don't know why. Another concern many have is " SNOW CONDITION " policies,that we and many others have. One must realize we need our rooms filled but it must be a give and take as well, if there is absolutly NO riding available we will work with our guests on their reservations. We do however keep our guests updated on the area conditions, as Dave is a volunteer groomer for the Superior Snowmobile Club, and a board member of the Keweenaw Tourism Council.We realize that everyone works hard to have a vacation and everyone wants it to be perfct, well weather is one thing we have no control over, weither it be for winter, spring ,summer ,or fall. But we will do our best to help you have a good, comfortable stay here at the cabins.Road Rally weekend is fast approching, as well as the U.P. natioal holiday " DEER SEASON", the bird season is still on, and bear season is wrapping up, congrats to those that filled their freezer and or got their trophy of a life time. Our little grandson will soon be a year old, in Jan. can't belive it's been a year! Our new member to the house is a springer spaniel pup named Willow, she's a hand full and growing as fast as Eli. This is the time of year I reflect back on the friends and family members we have lost, and miss them and expect them to walk through the front door,but I geuss if I have a thought of them then they are still here with me.Well soon this office will be buzzing with visitors can hardly wait to catch up with all of you....
September 18, 2012
Yes it's true there was big snow flakes mixing with the rain that fell off and on through out the day. Fall is in the air, the humming birds have left the feeders here at home and the cabins. Large flocks of geese have grouped together and were heading in a southern direction. Hints of color are popping up through out the woods. Pickup trucks, ATV's and UTV's are filled with hunter orange caps and hitting the back roads and trails.Hay Days has come and gone, a quick hello to a few friends were exchanged over that weekend,and sharing who bought what and what deals were found were the buzz for the past week and now the snow shows are the buzz, who's going who's not.New riding videos are hitting the shelves and getting everyone fired up.This weekend is the Superior Snowmobile Club trail work weekend,time to get together with old and new friends, work up a sweat and sit around the camp fire sharing last years stories and making this years plans.Many clubs through out the state could use a hand, so if you have the time and energy to get outdoors and work on the trails you ride, it's a good feeling of accomplishment and a good time to make or meet friends that share in your addiction. The phone has been busy with people making their plans to start chasing snow. Heck I'm even getting inspired as I have finally taken a moment to write a note, I really didn't think many of you check in to read my writings, but I've gotten a few comments at Hay Days and via e-mail as to when I'm going to write a new letter.I must admit juggling 2 part time jobs, teaching 2 art classes and holding down the fort here at the cabins hasn't been easy. The surprise for you returning guests will be the gathering room we've added to the cabins. Our hopes and dreams for a hot tub room have fallen through due to rules, regulations, permit costs,etc. But we are sure all will enjoy the gathering room, where we can all share tales, videos etc. of our days adventures.It will serve as a nice bonus room for wedding, anniversary parties, as well as baby showers, birthday parties etc.So now it's a waiting game for all of you that are heading here to snowmobile, but there are many great weather days ahead of us for those that share the passion of Atving, Utving and hunting.For you ladies that are in the area the deer hunter widow's arts and crafts shows are starting to pop up through out our communities.A great oppertunity to buy an original piece to give as a holiday gift,wedding, anniversary or birthday gift. The Lake Superior Road Rally will be hitting the roadways in a few weeks. As well as quite a few wedding couples starting their lives together honeymooning here at the cabins, congrats to all. Our Grandson Eli is now 7 months old and we have a new addition to our home,a 7 week old springer spaniel now named Willow. Yes as all of you, I had a hectic summer and didn't get all the items checked off my to do list.I don't know about all of you but I am so looking forward to winter,like tonight we have the fireplace lit and it's feeling warm and cozy,aaahhhh it's feeling like things just may fall into place and I can actually settle down and enjoy life,family and friends yaaahhooo!
March 30, 2012
WOW the end of March
already, and who would have thought that we weren't able to get a spring ride in. It's not likey that April will give us the option either, just think, we usually groom until April 1st. and in the past ,actually were able to apply for extensions.The sad fact is, it was another short season, the saving grace for the Copper Country was we were the only area with rideable trails for the most part. It was a great op. for many of us ,as we attracted many 1st. timers to the area. The conditions weren't at what we call epic for the area, but for the most part, most were just happy to see the color WHITE.So now we are in the SLOW TIME of year, and we want you to know that YES we are OPEN and will open a cabin for anyone that would like to stay. HOWEVER we ask that you PLEASE leave us a message on our answering machine and we will contact you ASAP.THE BEST TIME TO CALL FOR A RESERVATION IS AFTER 10 P.M. As we are in catch up mode here at home as well as at the cabins. We are doing spring cleaning and repairs both at home and at the resort, so WE ARE NOT by the phone during our REGULAR OFFICE HOURS. I ALSO WORK PART TIME ON AFTERNOON SHIFT. AGAIN WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE, and we will contact you ASAP. T H A N K Y O U hope to see you soon! All of our customers are important to us, and though we may seem to specialize / cater to the snowmobile crowd, we look forward to the summer season tourist,the rock hounds, bird watchers,bikers, hikers, fishing and hunting sports men and woman, ATVers/ UTVers,Wedding parties,Honey mooners, etc. Give us a call, we look forward to your stay!!!!
March 17, 2012
Well it didn't come yet
the St. Patty's Day storm hasn't hit us yet /or if ever. It's been nothing but summer like weather here lately, record breaking temps. which has made the snow banks drop reaLly fast. To think 1 week ago we were out having a really early spring ride and talking about our next one.So far there hasn't been another run.Guess we have to face that it may be time to say good bye to the sleds and look forward to mud run season. FOR ALL OF YOU THAT CAME BACK AGAIN THIS YEAR WE THANK YOU, FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT CAME FOR YOUR 1ST. TIME WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED YOUR STAY,THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL!!!
March 10, 2012
Spring ride
well it's hard to belive that on Wed. we had warm temps. and some light rain and then 4 hours later we had 20 degrees and 3 inches of snow. So when all thought it was over the snow came back. Then 2" to 3" reappeared the next day.We have been lucky enough to be in the full moon phase and the temps have stayed cold at night so the groomers are still out, and the trails are perfect from all the reports that our guests are telling us and from what little we rode yesterday.Today is suppose to be the beginning of the end, so Team Henderson and us are headed out for our FIRST spring ride, as I am sure even with the predicted warm temps. headed our way, we will still be able to spring ride until the end of the month. All groomers will groom as long as the temps. are below 30 degrees at night. The road crossings and getting through area towns will prove to be interesting if the predicted week of warm temps. come our way, but for today it is a perfect day, yesterday was a perfect blue bird day, 22 degrees, blue skys, untouched snow since our last little snow fall, still not quite warm enough to just wear a hoodie and tech vest, but today is looking like it might be one of those days. Seems weird heading out at 10:30 or 11 and coming back at 7 and still have day light left. I'm not quite ready to sign off for the year and tell everyone it's over as we still have 4' to 5' banks of snow in town and have at least 3' of snow in the woods.This weekend remember it's time to change the batteries and the clocks, fall back spring ahead. Be sure to look us up if your planning a spring ride, we can fill you in on area conditions. The next season coming is ATV/UTV but it will be a while before we can break open the trails for that.I'm sure the motorcycles will be appearing soon, it's seems odd to see motorcycles out and snow banks at the same time : )
March 3, 2012
ONE FOOT PLUS and conditions since
1' of snow hit our area. Boy was that a gift from heaven. So it's not over yet for those that are still in the riding mode. Yet more snow to come in the next few days as well. So we are back to winter, many of us were facing that spring riding was going to be super early this year, thank you Old Man Winter for a good winter blast, better late then never!Temps. look to be staying low so the snow will be here for awhile, maybe the old saying will come to be, in like a lion, out like a lamb.That's the way we like it up here,ease out of winter with some good spring riding where there's 8 hours of day light and mild temps.Hard to belive it was 2 weeks ago we posted the little clip on our front page and people thought then there was no snow to be found, well now we have fresh snow, and not the fluffy,lake effect that some call fake snow.Also there is snow in the forecast for the next 3 days,not sure what it will bring, but some say another 4"or more. I'm not sugar coating anything by any means, warm temps. and possiable rain are also forcasted, but it would take many days of those conditions to make 4' to 5' of snow not rideable, the groomers in our area will still go out in the evenings as long as the temps. fall under 32 degrees, so far the only threat is for 2 days most of POSSIABLE rain and above 35 degrees.If all goes well we could still get our St. Patty's Day Storm like days of past,it used to be a given that we'd get a good blast.Hoping to give a trail report soon.
February 20, 2012
making of the next Born to Ride
was this weekend, for the U.P.segment of their films.We were actually going to be doing a shoot for Castle clothing but that fell through, bummer as our area has some great areas to use as back drops, but out west has that beauty as well. All things considered the shoot went well. Most of us were conserned that the conditions wouldn't warrent everyone coming, but what a surprise. The guys managed to find good hills to climb,some areas that have not been touched in some time,and managed a few good stucks as well as bloopers.Not even an hour into the ride Skylar had sled issues, enough that warrented him am excuse to buy a new RMK.I even got to take it for a spin, it was a nice ride, I'm sure he's going to love the 800 power advantage. Didn't take him long to get used to it, heck he rode it as it he owned it forever. The line up of riders was a great bunch this year, the group got along great, Skylar, Scottiking, Doospunk,Cusinolof,Wintertime and his younger brother,and our state represenitive Matt Huuki was able to take a few hours off of work (well sort of , we were hoping he didn't have cell phone reception) to ride. To everyone's surprise he can ride, gave Dobson's some great footage.We were in a great area that usually know one knows about to do a hill climb segment and to our surprise from out of the blue some riders from Brainard Mn. come shooting in and could they ride! So the mixed reports that are being posted about the area having no snow or the trails are closed due to lack of snow are false as of today. Yes we are getting into the season where it's day light longer, and the temps. are warmer so it does warrent checking out the area you plan to visit. Again the key is to hit the trails early (around 8a.m. )and travel back to your home base later where you may encounter groomers heading out for the night.With this area having had the only desent snow base on the trails since early Dec. and groomers running daily ,with the exception of the extremly warm days of over 40. This area has been hit hard with sledders, which has been great for our local economy but has put stress on our trails and groomers. For the most part most of the visitors to the area have been pleasently surprised, and have taken in the beauty of the area.The most used comment,you have snow we don't, so we are enjoying what your area has to offer.The mornings start off with well groomed trails,by mid day the stutters bump start, by 5 o'clock, well let's just say the trails are in rough shape on the main trail, and by 6 the groomers start heading out for repairs. The good news on John Dee's site is SNOW IS IN THE FORCAST,by next week it COULD BE A GOOD DUMP, so keep an eye out for the area conditions.
February 11, 2012
Crazy weather = crazy
riding conditions and issues in our area.Last week was what I call crazy busy, with us having the only snow for miles, and rideable trails, some that have been groomed since early Dec.,brought sledders to the area in droves. I belive the counter in Twin Lakes reported 6200 sleds in 1 DAY !! Add warm temps. for 4 days in a row lead to another crazy circumstance, snow was to wet to groom. So the crazy circumstances of warm temps. + 100 % iuncrease in sled traffic + limited grooming = rough trails. But then 2 days later the temps droped trail repair began and most trails that did not lose their base are repaired and being rode all over again because of yet another heavy traffic week end, MTU's Winter Carnival, for those of you that didn't know of this event it brings in alot of tourist to the area, enough that every lodging place with in 75 MILES is booked usually 1 YEAR in advance. So a quick reminder if you want to come to the area you might want to get a jump for next year, start making your reservations to your favorite destination soon. With that reminder, because of that weekend bookings, that leads to the next weekend which is President's Day Weekend, same case applies there as well, because of it being a long weekend and the previous was booked this becomes the 2nd most in demand week end of the season, along with the Christmas and New Years's week. So that's a heads up on local lodging.Getting back to our area trails, with the colder temps. the trails that had a good base still continue to be in good shape, as for the trails that are near the lake and were low for most of the season well your bound to see snirt, and at some crossings,and parking lots you will have to navigate pavement or gravel. In the past 2 DAYS in OUR AREA we picked up 4" of fresh snow and the temps. have been COLD! The other CRAZY TOPIC I would like to address, is because of our area having the increase in traffic and many of what they consider "off trail riders" there is a increase of people being disrespectful to private property, owners as well as CFR land, which by the way does have " on the books" "RULES that state NO MOTORIZED VECHILES ALLOWED ON their property" which pretty much is the land that we ride on off trail. AGAIN ABUSE OF THEIR PROPERTY IS TAKING PLACE IN AREAS WHERE THEY HAVE PLANTED NEW TRESS AND/ OR ARE LOGGING, THIS IS THEIR LAND AND ALL PROPERTY OWNERS DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUST SAY "NO",no to no more riding in our areas.PLEASE we must educate ourselves if not others to be respectful of the peoples land in the "YOOP", or our riding areas will be closed, every year yet another area of trails is closed. Many say we'll go else where, we'll go west, well just remember the agenda of certain groups out there want and are trying real hard for the past 8 plus years" FALLS UNDER THE POLITICAL CATAGORY" TO CLOSE AREAS WITHIN A 100 MILE RADIUS of a NATIOAL PARK TO MOTORIZED VECHILES!!! That could be coming here soon as well again EDUCATE your self on what you enjoy and belive in,or it may be gone forever, after all most of the U.P. would be closed as there are National Parks which pretty much encompasses the whole U.P..Well getting back to the topic of CRAZY, it has been a CRAZY WINTER TO SAY THE LEAST, so let's just hope that the old ground hog was right, that he'll give us 5 more possiable weeks of sledding in this area, in the past under "NORMAL CONDITIONS" the best riding for all trail or off trail is usually the 1st. 2 weeks of March, and April bring the fun of warm spring riding.....so get out there and have some CRAZY FUN, enjoy whatever winter activity you enjoy, it's a long 8 months to wait before you see the next snowflake!!!

January 2, 2012
A new year
and off to a good start. So many were disappointed in the snow reports, and with our area being the only place with snow and limited grooming, many wondered if it was worth the trip. All reports came back with mostly positive experiances, for the area conditions.And many were able to enjoy their vacation time. Boy it's amazing though how a few hours can change the area conditions. Since yesterday we have recieved approx. 8" to 12" and it is still snowing and blowing. Those that decided to chance it are sooooo happy to have hit it right on! We had a group check in this a.m. and just wanted to thank them so very much for their gift, as they knew Dave was a volunteer groomer and contractor and gave a gift of tools to him, thank you Racnet crew, that was just so thoughtful.Wish I could say we gave you the gift of snow,but that was in the cards from the dude above, we were able to give you a honest update of conditions and you hit it right on, hope you enjoy your stay. Also wanted to thank Cory and Chad for lunch and our gas,glad you enjoyed hitting the backwoods with us, by the way have you purchased a teather cord for your sleds yet? Hope to hook up with you in the future. Well this fresh snow hopefully will get the area movin' and a shakin', it's been a long wait for all.The groomers are back on track and ready to hit the trails, the Superior Snowmobile Club WILL SOON BE GETTING THEIR NEW GROOMER!!! That's where your $45 snowmobile permit money has gone, to our club and others to purchase new equipment for the trails you ride. For clubs like ours that operate on volunteers only, it is so appreciated to not be burdened with a loan expense for equipment. Thank you all that come and ride our trails.Let's just keep chanting SNOW, SNOW ,SNOW. It's getting closer to the John Dee Ride In, as always we greatly appreciate any donations that you maybe willing to give, if you would like to donate please contact Kathy, John or I and we can make arrangements if need be for pick ups.
December 15, 2011
It's the beginning
Last week we were off to a good start, but turned out to be a tease, as it turned on a dime. Well it is now the flip of the coin, in the past 24 hours we had it all, rain, rain snow mix, turning to sleet snow mix , to lake effect snow which has been falling here in our area since last night. So far recieving 4 to 6 inches with blowing and drifting.Which tommorrow the groomer will try and do their runs. It is early season riding for sure, if it's a bump it could be something hard!We are off to a great start on reservations this year and really am sorry that we are booked up on the usual weekends of the season. We will give a 10% discount if you stay with us on Sunday through Wednesday on the dates that are left for the months of Dec., Jan., Feb. and March.We would love for you to give us a try, we are right on the trail, local places to eat, drink and be merry are with in walking distance. We have trail permits and a few supplies you may need.PLEASE MENTION THE MID WEEK DEAL WHEN MAKING YOUR RESERVATION.HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!
October 17, 2011
Snow show weekend
was fun ,it was really nice to meet everyone that came to the booth. Really nice to see faces that I knew as well. John Dee, Skylar and his brother, Mike, Chad and others Special thanks to Lorali779 and hubby for the snack pack and gift for the future Grand baby.Also special thanks to Dobson Entertainment (Rick and Deb), also the op to meet both of their parents and Hunter. They suggested we try a show,but it was also just nice to hang out.They took me down town Chicago for deep dish pizza at Uno's, it so reminded me of Henry's Inn. They just released Born to Ride 8, it is really a good video, takes you to the U.P, the Snowies, and Towgatee areas.Was really neat to see the studio, alot of work goes into this video taping, but they do other types of work to.Sure gets you fired up to ride. The s word is in the forcast and was actually spotted in the air today! I was bummed that I missed out on the Rally race and didn't get to visit with the teams and the members. Hope all went well and that you placed well.To our other guests we hope all went well with the wedding. Also wanted to announce the winner of the drawing at the Snow Show for the 1 night's stay and the sled rental from Evert's Congrats to Terry Houghton 11, from Rockford, Ill. Hope to see you soon!
October 10, 2011
Time is flying
Wow can,t belive we are past the color season but have had almost summer like weather for the past week.It actually hit the 80's this past week. What a perfect weather weekend for MTU parents, that came up for parent's weekend.For those of you that stayed with us we hope you enjoyed your stay, we thank you. Well time sure has flown by, after making a decision to try a Snow Show,I decided to give Milwaukee a try this season. So for those of you that might be heading there stop by the booth. For as long as they last there will be Skylar Strudel samples, a free nights stay sign up,and just a meet and greet time.Also mention you saw us on John Dee and if you book 4 days the 5th will be on us, this is only available if you sign up at the show.Be sure to say hello....
September 28, 2011
fall is in the air
it's been along time since I've posted,must say that I have lots to say as well.1st I would like to let you all know that I am working away from the cabins at 2 other jobs, I apoligize if it is hard to get in touch with me,I hate missing calls but I DO RETURN YOUR CALLS ASAP.IF WE ARE NOT AT THE OFFICE BETWEEN 8:30 AND NOON...PLEASE...CALL AFTER 10P.M.We are sorry for any inconvience this may cause,as we value all of our patrons.Next I would like to update you on what our summer has been like. We had a great trail work session, lots of work was completed,thanks to our friends that made the treck up, MIKE,JIM,DAD,FRANK ANGIE AND KIDS, THE HENDERSON'S(thanks for the brats and treats).As well as all that had made the treck up to Krupp's. Our group rebuilt a bridge as well as cut and hauled away brush.Sandy and Richard were great hosts as usual, must say we missed visiting with a few of the usuals that came up,Skylar, Doo,Scottiking, and others but mission was accomplished.In a few weeks it will be the North end trail session.Our vision has started to take shape at the cabins,last year was an addition of a storage room, this year is the start of a gathering room, for everyone to get together,and our hope is to install a therapy hot tub,in the near future.This is located next to the sauna area.This week the colors have been prime from South Range to Mass City, seems like in no time the snow flakes will be arriving, it's been mentioned in some of the local forcasts.For now though I hope good weather will prevail through the next few weeks, with MTU events and then the Road Rally coming up soon nice weather would be nice.This is the best time to come to the area to do some 4 wheeling, UTVing, mountain biking as well as hiking, the cool crisp morning and the warmth of the afternoon sun,and low dust conditions just make for a great day.Well we missed Hay Days this year for the 1st time in many years, did manage to make it to one of my favorite events NHRA Drag races. This year I am going to be trying something new, a trade show in Milwaukee.I will be located next to Dobson Entertainment Co.,so stop by and visit, register for a few goodies at the booth and sample Skylar's Strudels.The best news of all is we are going to be Grand parents in January, Jennifer and Dave are expecting a baby boy.So there's a update for now, when the snow flies I'll be on the keys and keeping you posted on the best time of year,snowmobile season!
May 6, 2011
next season
PLEASE NOTE WE NOW HAVE A NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS, lori.wlrc.1001@gmail.com, sorry for any inconvience but Charter has cancelled busniess e-mail accounts.Coming upon us now will be the ATV/UTV season.Recieved good news from Copper Country Rentals and Evert's (that deliver to the cabins), they will be adding the side by side UTV's to their rental fleet.Good time for those that aren't sure if they are fun or comparable to the ATV's to give them a try. Mi-Trale has great maps of the area trails,and the Keweenaw ATV maps are out. For you rock hounds, there are so many great locations and programs available for you to take advantage of. Good time to combine both riding and rock hunting. For those of you that enjoy fishing,there are rivers, steams and inland lakes located very close to the cabins and again combine the riding experiance with fishing and you'll have a great vacation in it's self.The big lake can be minutes away and scenic destinations of the area are located within a hour to two hours away. Most that come here want to go to Copper Harbor, Lake of the Clouds,Lake Gogebic,Big Bay,Bond Falls,and let's not forget the Paulding Light. All of these destinations are within 1 to 2 hours from our front door.We have festivals, art shows , outdoor concerts and more. Here at the cabins I will be offering Oil Painting worshops that will include lodging,lunch and a completed painting to take home after 2 days. If you are intrested in this please contact me asap.Dates and prices will be determined on amount of people registered. Class sizes will be a min. of 4 a max. of 8. Lodging will be dorm style in our #5 or #6 cabin If you prefer your own cabin check out our summer rates..
March 13, 2011
Fall back Spring ahead
day light savings time is here. Days will be getting longer now,and spring is really trying hard to come. Snow is still in the forecast and cooler temps. for the evenings. There are still sledders in the area, and they have been happy thus far, they realize riding areas are limited, but we still have 1' to 2' in the woods, the snow has softened, up at least for back country riding, the trails to the north are holding up thus far. With snow and rain in the forcast it's a 50/50 of which or possiable both we will recive and how much, who knows. The guys are still grooming, not sure if it will last till April 1st. If the snow isn't in our cards then let's hope it goes soon, so we can get the wheels a rollin' on the UTV's and ATV's, the spring run is alwways alot of fun,it usually is Mother's day weekend or the 2nd weekend in May, 2 years ago it snowed,go figure! Well I have been working on dates and prices for oil painting workshops. The workshop will include 2 days of lodging, lunches, materials,and after 2 days you will be able to go home with a framed painting. The min. will be 4 , the max. will be 8, the price will depend on the amont that is registered. If you are intrested please contact me at the cabins #, 482-1001 or my home #, 482-6647. Please watch the web site ,dates, prices and times will be posted soon. Well we are heading into the slow time of year,we call it catch up time, lots of work to be done here and at home. So looking forward to see if the bulbs I planted last fall will be sprouting up around the cabins.Wish I had tons of money and time to plant away, flowers every where, if you are spliting up your flowers and want to pass them on, call,I'd love to recieve them.Want to thank all of you that came to the Copper Country and toured our beautiful area,thanks to all that made us your home away from home, so many of you have rebooked, we can't thank you enough for all the compliments, and stories you have shared, as well as pictures for the collages I have been putting together for the cabins walls. I'll be leaving this post up for awhile, to see how the response is for the workshops being offered this year.
February 25, 2011
still riding
though it isn't powder riding through 4' of fresh powder,the area has been really busy with riders. Though it is spring like conditions there are still trails that are holding up quite well.Sled Solutions sent us clients they were able to ride,loved the area,experianced our local fair,in food and drinks,and managed to have a good time.We had a good time showing them the U.P. Hope to be able to visit them in Idaho someday.Off trail conditions are spring like for sure,rivers are open, crusty in the mornings,a few flakes have fallen, it's glory snow for sure, with a depth of 1 1/2 to 2' on the ground.Snow is in the forcast through out the week and temps.are staying under 30 degrees. Let's hope we can get the usual St. Patrick's Day dumping. We actually did some trail riding and what we rode ,trail 13, to the Firesteel bridges,part of 109, Freada loop,were in "good condition",meaning for the most part smoOth,no mogels,or stutter bumps.Some areas have very low snow conditions. For the most part it is good from Mass City to Copper Harbor. Please be aware if your in the area this weekend the Copper Dog Sled Races are going on in the Harbor, be sure to get info on trail closing areas and hours,be carefull.For those of you that are customers or visitors to Pat's Yamaha,please say a prayer for their families, as Claudia passed away this week.We will do our best to keep you up dated on area conditions.Is it worth the trip? Well we have snow and yes rideable snow,just in limited areas, but a day of riding beats a day of work, home worries ,or being at home!
February 17, 2011
That's what Thursday in the Copper Country was!! I was wondering if the boys at Phi Kappa Tau had their Bosh party. It used to be tradition that the 1st day it was over 50 degrees they'd make a ring in the yard with snow if there was any left,drink beer and toss the bottles into the pit, if a bottle broke they'd have to row across the canal to the brewery and buy a case, well the brewery is long gone so they'd go to the closest store. Buy the way they took 1st. place in the snow statues, 4th year and running, way to go guys! Winter carnival has come and gone, the weather held out for them. But will it hold out for us, today was the last of a 2 day warm up, and boy we got slammed. Will admit for some of the area it was a tough hit.Hoping that the weather will go as it's been posted on John Dee's and the weather channel. At least the word snow is in the forcast as well as dropping temps. in the 20's. That darn ground hog better not be right! We still have at least 2 1/2 feet plus in some areas on the ground. Some areas can only be described as, the good (still snow on the ground),the bad( hills and low lying areas,as well as road crossings have bare spots), and the ugly( mud and not enough snow to groom yet). All should whip back into shape if the snow comes. WILL SAY THANKS TO ALL THAT HAVEN'T CANCELLED and realize that things can change very quickly, just as this warm spell came to us so can the most beautifull letters in the alphabet LES!! For those that like spring riding ,come on up and experiance it, it really is fun,soft snow and less gear to wear, day light longer. It's not over yet, hopefully we will still be able to groom until April 1st. or like 5 years back we filed for a extention and groomed till April 16th or so. In March there is a special event that takes place at the Range Snowmobile Club. It's a, give a special needs child a ride, you can use your own sled or use a rental that our area snowmobile rental companies donate, if you can join us and wpuld like to help give us a call.If your concerned about conditions in the area be sure to check out John Dee's or call us for a local report.
February 5, 2011
So the ground hog didn't see his shadow
so this means a early spring, ummmm. This will have to be seen ,although last year was so strange and ended the snowmobile season so fast. This year we are hoping we are going to have a normal U.P. winter where we groom until Aril 1st.and some of our best riding accures in the first 2 weeks of March. We realize many of you are in spring mode by then, but keep it an option if you can get away for the "last" ride. Feb. is the shortest month but it's a crazy busy one for sure.Our annual weekend with Frank, Justin and Rosco,as well the VanRouden crew came a week early. But we all had a great time,good company and a fun pot luck. Then this week has been pretty busy getting ready for the John Dee Ride In, plus I was commissioned to do a NBA floor for the All Star game, that was pretty cool, can hardly wait to see it on t.v. This past month has been busy with riding as well, not complaining there,a day of riding is a good work out, and better then a day of working! Next weekend is the MTU Winter Carnival, and as many of you have found out, to book a room, cabin, or vacation rental is close to impossiable. Many including us book at least 1 year in advance and have waiting lists. The following weekend is pretty much the same news, as that is a long weekend for many due to it being President's Day weekend. There you have it Feb. is done, plus other activities in the area, dog sled races,cross country ski meets,fishing derby's etc. Also please remember if your in the Twin Lakes area on 2/12. the Superior Snowmobile Club is having a open house,to show off their new groomer building. Also on 2/13 Lake Linden's snowmobile Club is having their annual spagetti dinner. The shortest month of the year is just jam packed with activity here in the U.P. Tommorrow is Super Bowl,with this being Packer Country,I'm guessing that's the team to be putting your bets on. I'm hoping they win....Looking forward to meeting all that are heading up to the cabins. Here's hoping that old man winter will deliver you fresh snow!
December 28, 2010
from us here at the Wildlife Refuge Cabins, hoping all had a great Christmas, and now the New Year will soon be upon us. We have gotten off to a bad start and I'm sorry to all those people that tried to stay here with us between the dates of 12/ 25 thru 12/31 we were booked, a party had taken 3 of our 6 cabins,well they were a NO SHOW, so now we have openings, but it's a little to late for most of you to book with us, but if you should decide to come up give us a call.Yesterday Dave and I did the Freda Loop and it was in perfect condition with very little traffic on it,it was a surprise to us as how good of shape it was in, 2 days prior we did trails 13,109, and came back on 3.For the most part they were in good shape a few areas had snirt,and a few icy corners, but it's hard to say what will happen later this week.We are hoping that all will come through ok. Let's all do a Heikki Lunta Dance in unison. The Hill Climb will soon be here and darn it we just all need Snow!
December 17, 2010
or a great way to start the New Year, we will offer a 20% DISCOUNT starting the WEEK of January 2nd through January 10th ONLY !! THAT GIVES YOU A WEEK OF FUN IN THE SNOW at a discount, great way to start the New Year. This discount is for new reservations only and for the dates listed, you MUST MENTION AT TIME OF RESERVATION THAT YOU SAW IT HERE, in order to get the discount.The snow is adding up and trails are getting in good shape, some areas are in excellent condition, however we locals still call this the early season so some areas are spotty with water holes and muddy conditions,but they are far and few between. The groomers have been out in full force getting the trail ready for one of the biggest weekends of the season. Our wish to all of you is have a wonderfull Christmas and a safe New Year. Looking forward to seeing all of our annual guests and getting to meet our newbies! Be safe in your travels we'll see you soon, Dave, Lori,Kathy Joanie, and Helen.
November 27, 2010
has arrived to the Copper Country. It started with s few inches here and there,then of course on the most traveled holiday we were hit with a hum dinger, we easily recieved a 1' plus of snow! Being the fiesty Yoopers that we are they managed through the blustry storm to hit the Black Friday sales that started at 3 a.m.!! CRAZY,if you ask me,nothing is worth that frenzy to me, well if they were giving a snowmobile,atv or a pickup at a give away or for a few thousand dollars,then I'd be there! We're just hoping that the weather can hold out and we can get snow instead of the rain on Monday,then we'd be set on a good base and hopefully be able to start panning the trails that have a 1' of snow on them! Just a reminder the rubber tarp is not placed on the bridge right away, when they actually start to groom it is then placed, panning is just preparing the base. We are just hoping that the snow God will be kind to all of us this year and let us be able to par take in the winter sports we all love, hoping we can get from Dec. thru mid March this year. It's always nice to get the bonus snow in April, as spring riding is really alot of fun.I know alot of you are chomping at the bit to get your 1st. ride of the year in, just remember sticks and stones will break your bones, ride smart, ride safe, so when the powder does come in feet instead of inches you'll be able to ride and ride hard.I'd like to thank Dobson Entertainment for setting us up with Castle Clothing as we will be hosting both companies as they come up to shoot footage for the 2011/2012 clothing line.Hoping to be able to get them out in the steep and deep backwoods.Can't say enough about their new line of gear,we tried the proto types last year and just recieved the finished product this week. It's so cool as it can be worn with or with out the zip out liners in both the jacket and the pants,100% wind and water PROOF,not resistant.For some of you that are boon dockers you won't need the liners, but they are nice to pack in your gear bags,so when it's really cold and you have a long way back to ride on the trails the liners zip in quick! For trail riders the extra layer doesn't feel bulky and you'll need very few layers under the gear.I sound like a commercial, but I am impressed, as we purchased the 1st year Klim came on the scene and really liked their product, which has only gotten better through the years, it's just alot of us can't afford the price,and Castle has some great gear for all price ranges,and riders. Again you get what you pay for. To me the most important feature is breathability 1st.,100% wind and water PROOF,next,and layering with the proper under layers. Cotton kills is the motto.Our Christmas to New Year's is and has been booked for at least a year, for those of you waitng or hoping for a cancellation, we will call, or at least try and find you a place to stay.Here's a quick note for one of our yearly groups, Payton I have your apple pie awaiting you! lOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON THE 25TH! Just a quick reminder to any one that would like to donate to the Make A Wish Ride In this year, Kathy and I will be out starting next week,if you'd like to donate and are local PLEASE give us a call, we'll pick up anything your wishing to donate, or if your from out of town please send it to us here at the cabins by JAN.5TH. to P.O.Box 508 South Range Mi. 49963, CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT DONATE, and participate in the poker run. John makes sure your thanked on his web page and makes sure you get reconition. But it's really all about granting a kid a wish, it's not about us......
November 13, 2010
Yooper Holiday
is fast approching... it is called deer season. For some it started a few weeks ago with bow season. Have to say it was weather beautiful for those that got out there. Dave bagged his best ever Sunday the 7th, a real nice 8 pointer! On Monday is the beginning of the most anticipated of them all, the town is buzzing with the last minute shoppers,kitchens are busy with chef's preparing their favorite reciepes to bring to camp. Shelves are empty at the local sporting good stores, and the road ways are like a parade of 4 wheelers/utv's, pick up trucks, and some camper trailers coming to the U.P. While the boys ( some girls) are in a frenzy getting ready to go to camp. The deer hunters widows as they are called here are out shopping at the local craft/art shows, treating themselves to breakfasts, lunches or dinners. Some are at the local spas getting th full treatment, while others are enjoying having the remote to themselves! If these next few weeks aren't enough then comes muzzle loading season, when all is tallied up I bet that venison costs hundreds of dollars a pound. The weather looks like it will be nice for those that like a little snow. I heard a good one, why do you need snow for tracking if you shoot them dead on the spot you shouldn't have to track! Oh well it's a fun time for all and you can't forget the hunter's balls and the radio shows where they call in their kills and camp stories.We had our 1st. snow today,go figure after all the nice days we had our friends came up to see the rival football game MTU and Northern, I'm sure it looked like a Lambeau Field game,snow,sleet rain and hail,and wind!It was nice to see good friends Joe and Kim, and to meet their friends. Will give them credit they were tailgating hours before the game in rotten weather.Speaking of friends, Junior one and his wife Angie had twins premature, they have had ups and downs, that I just couldn't imagine,for those of you reading this please put their family on a prayer list, please.I'm excited to say that the new web cam supplied by John Dee will soon be up and running. So you should be able to view the coming of winter soon.It will soon be the John Dee ride in and as years past if anyone has donations or would like to donate feel free to call as Kathy and I will soon be out asking for donations. We are anxious to here from the Make A Wish organization who this years child will be. The past two years we had a child from Chassell,and one from Baraga. It's soooo rewarding to be able to give a gift of fun to those children.Well the calender is starting to fill up for the up coming snowmobiling season, really looking forward to seeing our usual guests and hitting hopefully fresh powder with them. The annual pot lucks that we have is aslways a fun time. So it will soon be time to get yours sleds ready for your treck to the U.P.
October 2, 2010
next color coming after
all the reds,yellows and oranges,will be white. For some of us it's the prettiest color there is.Hard to belive we are in the 2nd. day of Oct.(DAVE'S BIRTHDAY)the colors and cooler weather are a sure sign we are headed closer to winter.We still have the road rally weekend coming up,as well as a few things going on at MTU. Which reminds me, hi, to all my boys that found me on Facebook. You guys were the highlite of my life, hoping when you come up for a Phi Kappa Tau function you look me up.Well Dave's still stalking the bear, lot's of good signs for this years hunting season, both for the deer and the bear.Work just seems to get in the way though.Looks like we're off to a good start for this years snowmobile season,reservations have been coming in on a steady basis now. Our crews that are game for the backwoods rides are already fired up,let's hope it's deep this year. We almost have a year in at the gas station now,wheeew what a job,been way more work then we thought,but everyone seems to enjoy the place and all that we have to offer.Here's hoping it will be a good year for all of us,those that have worked hard all year and are planning their vacations and those of us that are lucky enough to accomodate you.The trails and groomers are all set, now all we need is the snow!I'm sure there are other things of intrest to others out there other then snowmobiling...but for right now we have a 1 track mind set here.We are in the peak of ATVing for the next few weeks, many a good photo ops for sure await those that are shutter bugs, the prettiest though is full color with a dusting of snow, then the colors pop!The chair lift rides out at Mt. Bohemia are running for the next few weekends and I'm sure the falls are running at a fair pace as we have had a few days of rain.Well I'm looking forward to seeing our friends and guests in the next few months, Super Bowl weekend we have a open house and a good crew that come in, then there's the John Dee ride in... just alot of good times and memories coming!
October 2, 2010
next color coming after
all the reds,yellows and oranges,will be white. For some of us it's the prettiest color there is.Hard to belive we are in the 2nd. day of Oct.(DAVE'S BIRTHDAY)the colors and cooler weather are a sure sign we are headed closer to winter.We still have the road rally weekend coming up,as well as a few things going on at MTU. Which reminds me, hi, to all my boys that found me on Facebook. You guys were the highlite of my life, hoping when you come up for a Phi Kappa Tau function you look me up.Well Dave's still stalking the bear, lot's of good signs for this years hunting season, both for the deer and the bear.Work just seems to get in the way though.Looks like we're off to a good start for this years snowmobile season,reservations have been coming in on a steady basis now. Our crews that are game for the backwoods rides are already fired up,let's hope it's deep this year. We almost have a year in at the gas station now,wheeew what a job,been way more work then we thought,but everyone seems to enjoy the place and all that we have to offer.Here's hoping it will be a good year for all of us,those that have worked hard all year and are planning their vacations and those of us that are lucky enough to accomodate you.The trails and groomers are all set, now all we need is the snow!I'm sure there are other things of intrest to others out there other then snowmobiling...but for right now we have a 1 track mind set here.We are in the peak of ATVing for the next few weeks, many a good photo ops for sure await those that are shutter bugs, the prettiest though is full color with a dusting of snow, then the colors pop!The chair lift rides out at Mt. Bohemia are running for the next few weekends and I'm sure the falls are running at a fair pace as we have had a few days of rain.Well I'm looking forward to seeing our friends and guests in the next few months, Super Bowl weekend we have a open house and a good crew that come in, then there's the John Dee ride in... just alot of good times and memories coming!
September 20, 2010
big job completed
the Superior Snowmobile Club wrapped up their trail work weekend this past Sunday. It was a great turn out 50+ people showed up. Great lunches were provided by local businesses and club members,and a great cookout and bonfire was held at Krupp's resort.Was nice to meet fellow John Dee'ers and others that love the outdoors and the sports we are able to enjoy. Volunteer's were the key to this weekends success,and it seems as though every year we attract a few more helping hands. Let's hope that we are able to find those willing to groom this year as well.It is up to us to keep our sport growing in positive directions,we all need to get involved,either by joining clubs in the areas you ride,or volunteering to groom or help with the trail cleanups in areas that you ride.The colors are really starting to pop in our area,the vivid blue skies we've had the past few days really intensify the colors! It's been great weather to get out and hike, UTV or ATV, or head out on a motorcycle, in other words come on up to the U.P. relax, experiance the crisp mornings that turn into warm afternoons,and some beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
August 18, 2010
quick hello
for those of you that drop in on occation.We just returned from our big summer event NHRA drag races,as always a great get away,think we even have our daughter and boyfriend hooked as they joined us again this year. We stay at a great little place in Aitkin, the Ripple River, they have clean rooms and RV camp sites as well.Though Team Force didn't do well, it was nice to see Team Boode get their first Wally. Bret Farve was even there. Well welcome MTU freshman and family members, glad you found us and booked early, as rooms are just no where to be found. I'd say we should book out our little cabin in the woods,if we had running water I would.To all you rookie Moms and Dads no matter where you decide to stay, remember if it's a MTU event book at least 6 months in advance.We would like to thank all of you that have kept coming back year after year, for some this will be your last year,but many of you have come to love our area and hopefully will return in the future.This week fall is in the air, cool nights, a nice warm up by mid afternoon and back to cool comfy nights. Last week we had the Northern lights look down upon us,as well as the meteor showers. There were a few art shows ,county fairs, and jam fests to keep everyone hopping through out the area.Some high winds made for a wonderful wave show on Lake Superior,stranded a few on Isle Royal. A few more days and a few trail projects will get worked on,and everyone will be able to see the Superior Snowmobile Clubs latest addition, a new pole barn for our volunteers to work on the groomers, and store them in. The clubs president Mike Sabo has done alot for the club and if you should see him around give him a big pat on the back.Would also like to thank Pat and Claudia for hosting the annual groomers picnic. As usual the wives,and some of the guys, provided great food for the table.We would like to thank all those that have helped with the project and being members as well as volunteers of the club a big thank you.We would like to thank our guys,Dave, Dave and Jay for putting in long days in that aweful heat to get the job close to done.Hopefull Mike will plan a open house for the new building upon completion,we usually have a good turn out at the Greenland shop.I've noticed the leaves are actually starting to change color, though we are a long way away from the peak of the season, mother nature is giving a few signs.The snowmobile lovers big events are coming up quick,but the big daddy is Hay Days, looking forward to seeing the new site and visiting with friends. Then the road rally will be coming up,then the U.P. national holiday's , bird,bear,and deer season, then winter! YAHOOO!!!
July 17, 2010
summer summary
it's hard to belive that we are in the middle of July,time is flying by so fast. Things up here just seem to be a month ahead of time as well, which just makes it seem like time is flying by faster.We're done with the strawberry season, raspberries are close to done,the blueberries and thimbleberries are almost ready, if not set to go. Our apple trees are loaded and some have already started to fall.The wildlife seem to be doing well,good sightings of partridge, deer, and bear thus far. Athough I've seen alot of road kill lately, and even a few turkey buzzards in our area. Reservations are coming in for the parents bring their kids back to collage, but we've been lucky enough to get new comers as well.We recieved the nicest e-mail today thanking us for allowing spectators to park in the lot to watch fireworks during the 4th. of July celebrations held here in South Range.We really don't mind unless if people leave us messes to clean up like in the past few years, so this year we did have to post signs. This year was a special celebration for the Jeffers High School which celebrated it's 100 year reunion. Everyone really seemed to enjoy the old picture displays through out the community as well as the dinner and entertainment that was in the areaThe Superior Snowmobile Club has set the dates for trail work,that will be Sept.16th, 17th, and 18th.Dave has been put in charge to reface the 1st. bridge on trail 13. We've decided to do it on the weekend of Aug.19th through the 21st, or the 26th through the 28th. As we both have pulled bear tags this year and the actual dates for the trail clean up land on opening day of our season drawn. As usual we will offer free lodging for those that come on up to work,any of those weekends.If all goes well I'll be sure to feed you a dinner as a thank you. We also have the groomers picnic coming up,Brainard Drag Races and Hay Days, yaaaahoooo, we're getting closer to my 2 favorite seasons, fall and winter! Looking forward to hearing from our regulars planning their trips up to the U.P. but we really look forward to new commers to the area as well.Tina has reopened the old Katalina restraunt here in town we wish her success for many years, be sure to stop in the homemade soups and deserts are really good.MTU has a few intesting classes coming up for all you rock hounds. I just saw my 1st. copper agate at the Keweenaw Gift and Gem, it's a agate with veins of copper in it, just beautiful if you know what to look for. Rock hounding actusally looks like fun. We really hope to get to the bottom of the trail cam, and hopefully a new one soon,take care and remember to keep us in mind for your next trip!
May 26, 2010
summer is here
at least for the past 2 days,temps. have been in the mid 80's to 90's.But typical of this area things can change in hours and days today it is cool and breezy in the mid 70's this is perfect for me.Well not to many exciting things happening here, we did the annual mud run with the atv's and utv's,lots of mud! Lots of fun! Then we hit one of the UPMDA mud races with our old mud bogger,had a fun time not many racers though, but that's to be expected with the economy.Hopefully we'll hit a few more.It's not yet the height of the summer tourist season yet, but the weather has just been perfect,the fishing was good this spring and the trails have been in good shape for atving,for hiking and biking, you couldn't ask for better weather.The warm temps. have the locals out and about and smiling for those with boats ans jet skies, as last summer was cool and rainy many didn't even put their boats in the water,this week has been a different story.For those of you that follow Jon Dee please have him and his family in your prayers and thoughts, be sure to check his journal.Hoping he /us can get the web cam working soon... I know how you all love to see what's going on up here even when it's not winter.Well this is a small update for now , just wanted to say hi to all that chek us out, Lori
April 7, 2010
or should I say so far just a dusting of the stuff we call snow.So hard to belive that we still should have been grooming the trails till April 1st.And last year we were riding on the 16th on a foot and a half of heavey wet snow!Things sure came to a stand still in a hurry.Although the weather has been so spring like for weeks now, I still have my doubts that plants,and bulbs should be going in the ground yet,I'm thinking everyone's jumping the gun....hope not for them.Guess I just wasn't ready to let winter go...Been trying to join the band wagon and gear up for some UTVing and getting the Harley road ready, but mostly get the yard work started, guess I just have the spring blues. MTU graduation is fast approching, glad many of you were on the ball and booked early.I've been trying to find open places for those that we turned away,with no avail.Fishing in the area has been reported to be very good, and the wildlfe signs have been promising while out Copper Country Cruising, I've seen very healthy looking deer and quite a few at that, as well as skunks, porkies and partridge,as well as eagles.How cool does that sound to be able to see all this all within 10 miles of home.Well there's more to update but not today, will try and write a note soon.
March 21, 2010
21st of March
the day after the 1st. day of spring,and it looks like spring has sprung. Can't belive it myself, that'ol ground hog didn't come through for us this year! This was just way to early for us winter lovers. We did get what might be our last ride for the year last Sunday, just a beautiful spring riding day. I love that kind of riding, tech vest and a hoodie!We sure were hoping that the good old St. Patties day storm would have hit us, alot of us just wasn't expecting such a early end to the season...So the temps have dropped quite a bit in the past few days, though the sun has been out it's hard to get into spring mode.Most of you have probably gotten your yards raked, bikes out and golf clubs shined up.Not me, just don't want to face it's the end... Oh well time to gear up for the ATVing and UTVing season, Dave actually wants to fire up the Mud Bogger this year,we'll see if there will actually be time for it. MTU's grad. day is coming up fast, along with a few weddings, so it looks like summer bookings are off to a good start! Hope all improves for all of us, with the economy being what it is. And what's up with the gas prices, can't belive that's going to get things moving! We'll be seeing many of you soon with your ATV's, can hardly wait to go on our ventures.Well I'll update soon I hope.
February 23, 2010
fresh snow
at least we picked up a few more inches, approx. 8" plus. It was a wecomed sight.Dave said the trails he has been grooming 109 and the south end of 13 are in great shape.While other areas are having home and garden shows,we are still in spring riding mode. Longer days and if lucky enough to have bright blue sunny skies and in the near future sweatshirts, river crosssing,and glory snow where you can go where ever you point your sled. Yes it's true though not as exciting as fresh powder riding,there is plenty of wonderful days ahead of us.After all the ground hog said 6 more weeks!Had a great visit with Speedy,a few break downs, and as usual he was McGiever to the rescue we managed to get home.It still amazing how much snow is still out there we managed a few good stucks as well as face plants and snow angels.Brought Dave's sled down to go on the semi last weekend, this weekend they do their treck out west. Hope they find snow, gone are the days I'll see those beautiful mountains, but I will admit I really don't care to be on the extreme edges or cornices, not my thing I really am afraid of heights, climbing isn't the probem it's the looking out and down that gets to me.Though I think every snowmobiler should take the journey out there , it's so beautiful, and peacefull.But back here to our little heaven, it's still winter,and we realize many of you are ready to put the sleds away, bring out the clubs, wave runners, motorcycles or orv's.But just wanted to entice those die hards that love spring riding with a early spring lodging discount, as of the 14th of March we will offer summer rates, though one weekend is taken with the Dobson film crew and clients we still have openings.Try to include us in your summer plans when your ready to take out the orv's or motorcycles.Sit at your picnic area or sit around the fire pit.Again thanks for anouther great year and choosing us as your home away from home. Remember the local falls wiill be in their prime soon.Great oicture ops for next years Christmas cards, waterfalls with a back drop of snow!
February 15, 2010
it came last night, almost forgot what fresh snow looked like, what we recieved was a welcome for all. It was to the point we cancelled tours as there really was no where to take anyone where the snow was untouched. The Spaight group was our last one we could take and day 2 was really shy of fresh or new areas, but as usaul they still had a good time, and made the best of what we had. We had to say good by to Bruce and Ardith, time goes by so fast, but this trip they are sure to remember as they enjoyed one of our dinner choices out and met a fun waitress and learned a few new jokes to take back home to Iowa! Hope you managed to beat the storm. Well the Superior Snowmobile Club's open house was another success, I want to thank the businesses that donated to me yet again,as promised I only do 2 event's for the year and for both, everyone's been generous.Evert's , Keweenaw Motor Sports, Mosquito Inn,and of course the Wildlife's Station and Cabins, hope I win the grand prize the snowmobile. Dawn did a great job on her homemmade chilli with homemade noodles in it, as well as her pineapple upside down cake, course their was plenty of others who did a great job in the baking department as well. Dawn and I would love to do more and try out new dishes for next year, hope you put it on your next years calender.Well with the new snow I'm sure conditions can only get better for the groomers, our good friend Speedy (the crazy rider on the Arctic Cat in Born to Ride6) is here with us and hopes to do a grooming shift while here. But the smile on his face as he pulled up and saw fresh snow was a Kodack moment!Well enough for now I'll catch up with you all soon.....
February 2, 2010
catch up time
alot has happened since my last post.The hillclimb was a success, couldn't have been given better weather for the event.Dave and I have been in full winter mode since the Jan. thaw.Dave as well as other members worked hard to get the trails back in order. Dave went I think 13 hours last Mon.,9 hours on tues. and 8 hours on Wed. We then had a group to take out on Thurs.,and Fri.the good 'ol boys from St.Croix Falls, we did 2 days of pot luck as well.Tried to ride on Sun. but Justin had suffered a injury, which we later found out he had a broken ankle.The weather was a bit testy on Sun.,as in certain areas the visability was minamial, plus Dave was tired,so we wrapped it up early, now I'm glad we did, I don't think Justin could have riden much longer.Then on Sat. was the John Dee Ride In, which he did a nice write up on his journal.The host family were so nice and taken by the event. The kids were able to go snowmobiling and partake in the event.We had lots of wonderful prizes thanks to all that had donated.One of our guests was so wonderful, Brad, he donated a gift for the silent auction, plus was able to get lodging accomodations for the family near the Mall of America.He had such a possitive attitude as most of his group bailed out on him last minute, so he had a larger then needed cabin, but was still able to go on 2 guided tours with Dave. As well as partake in one of the off trail rides provided at the ride in.The group we took out had requested us, so they got their wish, I belive everyone had a good time,thank you to those that had bought our meal, and thank you Brad for your generous gift on accomodations for Dave and I near the Mall of America as well, can't belive that I may actually be able to go to the Mall of America.Dave has to bring his sled down to that area to load up for his out west trip with junior1.Dave had Brad and his brother out the past 2 days, good times for them all.Now he has 2 days of grooming.In this time I also had a birthday, thank you to all that wished me a Happy Birthday!This weekend is Winter Carnival, a very busy weekend for the area. The statues are coming along rather well, they seemed to have made it through the warm spell we had last week.Maybe a few of the alumni from the fraturnity house I worked at for 13 years will be in the area (Phi Kappa Tau), hi to all and remember to clean up the kitchen after all nighter for the cook please!Soon our guests Bruce and Ardith will be checking in. This past week we had many return guests. Dale your pillow and shaver will be home soon! While out this past weekend we ran into Doospunk and ScottyKing,they were at the Ride In again this year along with Skylar and his group. Be sure to check out their story on John Dee's about their find... a lost pup! It's a warm and fuzzy story. Well I'll update again when there's a brief moment of time. Thanks to all that have stayed or are soon to arrive, it's been a tough year for all, not many are going on vacation this year, so thank you all that have choosen to stay here with us.
January 21, 2010
Date should be 2011
hard to get used of and my computor has not yet changed the date.WOW since this morning when I went to work at 7:30 till now at 7:00 p.m. we have recieved over 8" to 10" of snow and it's still snowing hard. When it settles down there is going to be some awesome powder!!! Dobson Entertainment is lucky enough to be here to experiance a true Yoopper storm and will get to ride fresh powder! Yesterday they filmed some good riders from Ramish motors,and Matt and John Dee as well as Dave and Dave from the cabins.Rumor has it a Born to Ride 8 is in the future.They sure have some great camera equipment. The John Dee Ride In will soon be upon us, as well as the MTU Winter Carnival. It's looking very wintery in our area and is a great time to take advantage of what Old man winter has bestowed us with lately.What ever your sport may be we now have alot of snow to satisfy your desire.Not to mention you shutter bugs the winter beauty is abundent right now.
January 5, 2010
opening weekend
as of Dec. 1st. it was offical opening day for the snowmobile trails. There is snow, about 1'- 2' in some areas between Mass and Houghton. I can only give info on what I see and know in our area, Trimountain/ South Range. There are a few in the area taking their 1st. rides of the year, they are all smiles and realize it is what it is, a day of riding is a day of riding! The Superior Snowmobile club had their monthly meeting and agreed that they would start moving equipment from Mass to Twin Lakes, do a few practice runs to check the equipment and will continue to groom/ pan if snow conditions permit. Richard groomed from Twin Lakes to Toivola, Dave did 109, and they reported seeing sleds out and about. Conditions are typical for this time of year,spotty with water holes, mud and downed branches, so please use caution, especially if your by yourself.It has snowed a little each day, but not great amounts,but at least it is snowing!The club also had election of officers and they stayed the same, Mike Sabo's still the leader of the pack! For being retired he does alot for the community and the club, the know how in filling all the paper work, working with local landowners etc. It is a major job with NO PAY! So if you should see him or any other volunteers out there, give them a thumbs up, pat on the back or buy them a hot meal, they deserve a treat! Area ski hills are opening to the west of us, Marquette Mt. opened this weekend as well. If your in the area be sure to check out Pat's Yamaha's new addition and all new stock,they will be having their open house next weekend, be sure to try the deep fried turkey, it's uuummm good! They have a great new show room. Also be sure to check out Houghton Power Sports, they to have done major expanding, and are now the new Polaris dealer. We wish both the best of luck and hope they have a good season.Well we've had some nice donations from area business's for the John Dee Make A Wish Ride Inn, thank you all!! Your donations is what raises $$$$'s for this great cause. This up and coming weekend is the winter graduation for MTU, congrats to all. I'm betting that the weather will be doing a turn around as the parents have to travel, pack up their kids belongings and head them home or off to hopefully their new jobs! It always seems to be bad weather during this time, well I guess that phrase is in the eye of the beholder, as we winter lovers ,love " BAD WEATHER" !! Hoping all that come here to the site has a safe,family /friend filled hoilday season, and that it is in your travel plans to come up to the U.P. and take in the fun and beauty it has to offer!
January 3, 2010
Happy New Year
and hope all had a good, safe time.All was good here at the cabins, the Dhealy crew was back and had a great time... those lucky bugs will be back in the area again, I'm thinkin, they might be getting more riding time then us, uuuummmm.The weather here in the past 2 days have been quite cold typical for January, my favorite month to ride is March you just can't beat the first to weeks,usually fresh snow, mid teens, longer day light, less people out scoutting our back woods so we don't have to go quite as far to find fresh snow when it comes!The hint here is the best riding is north of the bridge, the John Dee'ers will know what this hint is all about!The trail conditions through this weekend have all come in possitive, all that have stayed here and stop in to the station have had a great holiday experiance with the weather and the trails.For the off trail riders it's the same, it is still early in the season for off trailing but there is easily a 2' solid base with 2' to 3' of fresh snow on top, but you still hesitate when you see a bump in the snow... do you hit it or not? Yes you can get stuck and in the areas I got stuck it was well over 3' deep! The temps have been much colder the past few days,with wind chill temps colder so if your riding the trails dress warmer then usual, every day we've been getting a dusting of snow 2"to 3", so there is alot of trail dust which makes visability during the day hard.The colder temps. I'm sure have helped areas that were having issues with wet areas not freezing up will be soon if not now. Well we have good news for South Range the BFH is the host hill for the Master's hillclimb, it's exciting for us old timers as it's been at least 20 years since the hill has seen this event! In the summer it was the motorcycle hill climb sometimes in conjuction with the freesby tournament, and in the winter it was the snowmobile hillclimb.Sleds have changed since the old days, back then it was a challenge to do a straight run up the face of the hill for time. I do belive they will have a class for that, but they will have a more challenging course set up, after all it is qualifying for Jackson Hole. It should be a good time, just wish it was'nt the same weekend as Eagle River Derby weekend, as we try to get to that every year. Friday Night Thunder is always a good time, but I will say it will be cold, really cold that weekend, haven't been there yet where it hasn't been below zero!So I'm sure we'll be sticking close to home to see the hill climb, it's so cool it's back, can't thank the landowners enough for giving Skip permission to use the land.Yes the BFH is private property so please be kind to that area, and please stay off the hill so the snow can build up so we can have safe conditions for the riders, most of you that have been on that hill know the top can be tricky with ice. The more snow we can get to stay on the hill will be helpfull just in case we get warm temps our way, which is not uncommon fot January.More info on this event can be found on the MI-TRALE web page, the proceeds from this event will be going for a good cause as well. Well until I write again be safe out there , but have a good time! Oh yeah one more announcement the John Dee Ride In is coming up soon,f anyone has donations please contact Kathy or I here at the cabins or at the Station. Thanks to all that have given in the past, the donated items help alot and bring in $'s for a good cause. Thanks to all that contribute when we come knocking on your door!
January 3, 2010
2011 wow!!
Well we had a rough week in the area,the weather was in control from Thurs.on,but those that stuck it out got to see just how fast things can change around here.Yesterday we recieved 9" to 12" in our area,others didn't get as lucky. It's still snowing and the forcast is looking real good for the rest of the week.The Hillclimb here in South Range will be coming up soon, as well as Ice Ovals in Eagle River, then there's the Snowboard Expo in Houghton, the John Dee Ride In, MTU's Winter Carnival, and the list goes on. Lot's to do and see but it makes finding a place to call home a little hard to find.The groomer operators are out in full force trying to get things back in shape after the damage last Thursday, but we were lucky to have kept a 1' base to work with in most areas. The hot spots right now are from Twin Lakes to Copper Harbor. Reports are the 109 trail ,the north end of 13, that the Superior Snowmobile Club grooms are in real good shape,the Freda loop and most of the trails North are good as well. As I wrote snow is in the forcast for the next 5 days, so here's hoping we continue to get the snow......
November 25, 2009
woke up to the color white,
what a pretty sight! I know all the locals thought what is wrong with you,how can you be so excited about snow. Well 1st. off, I actually love winter, it seems as though time just slows down a pace or two.Course if your in the type of business we're in, you really do have to have a love for snow,or had best find some way to enjoy it.We found both, we love to snowmobile and probably will until our bodies say no more. But I love meeting people, both here at the cabins, and now at the gas station,where they are from ,what they do, and how they found us.Through the busniesse's we've made many a good friends which come back year after year(thank you).Well here's hoping we have a good snow year as this past summer was a let down, however our fall was a beautiful one for the ATVer's, couldn't have had a nicer Oct. Well the planning has started for the John Dee Ride Inn, Kathy and I will be hitting the streets soon asking for donations.We're hoping John will soon know who the child will be this year and what his or her wish may be. If anyone would like to donate plese give us a call, it's never to early to pick up donations.Like many of you , you probably have gotten your sleds out of storage, did your modifacations and are set to ride, we're trying to get motivated here as well. I've decided to do a new paint job on my sled, Dave is putting on a vent kit for his. We really didn't find much at Hay Days to pimp out our rides, course if money was unlimited I'm sure you could have a field day.We're just hoping the gas prices stay down and stable, Snow Tech did a nice article on small stations and their struggles, hope all had a chance to read it. Maybe have a little understanding for the little guy out there trying to run a station. Also please remember to give our volunteer groomer operators a thumbs up, or pick up a tab for them if you see them out. Well here's hoping that along with our regulars we will get to meet new guests and hopefully either ride with you or see you out on the trails some where this season.
November 11, 2009
U.P.'s National Holiday
is soon approching.Don't know about the rest of you woman in the U.P.,but the rut started a month ago for my husband and his enthusium for the sport.It seems like it's always on the back burner and then come mid September it's full blown ,non stop,T.V. program's, catalogs,trail cam pictures, stories, swapping with the b-s with the neighbors, and stressed out day's trying to wrap up the building season.Let's take a moment to figure out how much a pound of this meat costs when all is done and said,uuummm.Oh well we live only once in this life time,so if you have a passion for some thing then go for it!This is a great time for we woman as well,most like to get out and shop,some actually like to get out and hunt,some of us are planning for the holiday's, meals,gifts,decorating....wheeeew, sounds like work!For some of us in the world of lodging,retail, etc. we are trying to gear up for another year.We wish for a forecast of snow to be in the future, for our hunter's they to would like to see the white stuff come down soon.This should prove to be an intreresting year, this past summer was interesting, it was all in Mother Nature's hand and this summer she gave us a cool,and wet one, so let's hope 'ol man winter will crank up the snow machine, so we can crank up ours!We hope to see our regulars again this year, and we're hoping to see how the station works out this year,as last year many weren't aware that we were open, serving food,have gas, beer and wine. Snow Tech did a great write up about the demise of the little stations through out the mid west, and probably through out the country.Well the Superior Snowmobile Club is set to go for the season, we still need a few volunteer operator's, give one of us a call if your intrested in giving a helping hand to the guy's and gal's that get out there and bust their butts for you.Make sure to give them the thumbs up when you pass them by this year.Talk about a giving community we sure have a top notch one,as some of you may know Wendy that owns the Toivola lunch has had the worst possiable year one can only imagine, the loss of her husband was the worst, then her brother came down with cancer, then she lost her home to a fire. Then our Kathy that works here at the cabin's had her husband diagnosed with stage 4 cancer as well. And then John and Nora have had their pkate full as well.In the past month our community has had benifit breakfasts,suppers, and bake sales to help them out, as well as other families in the area,that have had the same issues as well.It's amazing how much monies, gifts of donations,and the support has come through for all of them. Wish is an early reminder we have set the plans for the annual John Dee Ride In, be sure to check out his web page for all the info. And as usual if you have a donation please contact one of us soon.Well Dave has set his plans to head out West with a few of our regular guests and now good friends, how many of you are planning a treck out west, or better yet to our beautiful Copper Country? Please keep us in mind this year, you won't be disappointed in what we can offer you or your group.Remember we are right on the trail,have companies that will deliver sleds to our front door and can now offer you gas and food just down the street from the cabins.Here's hoping we will see you on the trail,oh make sure you pick up the Born to Ride this year to get you fired up for the season. See many of you soon!
October 24, 2009
Are we off to a early start?
It's wishful thinking, but today it looks promising,woke up to 5" of fresh snow! It's a great photo op with a lot of leaves still on the trees and some color left and a dusting of snow, ok today there's a little more then a dusting, but if the sun should peep out what a op for photos.That's one on the great things about living here, every day there's a new picture to be taken, I only wish there were more hours in a day and I could learn to share them with you, I am hoping that that will be my New Year's resolution learn how to post picture's.This weather made for interesting conditions for the Lake Superior Road Rally, but all that stayed here, had fun and know that the weather here changes hourly.Seems as though the weather has effected the patterns of the wildlife and the conditions for the hunter's, with the leaves staying on so long it's made grouse hunting a little more challenging, and it seems as though the deer and bear have been sitting low.Probably because they have plenty to eat. This year is definitely a bumper crop for apples, and what I call the woolly caterpillar is almost all black this year. A old timer told me that ample crops of fruits and vegetation and the more black on the caterpillars the harder the winter is going to be. Well for us snowmobiler's bring it on! We don't want freezing cold temps. We want the big lake to stay open so it will produce the best 3 initials, LES, known to snowmobiler's.It's been a tough year for us here in Michigan,and Nation wide with job lay offs, and the weather for the most part, put a damper on summer tourism for our area.So our area needs a good blast of old man winter, the sooner the better.It's been an interesting year for us, the taking on of the gas station has been quite a bit more then I had anticipated, I'm hoping we can keep up with the challenge. I'm hoping that someone will find it to be what they are looking for and purchase it,if interested give me a call,so I can get back and focus on the cabins and my painting. And to be truthful having time to do what I love the most, enjoying the outdoors.We look forward to our yearly customer's coming back, but also look forward to meeting new guests as well. We hope that what we have to offer here, is what you are looking for, we would like to become the areas destination place, and strive to make our guests comfortable. And if we aren't what your looking for we will be happy to direct you and give you information as to what's in our area.Let's
August 17, 2009
the best part of the year next to winter,
you can just feel it coming,cool evenings, cool mornings,dew on the grass,snowmobile magizines in the mail,Michigan Tech. families bringing their sons or daughters to set them up for possiably their 1st. year and for some their last. Just returned from Brainard Mn. for the NHRA drag races, even though the weather didn't fully cooperate the races went on, not to my liking as the drivers I like didn't win, oh well, was able to spend a weekend with my daughter and her boyfriend. Wished we would have had more time to see and do more but... Well like I said the itch for the up coming season has started, the big event Hay Days is right around the corner and the sled magizines are out. Will be very interesting to see how this season pans out.Everyone is feeling the crunch, even after being at the races this weekend, the big guys are loosing sponsorship and cutting back on their racing programs. We to had to cut back on advertising, but thanks to our loyal guests we are looking good for the upcoming year. I have noticed though that our regulars from lower Mich. are cutting back or not coming at all. Hang in there guys, I'm wishing you all the best.We maybe heading for an early color season as some of the leaves are actually starting to show color changes already. Can't belive I pulled a bear tag this year,started to set up for the season already, here's hoping! Finally maybe able to spend some time at the camp, love that little shack in the woods.We had a nice groomers picnic last weekend, the club president burnt the groomer building loan payment papers, the groomer garage now belongs to the Superior Snowmobile Club! Soon will be the annual work bee for the trail, as always we still offer free lodging to those that come and help.Not sure how things are looking for the bird season this year, however I have seen alot of deer, a few weeks back I saw 4 bucks with 2 does, they were in velvet and 1 was a big buck,12 points or more, 2 were twins that will probably turn out to be 6 pointers,a 4 pointer and a spike horn, I've never just happened across that many bucks before, it was way cool! Well good luck to all the students that will be starting school, and better yet to the parents that will now have hopefully some free time.Our regulars that come up in the fall to ATV will soon be arriving, hopefully we will get a little bit of rain to keep the dust down, and to help the leaves out for some beautifull colors this year.I'm hoping to get all my projects done and find time to paint my sled this year, after painting my truck this spring I have the itch to pull out the old air brush. Well until next time, hope to see you at the cabins....
July 23, 2009
Hello to all
yes I do still exist, though I must admit I'm not here that much anymore. The station has taken up alot of my time, but we will soon be approching our 1st. year in business,hard to belive but Nov. 8th is our 1st. anniversary.Everyday seems to get better,alot of people are happy to see it open.This has been a very slow season for the cabins, hope that will soon turn around. It's not just us it's every where, but it is a strain on the pocket book as well as the mind. We had a fun weekend with 2 fellow John Dee watcher's ,ATVing, had good weather and good times. It's getting closer to my 2 favorite holiday get aways, 1st. 1/4 mile drag races in Brainard Mn.and then Hay Days can hardly wait. This weekend here is a busy one with 2 ride ins ,the Pow Wow,auctions,and festivities in Copper Harbor. That's what makes our summers go by sooo fast every weekend an event is on the calender, plus summer is short, so it's go go go. I personally am looking forward to my 2 favorite season's fall and winter. Well not alot to say other then if your planning a trip to the U.P.,look us up, where not on lake, but close to many, we are a good starting point for your destinations as we are located in the middle of all 3, Copper Harbor, Lake of the Clouds, and Big Bay area, we are on the Bill Nichol's trail, and close to many inland lakes.We know you'll be compfy, and enjoy your stay with us.For our annual stayers, winter is just around the corner whaaaa whooo!
June 6, 2009
Summer's trying to come to the U.P.
we had a day a few weeks ago that gave us a glimmer of hope... and then the cool and cold temps.have been with us for quite some time. There's been very little rain as well.So that's my weather update for our area. Speaking of weather, the infamous John Dee paid us a visit and it looks like we may have the web cam up and running again.Our fingers are crossed, as many of you check in for updates. John said that the pictures should update every 10 min.Here's hoping we have it fixed! It's greening up here, the flowers are in bloom and the trees are starting their blooms as well. We are about 1 month behind everyone in the lower Mich.area, Ohio and Ill.I've only mowed once so far, today I may hit it again.Well not a whole lot happening for us here at the cabins, station or in life. Our annual events are scheduled, Hay Days, NHRA Drag races,and the U.P.M.D.A. 20 year reunion. Hard to believe 20 years have passed since we were into mud drag racing. It was good friends and good times.We received a DVD from Dobson Entertainment, the commercial DVD for Premier Sleds that was filmed here in the spring, it was VERY NICE. It is really neat to see what is used as footage in the end, as it takes several days of footage to prepare a 2 min. segment. For the next Born to Ride DVD,it has 2 years worth of footage, should be interesting to see the out come of that one, we had a sneek peak, very nice, what we viewed.There has been an increase in ATV traffic in the area which is good for the area.Our economy has now felt the pinch, a few local businesses have laid off workers, but a few on the other hand have been called back. The big blow rumored is Camp Kitwin, a minimum security prison may close.Gas prices have had there ups and downs, not to sure where that's headed. Sure hope we are able to accommodate our annual guests and that everyone is still planning their trips, are having good health, and still working or at the very least enjoying their retirement.Well soon my good friend will be here for a visit and then the next big holiday, the 4th. of July, soon we'll be headed for the longest day of the year to be followed by shorter days, which means we're that much closer to winter! I know don't rush time....
April 4, 2009
still riding
we here at the Wildlife Refuge Cabins still haven't let winter go.....the lot is full of trailers thanks to Dobson Entertainment!We have been lucky enough to also see bits and pieces of the Born To Ride 7 DVD,IT LOOKS AWESOME!They hope to have it released this fall if not sooner.Trying to get them to set up at Hay Days this fall,a perfect place to introduce their films!The reason they are here is, they are producing a DVD for the Premier Snowmobile Co., which has come out with a mid sized snowmobile for kids that have out grown their little 120's. They have 2 models soon to be released, a 200 and a 300 , haven't seen them yet, but looking forward to trying one,they are bring 4 models here tommorrow. We had the film crew and the St. Criox boys out last weekend, we found plenty of snow, just hard snow,but we found some great locations for back drops for them to use,and the snow has stayed. The Lehman brothers said yesterdays snow had a much better consistancy this weekend then last weekend, they played all day yesterday and today they are still out and about!Sean from Evert's , let them take a rental out,even though he has pretty much given up on the season.I still keep hoping for one last hurrah, one like we had a few years back, can't hurt to wish for one last powder ride!April 1st. looked like it was going to be the start of a good dumping, we were headed for the Superior Snowmobile Clubs meeting and hit a good band of snow, just as I was slowing down for conditions I told Dave I'd better put the truck in 4 wheel drive, no sooner engaged her I found my rear end passing the front end and yes I was in a free ride,the bank was hard as a rock but luckily high enough for it to stop us from a complete roll over. Richard was soon behind as well as other people and we were able to get a call into 911,a 1/4 of a mile down the road was another one in the ditch, he didn't fair as well as us, he had a complete roll over. I'm in a depession though as there was extensive damage to my baby, the estimate has surpassed 10 grand, and I am trying to figure out when I'll have time to do the custom paint job! All in all though we are fine ,just bummed that I couldn't avoid the damages.It's looking closer to us getting the beer and wine at the Widlife's Filling Station, we're on the last hall of a long proceedure, the light is closer at the end of the tunnel! Looking forward to UTVing now and hoping to have time to do it soon, the conditions are looking good for bird and deer season, lots of sightings of both! MTU's graduation is soon to be here, and a few special weddings are around the corner, as well as a 20th. anniversary for the U.P.Mud Drag Assoc.that we started and ran the circuit for 10 years, then our addiction to mud went to snow, and that's where the cabins and now the station have taken our free time. Glad we did it though,here's a little thank you to our customers that have stuck with us through the years, we THANK YOU ALL!
March 20, 2009
1st. day of spring
after hearing the dreaded word rain all week on the scanner,we had a pleasant surpise last night leaving the Calumet Theater,3" plus had fallin'. Roads were slick and snow covered,but it ended by 1 a.m .Although it was a welcomed surprise to us, as now this will soften the snow, the past few days have been cold,which has been good for our trails but has been hard on the off trail riding, as we've had to wait until noonish to head out after the snow has softened, lucky for us it doesn't get dark till 8 now. Dave and I groomed Wed. night part of 109,then came back and did 3 to 38, can honestly say the trails were holding up well, a few bare spots and a few wet areas starting but they were holding up. Richard groomed 13 part way and didn't get a report back, but no news is good news, as they say.We still have had good off trail riding, the snow conditions change daily how ever,as one day, I belive it was Sunday, the snow was carveable,Monday it was firm,Tues. the guys went out and it was so soft that they were sinking to the ground,so they actually had to ride on previously tracked snow, now that's a new one,even for Dave. Wed. the snow was hard as a rock,right up until late yesterday afternoon then it started to soften. So after last nights snow it has softened up with a few inches added I must add.There is still a fair base out there 3' at least,some areas we've been in were deeper, we were surprised that a few of the rivers we cross were still ice and snow covered in areas, the falls were not yet at their peaks yet. The guests we have had here have had no compaints, even though it is limited riding they've made it to Copper Harbor, Mass City,as well as the Freada loop,and they have said the conditions were good to great, they were just happy to be riding.So for us Yoopers it ain't over yet! Although I am looking forward to getting the Rhino and 4 wheler out, getting the dogs out before the dreaded tick season starts. I'm getting geared up for a quick trip possiably to Lansing, as after a 5 month plus wait for our beer, wine, and possiably liquor licenses we've been approved!!! After that return, then I will be setting up for a Art show with myself and my studens work being displayed at The Buff's on May 1st. if your in the area stop in it's from 1 until 4. That is also MTU's graduation weekend Congrats to all,I'm sure your parents are happy and proud as well.For some of you it will be our final good bye, but some of you parents will be with us a few more years as you have more children attending school for a few more years.Let's see what else can I report, the ride in for the Challenged Children went well, te day was perfect, Evert's and Dan's had provided us with plenty of sleds, a few more driver's would have been nice but all the children recieved a ride,which is all we worry about.Guess the next few weeks will be up in the air so to say, we may still be able to snomobile or switch gears to 4 wheelin', then we head into the dreaded mosiquito,tick and black fly season!But then soon to follow is summer which isn't all that bad. Well that wraps it up for a new post for now are you happy Jesse I did this one for you, I got off my b--- ad wrote one for you, hope you had a good last ride of the season!
February 28, 2009
Still winter here in the U.P.
Wow it feels like Jan. below zero temps.and a few blustery days. We didn't get the big storm but 4"-5" to freshen up the snow, made it nice for the groomers,as now they have new snow to work with and colder temps., a real bonus.My girlfriends son Justin and his friend rode from Mercer to our house yesterday,they said the trails were awesome, just a short spot of bumps from Twim Lakes to Toivola,other then that area conditions were perfect!We still have 4' plus of snow on the ground which blew the guys away, they couldn't belive the height of the snow banks in front of our house, they are still 6' high in some places!The temps were very cold the past 2 mornings, but really sunny, which makes it feel much warmer then - 12 which is what it was yesterday.Days are getting longer so hours playing outside are longer as well. The bummer is, that means spring is coming and we say good buy to another snowmobile season,but then comes the next best thing 4 wheelin' whaaaa hoo!Course that also means it's almost time for Dave to go back to work, it's looking like another busy year for him, lots of inquiries for new homes,let's hope they all come through. For those of you that know us and have been concerned about Dave, he's rebounding back well, other then losing a week of good health due to what ever this nasty virus is that's in our area, he's doing really good.Things at the station are getting better with each passing day. The kitchen is doing really good, lots of good reviews on the food,daily specials have caught on, and we may try pasties.Edie is now back so I get a break for awhile on doing the baking,as the bakery has been selling really well,people like to come in and have a fresh cup of coffee and a snack, visit with us or a local.The beer and wine license is getting closer to being in our hands,the inspection,finger printing and a back ground check on me are all complete, the paper work is now in Lansing, can't belive it takes this long,5 months and still pending, looks like another No the murals aren't done yet,but then again I plan to add new things to each one here and there. A request from the groomers was to put a groomer in the winter scene,so someday I will get to that! Well I'll close for now Later Lori
February 2, 2009
Thank you ground hog!
What an awesome day of riding, we recieved at least 12" of fresh powder this morning. Junior1,Roscoe,and Justin, you should have stayed the extra day! Snow was over the hoods and we were on the same rodes that we took you out on! So the Staley group had great riding today!Stanley crew if you read this thanks for the pic of Dave and joining us at our house for Super Bowl. Well we pulled off another good event for the John Dee Ride In,good food, weather, people, great donations,and the list could go on.The food was really good, the weather could have been better but at least it wasn't like a few years back when we had 18 in our group and it was a blizzard! The group we took out had a good time I belive,if only todays snow could have been yesterday! Skylar boys,sorry you didn't make it to Super Bowl dinner, had a great bunch of guys over and good eats!Well here's hoping the 6 more weeks of winter could/will be like today, what a differance a day makes!On my previous post I had put the Superior Snowmobile Club open house at the new groomer building in Mass was on 2/14/09,they decided that was in conflict with the hill climb, so they were talking about having it on 2/15/09 instead, tomorrow is the Clubs meeting so I will update it here and post it on John Dee's.Well conditions for snowmobiling are and have been at their finest, times are tough but if you can take time off for your self,conditions are great!And to think if all goes well we for sure will be riding well into the end of March.dew69 and the rest ot the Isota crew I can't thank you enough for all you did and brought this trip up, the brats were a hit for Super Bowl, you guys rock!Hope you all had a good time,your like family after all these years,and the group we thought wasn't coming this year hit it perfect as I started this post we had 12" plus today,powder conditiond were perfect!Again to all our yearly guests and the people we met this weekend it was yet another good week, for those coming soon hope we get to visit with you, but remember if conditions are like today we'll have to meet on the snow!
January 18, 2009
Dave got out to play
that's right,Dave got his 1st. ride in yesterday, Speight and crew were here for their annual weekend.We were not able to go with them Fri. as Decker treated us to VIP tickets to the Eagle River Races. A big thanks to him and Ray for the tickets, Friday Night Thunder is a fun time for sure. We are usually the one's standing out side in the cold, but this year was a true treat to be in the hot box, as the temps were COLD! We set the Speight crew up with our tail guide Dave2 and friend Jesse,they had a great time by the sounds of it. Dave was hoping to be able to get the crew into untouched powder and we were able to find some and it was deep,we hope they had a good time! A few stucks for sure but all could handle their sleds well,the 2 up guys are a hoot to watch!Thanks again guys for lunch.It was surprising to see how low the sled traffic really is, not that you are able to see alot while out back country riding but you usually see a few while hitting the main trail for food and gas.What little trail we hit was in perfect condition, but PLEASE USE CAUTION on the Bill Nichols trail as you enter South Range from the south side as a wash out is occuring on the trail, to me it looks as though it's a water line issue,could be wrong.It is marked so again use caution! Our guests have posted some good reviews about their trips and area conditions on John Dee.com as well as their accomodations, thanks to all.It's time for Kathy and I to hit the streets and ask for donations for the John Dee Ride In, for any of you area business that read our updated posts and have donations please give us a call, we'll be happy to pick up and give you your tax deduction papers as well,again thank you in advance for any and all donations. Pat's Yamaha gave us a nice all season jacket, thanks Pat, and Salon 1281 gave us a very nice spa donation.Well Dave will soon be heading out tonight for his 1st. gromer run since his health set back,but he's anxious to head out. Which reminds me the Superior Snowmobile Club will be having a open house for the new groomer garage in Feb. the tentative date is Feb. 14th. so if your in the area please stop in and warm up we will have food and refreshments, plus raffle tickets for a snowmobile trailer provided by SnowTech magizine. That's my update for now!
January 7, 2009
what a difference a day makes let alone a week.As of last week we recieved a good dumping of snow in our area.It was enough to get the blood running in those that wanted to be the 1st. riders of the season.Today is the icing on the cake,when I left to go to work on building a fireplace it was snowing lightly at 7 a.m. when we left the job site at 6 p.m. there was already 8" on the ground with blowing and drifting.Then I recieved a call from Dave he was stuck plowing and my tracks from the hour previous were already filled in and 3 more inches had either dropped or blew in! Now I'm back in the house and the ride to get Dave unstuck was pretty scary. But boy are there some awesome drifts accumilating out there!I think it's offical now the reservations are coming in like crazy, guess even though they say the economy is scary right now, a few of us have figured it out, live life one day at a time, especally if there's fresh snow!Ican hardly wait to get all my jobs wrapped up to hit some of this pow pow! Well it looks as though it's offical Skip has posted on John Dee's that our town will be hosting a hill climb at the BFH. here in South Range.Boy that brings back memories of days past. The hill climb was a big event both for the sledders in the winter and the cycles in the summer,we even had a frisbee tournament in conjunction with the hill climb, good times, good memories!Sure hope the event will take off, it will be great to see the great talent this area has to offer.....thanks to the owners of the hill, Skip, and all those that will jump on and help make this event a success.
January 1, 2009
Happy New Year
to all.If your lucky enough to be in the Copper Country during the holiday season,we have snow,groomed trails and a good base to off trail ride.For this time of year we have plenty of the white gold.It seems as though with every where having snow and the way times are right now,it's been pretty quite in the Copper Country.Hope all had a wonderful Christmas and a head ache free New Year!For those of you having hard times we hope the New Year will be good to all. I'll give you an update on Dave,he's doing much better, we can't thank you all enough for your prayers, calls,e-mails and help during this difficult time. The Dr. has given him the thumbs up to start moving around, which was good news, but if anyone knows Dave that may not have been wise words.We just have to work on the blood work and get that all leveled out and hope for the best.Now the next thing we have to conentrate on is the John Dee Ride In,Kathy and I are trying to decide what to do for this years ride in, other then getting gift certificates and prizes we like to do something artsy,last year we etched a glass top table with a snowmobile scene,Kathy goes to auctions, cleans up and or paints furniture items and I either etch or paint the item, Dave usually does an off trail ride the day of the ride in and we give a certificate away as well.The event really is fun and goes to such a good cause.Maybe some year John and all of us could do a fund raiser for the Copper Country Humane Sociaty... oh boy more ideas,but animals are my passion as well.Looks like we have full house this weekend lots of sleds and smiles,we have our yearly groups heading our way soon, and we hope we can get you out in fresh powder for your rides!Hoping soon that between John Dee , new equipment and some work time we'll get the trail cam up and running better, plus we're hoping to add another one as well.Getting good reports on the gas station, thank you to all that are stopping and giving us a try,the food seems to have been a success, the girls have been busy.For a snow report I can't say to much, because I haven't been out to play, we have at least 3' to 4' on the ground with snow falling a little almost every day. The trails here in our area have been reported to be in great shape. The skiers have been happy as well all their trails are in good shape and the ski hills are all open with good bases. Well I'll update soon, be safe.
December 24, 2008
A very merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year
may all that be traveling be safe. If your patiently waiting for your snowmobile trip to where ever,you'll be pleasently surprised to see how much snow is in the area. Trail reports have been good and off trail riding as well.We are wishing all a safe and fun filled snowmobile season this year, and would like to thank all of our regular customers for coming back, and we welcome all the new guests that will be here for their 1st. time. I would like to ask for a favor from all that know David,he needs a few prayers for today he was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in his lung,his 1st. thought was who's going to groom and how long will I be away from riding? Let's hope not long as a few of you have rides coming up as well as the John Dee ride,I'll keep you all updated. I'm sure our Dave 2 will still be able to take everyone out,and I still know a few of Dave's secret places!Again Season's Greetings to All!
December 11, 2008
if you have it they will come....
we have it,today we recieved 8" plus of fresh white fluffy snow. Last Sat. we had great conditions for our 1st. ride of the year, thanks to John and Skylar for asking us to come out and play. Though there was no base the snow was over our hoods, however the next day we went to the same area to take down Dave's portable blind and the snow had settled alot,no over the hood powder,conditions were different then the day before. Which is a good thing as it made for our 1st. base of the year.The snow is getting deeper, groomers are out in most areas, as John Dee's journals are written, conditions do vary from area to area. Please use caution if off trail riding and PLEASE RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY,there are areas and owners waiting for someone to mess up just to close a trail,so PLEASE be respectful.Give a thumbs up to groomer operators,and don't tear up the nice ribbon they just laid down.Conditions are getting better every day and what a welcome to have this snow this early,we're heading into the biggest weekend of the year,congrats to you early bookers,for those of you that didn't what can we say other then sorry,and would you like to be put on a cancellation list.Keep up with conditions on John Dee's web site,Happy Holidays to all!
December 5, 2008
Snow has come to the Copper Country
what a nice present to the area. The radio ad this a.m. said Mt. Ripley will be open today,the groommer has gone by the cabins this a.m. as well.So it seems the season has begun,the Twin Lakes area has rooms booked for this weekend and we're almost full for next weekend.On average I'm guessing in our area we have 14"to 18" on the ground. People are out riding,but be extra carefull as it is just a fluffy base for now. The Superior Snowmobile Club had it's meeting Wed. night and we're ready to start. There will be the groomer fund containers placed in area businesses and poster's as well for the club, we have a fund raiser with a great donated trailer from SnowTech as the prize,tickets will be available through member's as well as area businesses.Like I said we're all ready to rock n'roll here in the Copper Country,snow has arrived!!
November 16, 2008
we did it
we opened the station up last Saturday. It was a long 2 months,and we have alot more to accomplish but the doors are now open to the Wildlife's Filling Station in South Range. The number one issue is our beer and wine, we're 2 months out now and still no luck, everyone told us it would take some time but this is alot of time already.The deli should be open by next Monday if all runs smooth. We plan to have a homemade soup and sandwich special as well as a daily special everyday,specicaltiy hot dogs, brats our own local made Vollwerth's of course! Nachos,as well as grab and go breakfast sandwiches, and more.As of now the hours are 6a.m. to 10 p.m every day for the station deli hours will be 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.,holiday hours will very.We hope you will enjoy having this convience as it is located a few blocks from the cabins. Well yesterday was the U.P. holiday,the color of blaze orange and various camos was everywhere, the highways and streets were pretty baron yesterday,but by night fall the local bars were pretty full, with the deer widows balls, and hunters balls taking place in various areas. Opening day was not a success in our household,but there are many a days left. We keep getting teased with the threats of snow but nothing yet. With the opening of the station and Dave's bookings he had to downsize on his grooming days from 3 to 1, he was bummed as he enjoys it for the most part. Mike said a few more people have showed some intrest in picking up a run or 2 so we're hoping they come through. Hoping we will be able to start Dec. 1st like last year, with the gas prices dropping, and if there's another good year of snow, maybe the snowmobile industry will pick up again this year. Here's hoping all can come on up and enjoy a little bit of heaven here in the U.P.
October 3, 2008
Passing on the offical news
we signed the paper work and will be the proud rentors of the BP station in South Range. There will be gas, hoping that the beer and wine will soon follow as well as the deli license.The opening date for gas and quick groceries will hopefully be Nov.1st.The name will be Wildlife's Filling Station and we would love to hear your wants and needs.Here's hoping that we are doing the right thing!!! The leaves on the trees are at about 45% in our area, it's been COLD,COLD in the evenings with rainy days. But it's so wonderful the days are fresh and crisp. Dave had a good bear season, haven't been out for bird's yet,and the deer blind area is showing good signs.Snow has been the buzz in our area, everyone's anticipating the 1st. flakes, my guess is Oct. 18th.We are waiting to see our new sleds for the year and interested in seeing what all of you are riding this year. If any of you guests have pictures of our off trail ATV or snowmobile rides e-mail them to me for our picture perfect moments boards here at the office as well as the one I plan to put up at the Station.Dave lost our camera last week, along with all of last years pictures as well as this spring, summer and a few of this falls, needless to say he is quite bummed.Well just a catch up for all that are interested.
September 13, 2008
fall is in the air
and trees are starting to turn in color. It will be quite sometime before they reach peak,but the cool crisp mornings are here but the warmth of the sun by mid day makes for perfect temps. to do yard work,go ATVing,hiking with the dogs, etc. This is my favorie time of year next to winter. The black bear season has started,we were lucky enough to pull tags this year for the 2nd season which starts on Wed.This weekend let's hope the weather stays as good as today, as it is the Superior Snowmobile Clubs annual trail work weekend. Lots of work this weekend to be done, but it sounds as though alot of people will be coming to help, each year gets better then the past,can't thank all of you enough.Well it was our anniversary weekend and we did our annual trip to HayDays,this was the 1st year at the new site,and it was not a good experiance for most,we actually had it good then most. We waited for a hour and a half in traffic but was able to park in the lot,had to use 4 wheel drive in some areas of the lot.We went down the night before, thank God, because if we had driven 7 hours to get to Taylor Falls then wait in line for up to 5 hours plus walk up to 7 plus miles just to enter the event there would be no way I'd go back...The SnoBarons should have had a better grip on the entrances and parking issues as they know how many show up to the event through ticket sales.There was no way enough room for parking, swap meet vendors, there should have been more food vendors as the lines were long which just added fuel to the fire of tired spectators. It's to bad that the area council members had to be greedy and that the locals couldn't have made a little bit of money over the weekend as it just goes back into the community via gas, food etc. All events not only help local business but all the businesses along the routes people travel to the event, we made at least 4 stops along the way.It was not a good experiance for most, and a shame for the SnoBarons that should have been better in organizing the event after all they have 40 plus years under their belts!But we were able to meet up with friends,Frank, Justin, and Roscoe as well as their wives and children. Ran into a few of our other friends and visited, saw a few John Dee'ers.Should see a few of them this weekend for trail clean up.Plus we stayed at a awesome little place in Taylor falls,found it by accident and glad we did, nice cabins in town Wannagon Point, very clean,roomy nice getaway. Well a few weeks ago the schools started and the newbee parents of MTU and FU now should know that the area books up fast for all events held at the universities.So keep this in mind when the universities have events it attracts alot of people to the area and lodging can become an issue.The past few days we've had alot of ATVers in the area as it is the perfect time of year to enjoy the beauty this area has to offer,this morning a couple checked in and did not know that most companies will deliver rentals to our cabins as well as pick up, so please ask us in advance and we can have them at your front door.Other then mother nature's show of colors, the next big event is deer season the U.P.'s big event, deer widows balls,drink specials at their favorite watering holes,stories and gatherings at camps bigger then the universe.The hoey do lists are either done or are on hold till next year, as the season can drag out till January,what with bow, rifle, and muzzelloading then to be folloed up with SNOWMOBILING SEASON. At least for us that is the granddaddy of all events, kinda dreading getting older as we haven't found a passion to replace snowmobiling but I'm sure the day will come when the old body says your done! Well we'll keep you posted on the colors and any events yet to come.
July 27, 2008
July almost gone!
Hard to belive this much time has gone buy since I've last updated the web page,it's almost Aug!Where has the time gone and what's been happening here in the U.P.Well to be honest we've been busy away from the cabins,our summers are so short it just seems so fast pace when it's here that all most do is work ,sleep and go back to work.This summers weather has been so refreshing thus far.The evenings have been cool and breezy,while the day temps. have been in the mid 70's,some rain here and there. We had a quick down poar with a touch of hail the other day.It's been perfect for the ATVer's as well as bikers in the area,yesterday a few of the states senators did a ride with the Mi- Trale club.Last wekend was the Superior Snowmobile Clubs groomers picnic, was nice to visit with the spouses,and meet those that give so much of their time to the trails.Soon my favorite 2 events of the summer are coming up,NHRA drag races in Brainard,this year we are going with our daughter and her Dave,should be a good time as they are Nascar fans so they should appreciate the track.Of course HayDays will soon be here as well,hope there's lots of new to see for this upcoming season!3rd weekend in Aug. Junior1 and the crew will be here for the annual 4 wheeler ride!!! Always a good time and good food anyone else going to be in the area? Let's not forget the annual Superior Snowmobile Clubs fall trail clean-up weekend,Sept.10-15. Remember there's free lodging at some of the area resorts, others offer discount rates, and Jim and Debat Krupp's mini mart do those great bag lunches for the workers. So are you up to a few sore muscles, do you ride and enjoy our trails,then come on up and give us a hand. Ya ya the gas prices ,it's far to travel, don't have the time,well just remember the hand full of workers that burn their gas weekly,spend hours working with the state to get trails,and piles and piles of paper work, or donate their time more then once a week, or travel sometimes 40 miles 1 way to groom those trails you all enjoy, if you can't participate then join a club, give them a thumbs up when passing by on your freshly groomed trail,buy them a pop when you see them brushing or signing a trail,they make it all possiable for you. Hard to belive it will soon be that time again,we've lost a few operators, but have also had more wanting to help this year, thanks and welcome aboard!It's county fair time in the areas,art shows galore, and always those great mine tours to take in,plus the prettiest time of year is right around the corner.. fall, my 2nd favorite season,hunting,the colors,the brisk mornings and warm afternoons,this years foliage and gardens have been beautiful in our area,the farmers will easily get 2 crops of hay/straw. So take the time out come on up and enjoy our beautiful U.P.
May 18, 2008
Would you belive it was snowing today!
Couldn't belive it, it felt like Oct. this morning the house was cold,sky was big gray clouds and after leaving Toivola Lunch for breakfast at 10:00 it was snowing big heavey flakes! Well I'm glad it wasn't like that yesterday as it was the Mi Trale workbee for the trails. We'd like to thank Ted Quilitz for helping us out and coming all the way from Chicago to help out. He was a guest at Krupp's the only one that took them up on the trail workers offer.We'd like to thank Jim and Debbie at Krupp's Mini Mart for providing free lunches to the workers as well.We left the cabins at 7:00am and brushed,signed,picked up garbage and marked washouts from Houghton to Twin Lakes we where all wrapped up by 2:00 pm, not to bad for all that got accomplished.In the fall it will be the Superior Snowmobile Club workbee so here's the 1st heads up with many more updates to come on this web page as well as on John Dee's.Well summer will soon be here and hopefully so will the tourist,the price of gas has everyone talking vacation plans for the summer as well as winter.We would like to thank all that have stayed here with us and those planning to do so.We would like to think you find us to be your home away from home and always strive to make your stay comfortable.We are or would like to possiably expand our facility and was wondering how,or what would make your stay here more accomodating.So we'd like to hear your ideas,so drop us a e-mail. With these trying times one wonders if we should move ahead or stay put for a short time.Enjoy your summer it's short so get out there and enjoy all the U.P. has to offer!!
May 2, 2008
weekend,congrats to all!! The word snow is in the forecast for this weekend!! Guests here are hoping to have pictures of their son with snow as the back drop! You guessed it, their snowmobilers. Well for you ATV, UTV and dirt bikers a 6 county trail map will be out by Memorial Day Weekend,alot of hard work and effort has gone into this project. 2 informative web pages are Mi Trale.com and Keweenawatvclub.com, both organizations will be having trail work weekends. So if you have the time, desire,and ambition to give a helping hand, come on up.A few of us are offering lodging specials so be sure to check out the web pages mentioned.The U.P. is a great place for those that love the outdoors,nature, waterfalls, lighthouses,mining history,the arts and water. With the gas prices, it's hard to travel far,so we're hoping you'll come to the Keweenaw penninsula area,and enjoy what maybe right in your back yard. We'd love to be your home away from home.
April 17, 2008
Spring is in the air
and we finally had to say good bye to the end of the '07 snowmobile season.Again it was another great year,riding with our friends, family and yearly customers.As usual memories and laughs were made.We hope that Dobson Entertainment was able to capture enough footage for the Born To Ride 7 edition,while riding with us,we know they always manage to get great shots while out west with the John Dee crew,but it's still nice to get footage from the U.P.as we are blessed to have the conditons to ride right out our back door to.This years Ride In was a success as well.It's our slow time, business wise here at the cabins this time of year, but for us the work doesn't stop,it's time to clean, refres,repair and just keep our place top notch,hplus it's Dave's busy time with the construction company.As you may notice you'll more then likely get our answering machine,but we will return your call asap.We have great news on the Mi Trale ATV/UTV trail map, it will be available by Memorial Day weekend at a cost of $2 per map and only available through advertisers,at least for this 1st. 1000 issues or this year.Now if only the economy and gas prices would cooperate so that we could all enjoy a mini vacation to the U.P.The next event for our area which can make trying to find a hotel, motel,cabin or codo rental available is the 1st weekend in May it is gradtuation weekend for MTU and a few other schools. We've said our good buys to a few of our friends that decided to get to work right away and pass on walking,congrats to you all.I'm sure that the boys at Phi Kappa Tau have said their good byes as well, had their Bosh party, and are planning the next reunion party,I enjoyed seeing my boys at the 50th reunion,as I spent 13 years there and loved it!As my title said spring is in the air, soon it will be summer and then my 2 favorite seasons, fall and snowmobile,see you all soon!
March 31, 2008

What is the old saying ....something about March going out like a lion? It sounds like it is really going to roar! Check out the upcoming weather warnings. If the storm comes like they predict it could make for some awesome riding! Stay tuned...
March 23, 2008
Easter day trail report
yes a true to life trail report from off trail riders! 1st. off, we'd like to thank Shawn (hope that's how he spells it)from Evert'sand the Superior Snowmobile Club for a great day.A few of the volunteer groomers have really never riden the trail system they groom(us included. It was Speedy's last chance to go before he graduates from MTU. We had a few areas on the trails to check out and none of us have trail sleds,so Shawn at Evert,s supplied us with sleds and gave us a discount to boot! We were surprised at the response of the 550SS,as well as the other sleds.All the sleds were easy to handle and fun to drive.We were able to check out the bridge that needs to be replaced,plus a whole lot more.Here's what we covered,we left the cabins on #3, took#109 in from Twin Lakes, the trail had been groomed and was in perfect condition,only saw a few spots of brown on the crests of hills.After Alston the snow thinned out but was still very rideable.We then took #12 to Greenland where we had a flook of a slight break down, but a really nice couple stopped and he had a McGiever tool kit and we were back in business.Thanks to both of them hopefully they'll take us up on our offer and stay at the cabins next trip up.We were able to switch sled's ,yes Shawn delivered us another one to Pat's,so we ran and grabbed a quick lunch at the Pitt Stop, good food, smoke free and clean.Burgers were good to boot!We then took off to the over look in Mass,then continued on #3 to #13 in Rockland all the way to Bessemer and back to Ewen.Took #3 back to the #13 junction. I'd have to say unless Bergland area gets 6" plus of snow that area of trails is falling apart quickly. We found getting to food and gas difficult. Still haven't figured out wht Copper Country businesses don't make snow paths to area businesses they have snow dumps in all these towns, oh well just an observation of mine,as out west they do it through all their big thaws.We took the Sleeping River trail #13 to Twin Lakes and all was great, how ever there is a section of water developing on 1/2 the trail and one area of logging, but both were easy to pass. We then hit #3 back to he cabins. 215 miles total,we couldn't have asked for better trails the Superior Snowmobile Club as well as others have done a great job this year,many have commented on how great the trail system has been.Tonight Dave will be out as well as others getting things in place for hopefully another week of riding. We woke up to 2" of snow this morning at 7:00 and it's been lightly snowing since.As for the trails north of us, the only concersn are in the Houghton/Hancock area,we were told the lower trail was still holding up, a few snirty areas. Shawn will hopefully have his rentals out next week,he still plans to deliver to the cabins.So our main goal was to actually ride the trails we groom and we threw in a few other trails to compare and actually see what the conditions were like.Again we'd like to Thank Evert's for the sleds.We'll soon be saying good buy to one of our volunteer groomers,Born To Ride 6 rider,and good friend, Speedy.Keep in mind the Superior Snowmobile Club will be needing volunteers as we will be down 3 for sure for next year.Give Mike, Richard or us a call if you can give us a hand.So far there's still plenty of snow for off trail riding,still some snow in the forcast,and great spring riding weather.
March 2, 2008
Spring riding conditions
in our area it couldn't be better. We here in South Range recieved a 12" dusting on Thurs. which freshened things up and actually softened up the crusty base we've had now for a few weeks.We went out yesterday and in most of our off trail spots there was some settling of the 12" we were working our way through a min. of 6" to 8", with a few good stucks,course we call this snow, glory snow, because you can go just about any where with any sled because of the good base,and the few miles of trail we hit was in perfect shape.If the temps. stay in the teens to mid 20's we'll be riding for quite some time as here is still a min. of 3' to 4' of base snow in the higher elevations.To be fair, the road crossings in some areas are bare, as well as some parking lots, as for in town conditions I'll be honest I haven't been on the trails or in town areas,I did however run into town to pay bills and do the grocery shopping and the trail that runs past our insurance company in Hancock was in good shape,the trail that runs along the highway from Hancock to Dollar Bay looked to be in good shape, the trail that runs in front of the cabins here in South Range to Greenland are in perfect condition,and the Superior Snowmobile Club is still grooming as well as other clubs in the area. Who knows this maybe one of those years where we'll get an extention and groom past the April 1st. dead line.If your planning a spring run and aren't sure of the conditions keep up on John Dee.com web page or give us a call,we're still riding!!
February 14, 2008
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone from all of us here at the cabins. Hope you have a great day with your loved ones.
February 5, 2008
Can you beleive that it is February already? I hope everyone had a great time at the John Dee Ride In! We had a fantastic attendance. Let us know what we can improve on for next year.
January 30, 2008
Due to someone's human error or lack of communication we have 2 cabins open for this weekend. We have cabin 4 open from today through Feb. 6th and cabin 6 open from tonight through Saturday. Hope that we can accomadate someone at the last minute with their plans.
January 21, 2008
And the snow continues
we've had days of snow fall and cold temps. we recieved another 5" last night,Dave just got in at 9a.m. after doing 109 and 13 from Twin Lakes to Toivola,got a little concernd as he left after the football game last night and still wasn't home when I left for work.The trails have been reported to be awesome,last Wed. we did our 1st. trail ride in 3 years,as we have never been on 109,or any of the other trails in that area,all was great on our end of 109, Baraga's end had stutter bumps,and 3 water holes which I'm sure have froze over by now,we stopped in at Henery's Inn and made up a small pizza, that was cool never been there on a Wed. Ran into the Krupp crew,and a few others that we know. Well an update can be found on John Dee's web page on how well we're doing on collecting donations for the ride-in this year,some really great prizes from some really great businesses,be sure to thank them and do business with them,we only have 7 more days to collect all the prizes. Wow that came up fast!! Total on the ground in our area I'm guessing 4'-4 1/2' of snow on the ground and this a.m. 5" of fresh fluff, time to go put some tracks on it!!
January 10, 2008
Here snow ,here snow
come on ,let's bring it on.Just a tease last night. Well the boys are back,all in one piece,them and the sleds. Well Bill had sled issues so he had to rent. It was the 1st. time for most, and Dave's 2nd. Snow was deep and good.A few heart stoppers, as well as a few minor mishaps, but all in all they had a blast.Most agree that the riding is much more accessiable then in the Island Park area, but much more expensive. Both areas offer a truely unforgettable riding experiance. Dave just got in last night and he's left to go and groom,not sure if his feet hit the ground yet or not. The good news is they are still grooming. Reports have been trails in our area are good,South of here towards Baraga,so,so.North of the bridge, again our guests have reported good conditions.Traffic is up this weekend,as while Dave was grooming his sled count went from 5 sleds to 25 spotted last night.Copper Peak is coming up next weekend,wow that came up fast, this weekend is the x-game quailifying, and soon to come is the John Dee ride in, check out the latest up dates on his web page. Well snow is suppose to come for serveral days,my guess is when it comes it will go well into April,my favorite time of year,warmer and lots of day light,with an occational freak storm,that can dump us lots of snow, we'll see it seems to be all in the big guy upstairs.
January 7, 2008
To come or not to come
that is the question... Well we are the only place with snow, how much? Well that varies, 1' to 2' is what has been reported, fresh snow ? No, is it in the forecast? Yes, How MUCH ? Who knows,the one thing is for sure the trails have held there own,grooming has been limited because of little to NO traffic and the warmer temps, which luckily have stayed in the 30's. The temps. are suppose to drop starting tommorrow (Wed.)with light snow in the forcast for several days. Wish I could say that there's 4' of fresh powder, but... The trails in our area look snirty at road intersections, but every thing here is hard pack and ice.That can be ok for 1st. timers wanting to explore off trail, as one could go any where right now. Well we're geared up here for the Ride In ,been out getting some really great donations so far. We have lodging at the Ramada,Comfort Inn and Suites,& Copper Crown. Evert's has donatated snowmobile rentals, Copper Country Ford donated Hats,Superior Travel,gift bags.All this in 1 trip that's a pretty good start.This years recipient is from Drummond Island and his wish will be a Disney cruise, how cool is that!! Please check out John Dee's page for more info on the Ride Inn, area conditions, especially his journal, conditions haven't really changed that dramatically since his entry.
January 2, 2008
Happy New Year to all !
Happy New Year to all, and today we're off to a good start 12 more inches of snow fell yesterday and this morning. I've been getting lessons on plowing, as Dave and the boys are heading west tonight.I'm hoping all that read this can help out this year with donations to the John Dee ride-in. All donations raise money for a good cause,and bring smiles to many.We have alot of fun at the event and every year both John's try and make it better then the year before.So all local businesses if you have any donations Kathy and I will be happy to pick them up, or drop them off at the office here at the cabins.John will be doing North of the bridge and we'll be doing South of the bridge. Thanks to all that have helped out in the past 3 years, looking forward to meeting everyone this year...Lori
December 24, 2007
Christmas eve
it's here,now if only the storm that was predicted would have come,we would have had picture perfect conditions for all. Instead yesrday was a bust,in the a.m. hours we had rain,by afternoon the rain stopped and the cooler air came,by around 8 o'clock last night when Dave was trying to decide if he should groom it started to snow,but that to was breif. They decided to hold off on grooming until this a.m. Dave left at 6:00,was going to do from Twin Lakes to Toivola, then head from Twin Lakes to trial 13, hoping he could make it all the way through, without disturbing the low spots that had started to set up well last week.If all went well he was going to continue his marathon and head down the Alston trail,if all goes well I hope to see him at around 7 p.m. hoping I can fill everyone in on the conditions he saw. If anyone reads John Dee's journals,he has pretty much summed up conditions in our area. IT's cloudy and much colder today, if your wondering to come or not to come...well that's a call only you can make,we have approx. 1'-2' of old snow, a trace came last night,the groomers have been out and doing the best they can with what they have. Our guests that are here now, rode 90 miles yesterday!!! They left after the rain died down,they said the trails South were in fair to good condition,soft,and icy in some corners, but they said they had a good time,and plan to stay until the 2nd. They're headed out to find Dave,so I'll try and get an update from them tommorrow. I to am not going to sugar coat conditions, what I can say is there is about 1'-2' of old snow on the ground, a trace came last night along with much colder temps.If your looking for a place to enjoy good friends, family,and have a white Christmas then you'll be content. What you won't find here is 3' of fresh powder with a 6' base, ready to make your next crash and burn dvd, course then again maybe you can...Well my wish for all is that you have a Merry Christmas, a safe and happy New Year and that you make us you distination this year,and years to come as others have.
December 23, 2007
All I want for Christmas....
IS that the weather scanner prediction for today, tonight and tommorrow is true,possibility of 8" to 12", now that would be a great present for all!!! Up until last night the groomers were still running,as Dave went Friday night, didn't go last night as the temps stayed warm and there really is no traffic around,which is good in a way.... as it will keep the trails stable. He's supppose to go tonight and tommorow night so I'll try and keep all updated. As of now it's drizzling,the temps are in the 30's,everythings an ice rink right now, the plus side to this is it will make a great base.As I tell everyone that doesn't know the weather in this area,it changes daily if not hourly, just like out West. So let's just all keep positive, and take one day at a time.... enjoy the holidays that are fast approching, enjoy family, friends,good eats and hopefully a few nice presents!!! Anyone going to have a new sled under the tree,mine came a little early....but I loved my 1st. ride... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL :)
December 15, 2007
'Twas the week before Christmas
and all through the woods,hardly any snowmobilers par-taking in the hood!! I know you all have snow for the 1st. time in a long time. But here in the north woods we are holding on to 3' plus,grooming is going well,temps have been cool,a few inches of snow came on Thurs. which freshened everything up.As for me I still have not gotten out to ride,been busy here at the cabins,and getting ready for Christmas.As soon as the holidays are over it's time to get the ball rolling for the John Dee Ride-In ,any donations will be and are GREATLY appreciated. If your local and don't have the time to drop off please contact me and I will come and pick up anything your willing to donate.Any team challenges out there? Any clubs ? Common we try to make this bigger and better each year. For all that are heading North, be safe,and have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!
November 30, 2007
We have snow!!!
Well it's been quite a week, Tues, schools where cancelled due to 0 visability,blowing,drifting snow and fog, so I thought oh boy it's the start of winter. Well Thurs. a.m. got up to yet still blizzard conditions and 1 to 11/2' of fresh snow, Dave plowed for 5 hours and 1 tank of gas later,he quit as it was not letting up. Well the guys made it in from Crystal Falls that are working on the new power line and couldn't belive the snow total and yet still blustry conditions. As it looks and if the groomers arrive Dave annd the rest of the club members may have to start grooming, or should I say panning,he's got his days set for Sun. and Mon. although that may change as we have a few of last years drivers not returning,so Wed. will be the club meeting and all should be finialized then.The groomers should be set to go as well.As of today my guess would be we have 1 11/2'-2' of fresh powder on the ground.The areas between Mass City to Copper Harbor from what I have been told have the same amounts. What a blessing for the Harbor area, a early season is greatly needed by all,here's hoping this is the start for all of us. The new sled is here and ready to go, I just need to get my jobs caught up!! If your planning your 1st. trip up hopefully we can give you accurate info, or at least the best that we know.Just remember sticks and stones my break your bones,tear your track,or just plain be forgotten about as the fresh powder will tease you enough the what ever happens,happens cause I'm riding!! :)
November 18, 2007
8 pointer on the buck pole
As the title states, there's a 8 point buck on the buck pole!! Dave had a great day in the woods yesterday, he was wishing however that he could have bagged it the day before as 35 year ago he shot his 1st. buck at 5:20 that evening. Amazing how you guys can remember dates like that or scores of a game 20 years ago, but a birth date, anniversary date or the little things that we girls think are important you guys stumble on...nature of the beast I guess.Well the weather has been almost perfect for the hunters,a light dusting of snow has stuck around.Everyone sure is chomping at the bit to get real snow amounts to get them geared up.Hope to see you all soon.
November 2, 2007
Winter in the forecast?
Well the rally finished up last weekend, our guests the Rock Star group finished 2nd. in their class,was wishing they could have gotten a 1st. then they would have taken over all. They pulled into our garage Sat. 2 p.m. right on schedule to check out the damage. Quite inpressive to watch the pit crew working on 2 cars at the same time and how efficient they all were. I watched until 4 a.m. and had to hit the pillow for a few hours,at 7:45 on my way into work I took a peek in the garage and parts,tools and trannies were still on the floor.I asked them what time they were suppose to be at the 1st. station for Sat. race which was in Calumet and they said they had to be done by 8:30,20 min. later the cars were in the trailer the garage was spottless and by 8:30 they were headed out!! With all the action our garage gets I guess our neighbors don't really care for us.... Oh well lifes to short ,gotta live! Wow, Nov. 2nd. already soon to be deer season,hard to belive. On Bob and Tom this a.m. they said a radio station started playing Christmas music 24 hours! I know it's coming,it won't seem like the holiday seasons until the snow is in the air, but it's in the forcast!I need a pick me, up this past week has been pretty sad for me, alot of news on people I know with health issues,good friends getting divorced,and 2 funerals. And my K.C.Chase'um is really slowing down, he's the oldest of my 4 springers,it's hard to watch them age. well I'm lucky I have alot of paint jobs to get done, as it keeps your mind off the negitive stuff. Keep you posted on the deer seasonas well as the other little things that go on around here. Until then THINK SNOW, and keeping our trails,and freedoms to ride!!!
October 22, 2007
Welcome rally drivers.
It's rally time again,our 1st. team arrived from California. More to follow.This event is awesome to watch,and a few years back when we had a life David worked as a sweeper,be sure to check their web page and look for the schedule.We still would like the Haas party to get in touch with us as we are filling in and we do not have your deposit,we really want you to have a place here with us,but no deposit no reservation, sorry.Everyone seems to be planning on a good winter here and out west as the places I have called are booking up fast!The guys here are hoping to get enough together to fill a semi,as of now they have 8 in the group,the date they will be leaving is Jan.4th.- the 11th.so off trail rides won't be available unless you trust a girl to not get you lost or show you a few play areas,then again.... Well the rush is on, the U.P. national holiday is fast approching (deer season).Dave was happy to hear the "s" word in the forcast, but then again he's still trying to wrap up 5 roof jobs and a bunkhouse.Thanks to all that have wished me good luck with my new sled,still not here,and courious to give it a try, hope I'll be happy. John Dee has set the dates for the ride-in, be sure to check his web page and info.Any donations we will be happy to accept them here at the cabins,or call and we'd be happy to pick up,we'll be hitting the pavement,or should I say the snow banks soon, for your donations, again we thank all who helped last year!!
October 5, 2007
Confirming reservations
Well winter is fast approching and we like to have our ducks in order with our paper work,as we were going over our reservation books for the rest of this year and 2008, we came across 2 reservations, 1 was B. Haas,for Feb. 28-29 and the other was C. Baker, for Dec. 28-Jan.1. If you could just confirm these dates with us that would be great, you are in the book so don't worry!We have made a change this year to our cancellation policy as well, we will refund 75% if you cancel in the 2 week time frame, before we did a 100%, we are sorry if this is an inconvience to anyone , but processing the deposits on the c.cards was costing us $'s, and we know the reservation game, book in many different places, then go where the snow is and cancel the rest. It's totally understood by us as we are snowmobilers and do the same , and we realize deposits are lost, but ya gotta go where there's snow!!But you have to resect the busniess owner to,as they depend on bookings, and it's not always easy to fill a room or cabin on short notice.Also note that we now have wireless for you lap top junkies.Well the snow is hitting out west and John Dee's forcast for this season is looking real good! I'm getting alot of congrats on the brand switch, I hope it's a good move..The snowmobile magizines are out and the reservation calls and bookings are steadily coming in so I guess you are all thinking as positively as I!!!
October 1, 2007
Celebration busy
This month is busy with celebrations. 1st. on the list was, Dave bagged his bear, it weighed in at 180 dressed. So our freezer is filled with one of nature's finest, next to partridge. So it looks like I'll have to have a wild game feed for friends and family. Hoping maybe this weekend as tommorrow is Dave's birthday (wish him a good one.) We had a real nice gathering for Kathy's big 50 on Sat., we had a wonderful meal at the North Shore in Hancock, highly recommend the wild game dishes. So be sure to wish Kathy a happy 50TH. this year, come on Jeff Hart crew,time for a pay back! Next one up is our almost son-in-law, our sister-in-law Helen,and then our daughter Jennifer, so lots of birthday cake. So we have a month of celebration, with freinds and family.This week is about as good as it gets for our color season. For the hunters that are wondering about the hunting conditions, I'd have to say that there are alot of partridge this year the bear season was good for us and others that we know, and as for white tail,there are alot!! Todays the big one for the bow hunters, good luck Paul and Mike. Well we went down to the Lake Geneva area to pick up a used 4 place trailer,was able to visit with a good client of ours that has now having to retire from snowmobiling. We are sorry to hear of the news and that the group has gone their separate ways, but that's life, always changing. It was nice to visit and we wish him well, he also has a APEX for sale with alot of extras, if interested give me a call.While in the area we visited a good friend of ours that is at the Graceangle Hospice home, what a beautiful place for those in need.The boys are planning their out West trip, hoping to get enough interested to fill the semi.They haven't made up their mind on the destination place, as we are used to the Island Park area, but after John, Rick and Deb made us feel welcome to join them at Togwotee we found that area to be really nice, just farther and more expensive. I gave them 1 week to make up their minds or they have to hire a new vacation planner!The road rally will soon be in the area, starts on the 25th.MTU's parents weekend is fast approching.We took in the Machine at the Calumet Theater again this year, if your a Pink Floyd fan this band is amazing!!We'll be off to see ZZTop in a few weeks,then it will soon be the biggest event next to a Packer/Lions game in this area, DEER SEASON!! Well enough for now.....
September 22, 2007
Success at hunting!
Well opening day I was able to bag a 265 lb. really old female bear. Her teeth were so worn,but her coat was beautiful,hoping to have a rug made.Well it's offical my M7,'05, With 2700 miles, limited edition,162" track with a 2 1/4" challenger track,custom paint is for sale, asking price is $5000 FIRM. Looks as though my new ride is going to be a SkiDoo,not to keen on this but the guys are saying it's a light Mt. sled and will be easier for me to handle...um... maybe Dave's just looking for a new sled? Well we had rain and lots of it, as for the colors well they still vary, depending on locations through out the area, one color I haven't seen all summer was a green lawn, now it's here along with a million apples to rake before I can mow.Haven't been able to get up and help brush the trail, but it sounds like it was going well. Sandy had a good turn out at Krupp's, we only had 1 person stay here,haven't seen much of him so he must be putting in hours! Waiting to hear if the hard rains we had yesterday did damage to any of the hard work all have done. It took it's toll here at the cabins as well as the surrounding towns. All the hard work placing rock on the hillside and to our entrances has washed away in areas,lots of repair work ahead of us.Keep the calls coming , looks like alot of you are gearing up for snowmobiling season. To all you MTU rookie parents just remember no matter where you stay if it's a MTU event book at least 1 year in advance!
September 9, 2007
catch up time
Well this has been a very busy week,and winter will soon be approching,so this is catch up time, and it's always over whelming. We did however catch up on visiting with friends, which was a refreshing time away from work. An old mud boggin' friend stopped in to visit while in our area, we haven't seen Rick in at least 15 years. I also attended the 50 year reunion of Phi Kappa Tau,some of those boys I haven't seen in 10 plus years,after cooking for them for 13 years,and leaving them 6 years ago to start this venture. Was so cool to see them go on in their lives to become husbands and fathers and successful business people.This past weekend we attended Hay Days and got to visit with one of our yearly customers that has now become a good friend(junior1), a real bonus this business,making friends.Plus we ran into others while at Hay Days.We really didn't need anything this year but it's tradition to go. Although Dave had an agenda plan while there, he's been trying to convience me to try a Skidoo this year,course one of the Leeman brothers wasn't of help,as he was on the band wagon. We'll see. We've been getting ready for bear season, as we both have 2nd season tags. Boo Boo and friends have been well fed,these past few days, from table scraps to chocolate covered cherries, pop corn, peanut granola,fish,and sugar they've had quite a spread!!Not a diet I'd recommened unless your looking to gain weight!!And of course I don't want to forget to mention this coming weekend is the trail work weekend set by the Superior Snowmobile Club, then also the following week end as well. Many thanks to those of you that will be coming we GREATLY APPRECIATE your help!!! Most will be staying with Sandy and Richard at Krupps Resort, let's hope the weather will cooperate for all that will be working. We also have a busy weekend with Torey's daughter getting married,(Torey works here)her soon to be son in law is a old friend of ours from the mud boggin' days as well as a good snowmobile rider we ride with, may even see clips of him on John Dees video this year, Born to Ride 6, which Debbie said will soon be out. Their shooting for the Milwakee show.That was a fun time for us and a very interesting venture, as it takes many a hours to produce minutes of footage. We have to thank John and Dobson Entertainment for the oppertunity,as it was fun.We were able to tag along and watch them do their shooting out west,those boys sure can ride.Well fall is in the air as the geese are headed south,the colors have been at peak in some areas and vary in color in other areas.The best hunting season is soon approching and that's bird season, for Dave he'll soon be wrapping up the building season to enjoy deer hunting and then another year of snowmobiling will soon be upon us, really looking forward to seeing our old friends and hoping to meet you 1st. timers!
August 28, 2007
Busy time of year
Well fall is in the air. the area is at different stages as far as the tree colors go. We here at the cabins are close to 50%, while other areas are at 20%. We finally recieved some rain last night,which we have needed badly,I was however disappointed as I wanted clear skies to see the eclipse, again we always can't have everything go our way.This weekend is sure to be a busy one as the village of South Range will be the host town for the traveling wall,and Phi Kappa Tau is having their 50th reunion,I was a cook their for 13 years. I'm looking forward to seeing my boys, their families and remembering old times as well as hearing where they have gone in life.It was a fun time in my life to have worked there.My life has finally starting to slow down, at least for a few days. I was channel surfing and saw the FIBA basketball floor I worked on, plus I just wrapped up the Venitian's floor heading out to China, kinda a sense of accoplishment to see your work on national tv.Well I'm really looking foward to Sept. as it's my favorite time of year, as Hay Days is fast approching,bear season (both of us have 2nd. season tags), bird season, and we're approching our 5th anniversary here at the cabins, plus our 32nd. anniversary in marriage!! Time sure can get away,as we are fast approching the trail work weekends for the Superior Snowmobile Club, with us both having tags for bear season and the 1st. day of trail work lands on the 1st. day, we're not sure how much time we'll be able to donate. Plus this is Dave's busiest time of year,he's wrapping up on a house and then has alot of roofs to do in Twin Lakes after the hail storm. But I reminded him he does his time and dues 3 days a week grooming. Our friends will cover for him as the neighbor boys are back, they've started on our wood and have been excited to start working on the sleds. Well that's my update for now.....
August 10, 2007
first magizine
Yes we recieved our 1st. snowmobile magazine SnowTech, that means winter will soon be here! But let's enjoy the 2nd. best season of the year, fall.It's so nice as the morning air is crisp,an earthy smell is in the air, the plants are kissed by dew drops,the hunters are out scoping the area,and hopefully we'll see an occational dusting of snow.It's such a pretty picture moment when the trees are in full color and the snow just dusts them,and then there's the rumble of ATV'S in the air,as it's the best time of year to hit the trails. Looking forward to our weekend out with the St, Croix crew, and then there's Bruce and Ardis from Iowa coming,hoping we can entice the rest of you ATV'ers out there to come on up and explore our area.Let's not forget in Sept. there is also the Superior Snowmobile Club's trail clean up week,area business's have offered FREE or discounted lodging,and Krupp's mini mart has FREE bag lunches,come on you snowmobiler's that run the trails in this area what more can we offer you to give us a helping hand!!!It's the perfect time to pull up your ATV's and enjoy the area,while helping to prepare the trails for the coming season.Hay Day's will soon be here and bear season is fast approching, Dave and I recieved our tags for the 2nd. hunt,I'm excited as we have obsereved 4 different bear in our area, one's so cool as he has an all black face.Our springer Maggie will soon be having her litter of pups,and she couldn't have timed it better as she won't have to waddle to hunt in the woods,she'll be in tip top shape, 3 of her pups are spoken for but I'm sure there will be a few looking for a GOOD home, so if your interested give me a call.Well we're heading out to the NHRA drag races this weekend, can hardly wait for this shift to end!! Not that I don't love being here and visiting with the guests, but it's the RACES I love the race track,the smell,the sounds the horsepower, course Dave likes it to.But it will be nice to get out of making wood for awhile since that's the fall routine work 10 hours do a load after work then stack it the next day, we're close to having a season's supply.Please say a prayer for Kathy as she is also gone for the weekend to Mayo's with her papa,he hasn't been doing well and we have missed him here at the office, but bBaby the bird has been doing a good job at being the greeter,well enough catch up for now....
July 18, 2007
We have an addition to the cabins
As the title states we now can offer you free wireless internet in your cabin.Thank you Art for installing it while you were here on your vacation,can't belive you came all the way from Alaska to give me hand, but I thank you and hope you and your family enjoy the pasties! Thanks again.Hope it didn't backfire on you for to long, tell the girls they're limited!!Can't belive that it's the middle of July,there are actually signs of color in the trees and the fall flowers are in full bloom 2 weeks early.My favorite event is coming up ,NHRA in Brainard, and then we're into Hay Days, wow, it really is going to be snowmobile season soon,thank you early bookers, your making the reservation book looking good, glad to see your coming back.You diffently know it's that time when the advertisers are calling for you to be put on the trail maps and in the magizines.Not much else to report,but I want to thank Art again.
June 22, 2007
offical 1st. day of summer 6/21
Well I tried to stay up to see when the actual time was going to be for the sun to set,didn't make it. As Dave pointed out the days get shorter from here on. 4 months from now we could see our 1st. snowfall!! Well let's not jump the gun here, let's enjoy the summer.All school's should be out now,and the busy weekend will soon be here. It will be strange that the 2 busiest festivals will flow into one long week, as the 4th. of July falls on Wed. and then we go right into Strawberry Fest.Our candidate for Strawberry queen is getting nervous, she'll do fine!! Then of course, is the all school reunion for Jeffer's, and it looks like quite a few family reunions as well. The past few days have been perfect weather,cool in the evenings,72-74 during the day, a few scattered rain showers to keep the dust down on the trails,and the bugs really haven't been to bad!! It's been breezy, a few days ago a little more then breezy, we had a few sections of fence come down, Marquette had a bad hail storm, lots of damage to homes and cars.Well it must be getting close to the snowmobile time of year as it's been busy with questions about the area as well as companies calling for advertising,trail maps etc. etc. On the 30TH. of June will be the ribbon cutting for My trail a section of trail opened up for the ATVers, hope there's a good and positive turn out for the event, it set for 10:00 on Norwich Rd. Again the dates(sept.14th-23rd.) were set for the Superior Snowmobile Club, brushing, signing etc.etc.the local busnisses have given discounts on lodging,some even offered free lodging (us for one), Krupp's Mini Mart will have free bag lunches again for us,ummm good.Another event coming up is the 50 year reunion for Phi Kappa Tau (MKM,my boys, I cooked for them 13 years)Hi to all be safe and have fun, hope to see a few of you while in the area!! There's been alot of intrest in us this summer, thank you,as we would like to become a summer destination location for you, as we are in the middle of most of the destination spots in our area,we're just not on a lake, but we are on the ATV trail,and more private then a hotel/motel. As I said we are in the middle of the area attractions,beaches, and State parks. A few must sees while in the area are,Bond falls, and while in the area, check out the infamous Paulding Light,Old Victoria,(hit it on the art show weekend),Quincy Mine Tour,for you rock hounds MTU has a wonderful mineral display,area art galleries for art lovers,and we have some great art shows, (the art in the garden July 14th. is a nice one) if in the area.Well I could bore you to death about all the wonderfull places to visit, as well as to eat at,JUST HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE,COME ON UP, the U.P. is a great place to visit!
June 6, 2007
1st week of June
Well here we are into the 1st. week of June, the weather has been very spring like, cool, rainy,and an occational sunny day thrown in.Couldn't have been any nicer for the group of ATVers we've had this week. Fun bunch of guys, earlier risers and hit the trails hard. Yesterday they had a police escort across the bridge and headed to the Harbor, they left at 6:45 and got home at 10:00, but they're up and at 'um already at 7:00, smells like breakfast, this morning!! We had a fun weekend at the first mud race of the year for the UPMDA, met new faces and reconnected with old friends, the weather was not cooperating, it rained most of the day, the 'ol Dragin' didn't preform all that well either, our friend Eric had 2 bad runs, went out of bounds in both lanes taking out the timing lights. But we had fun and may hit another race or 2 this summer.We've got an event coming up the last week in June the brought back many a memories, the fresbee tournament is returning to the Range Snowmobile Club, Bridgefest is comming up, as well as the Strawberry Festival. We're excited this year we've sponserd Bobbie Nettell for Strawberry Festival queen canidate, so we girls get to go shopping, finally I get to do a girl thing! Looks like we have alot of weddings coming up, as the reservation book is showing alot of honeymooners are staying in #1 cabin. Alot of families are staying as well, congrats to all. I'm excited in August we're headed to Brainard to the NHRA races, then of course after that is Hay Days, and Dave informed me that in less then 12 weeks is hunting season!So summers here are short and we have to enjoy everyday that we can. For you 1st. timers coming to the cabins we hope your stay here will be enjoyable,we're sure you'll find the cabins your home away from home,we're located in a good central spot for the main destinations of the area.For you lighthouse buffs don't forget we have a wonderful service located in Houghton,Keweenaw Excursions, that will take you on tours.The Quincy mine tour is a must and my favorite is Bond Falls. So everyone drive safe and have a fun summer no matter where you rest your feet.
May 26, 2007
Kick off weekend
Where does the time go... it's Memorial Day weekend, the kick off to summer.In 5 months we could see our 1st. snow fall,that's a reality check for sure!The weekends come and go so fast and it seems as though every weekend there's something planned.Winter is soooo much easier,you get up move snow, go snowmobiling ,go to sleep, and do the same thing tommorrow.But summer,wow there's so much to do and so little time to do it all!Next weekend is going to be so much fun as we're hoisting the 'Ol Timers Reunion of all former members of the U.P.M.D.A.(U.P. mud drag assoc.. it's going to kick off with a BBQ. and camp out at our house and then hit the 1st. race of the year in Baraga, with a get together at the Press Box in the casino after the race. Should be a fun time, if anyone that reads this is a former member or knows one please pass this info on,as we are looking forward to seeing all the'ol timers , it's been at least 15 years! Be sure to check out the U.P.M.D.A.com web page. Weather here has been perfect for all you ATV'ers out there, the dust level is down as we have had some rain.The mornings are cool and crisp and by 11 it warms up.With gas prices being what they are, we are in hopes that you take advantage of what's close and in our area, as we do have alot to offer here in the beautiful U.P.It maybe slower pace and remote, but that's what vacations are suppose to be,away from the t.v.'s , cell phones, kids practices,and everyday jobs. So come on up,relax, make our place ,or any of the other local resorts your home away from home!
May 7, 2007
Spring time blues
That's what comes this time of year.The reality is now set in winter is over and work has begun.We have this saying he who has the biggest yard has just more work!We've been trying to spruce things up at home,the cabin and here at the resort.But it's paying off as the grass is turning green and flowers are popping everywhere. The MTU grads. and parents have all left now,again congrats to all, what an accomplihment!We've posted on John Dee's the dates the Superior Snowmobile Club has set for trail maintance, hoping a few of you viewers can come and help!In just less then 6 months from now we could see our 1st. signs of snow,hard to belive! Today is a perfect day to get out and hit the trails on an ATV,as we had a dusting of rain,sun is out and temps. are around 68 degrees. The buds are starting to appear on the trees,some wild flowers are popping up,incuding the dandilions! Course if you like to make wine, it looks like a bumper crop is in store for us!Lots of wild life is out and about,lots of partridge,deer look good and there are porqupines every where,which is amazing as we haven't seen them in numbers for years.So as evrything in nature ,we're in cycles,let's hope this coming winter will be that way to! So far the mosquitos and black flys have not hit us yet,the dry weather is good for that but not for our fire index,it's been high,so for now our fire pit area is off limits. Hoping that even though the prices of gas are up there,we'll still do ok for summer tourisum,this past winter was bumpy,and now we're facing possiable a slow season,but my hopes are that we all need a break from the daily grind,and we locals may just visit what's in our back yard.I still have not see the Quincy Hoist,and I under stand it's a must see. The one thing we've done locally and was soooo very nice and relaxing was the light house tours offered by the Keweenaw Star,it's a must do on my list!Wedding bells are in the air, as our calender is showing alot of wedding groups soon to be visting us soon, congrats to all.
April 22, 2007
spring in th air
Well the past few days were beautiful,and last nights rain made things look a little greener and the flowers look perkier.Well next weekend the MTU students will be graduating and some heading home to their summer jobs. It's also wedding time here at the cabins as we have quite a few wedding parties booked here again this yea, as well as honeymooners, congrats to all. Now however is our slow time so between spring cleaning here and at home we have the answering machine on and will contact you a.s.a.p.We pulled out the ATV's and got them cleaned up as well, and we actually pulled out the old mud bogger and started her up, oh the smell of race fuel and the sound of v8 horsepower, how sweet it is!Just think in less then 6 months we could recieve our 1st. snow fall! Course if you still need to see snow, check out Cook City and Togwotee's web cams!!
April 14, 2007
Still riding!!
Still riding and it is now the 14th. of April. The conditions sure changed in a weeks time,but we were able to put in 7 hours yesterday. There is still about 1'-11/2' of snow on the ground,which made it rideable to say the least.We actually found untouced roads,WHICH WAS HARD TO BELIVE AS THERE WERE QUIT A FEW SLEDS IN THE AREA!! The trail was showing some bare spots,the logging roads were holding up,although there were spots that were slushy,showing bare ground,and water running in areas.This looks to be the last weekend for sure,especially if the temps. stay warm and the rain hits.Although for atving it will be a work out as there still is a good base of snow! Also wanted to post that Sept. 14th. weekend and the following weekend is set for trail brushing,signing etc., etc. so for those of you that were planning on taking us up on the offer of free lodging it's time we set you up! Debbie at Krupp's will be doing the free bag lunches again as well.
April 9, 2007
April and still riding
April and still riding,not unusual but it was extremly deep to say the least. As I always say the weather here can change in a blink of an eye.Thur., Fri.and Sat. was by far the best of the very deep conditions,although the visability factor wasn't always the best at times. The depth of the snow was unbelivable,the sleds were plowing through snow 3'-5' in some places and even the best of riders found themselves stuck, and good stuck! Yesterday the sun came out and the snow was setting up, still carveable but setting up,still not an easy ride but will be a great base if we should get more snow. If the temps. stay cool and the nights even colder we should easily get a few more weeks of riding in.The rain and sunlight till 9 will eventually take it's toll,but if you could have been here or were here it was some of the best riding of the year.
April 4, 2007
snow snow and more snow!
Looks like we won't be wearing sandles, and dresses for Easter Sunday, I'll be wearing my Klim gear and riding!Heck with Easter dinner, our family is going riding instead!It's a heavy wet base and today it's big fluffy flakes and windy with more coming down.Bad time for the trail cam to be down,but then who wants to see snow!There's talk that a few will be heading up to the U.P. to ride as those that know there is riding to be had ,just have to understand there will be obstacles to endure,but they'll be riding!
March 29, 2007
Hate to see it come to an end. This was a very short season for all,and not just here,even the businesses out West had a tough go of things. We have been home from our out West trip,which went well. If you read John Dee's journal he wrapped it up very well. Wanted to thank him and Dobson Ent. for welcoming us to ride in with them, it was a learning lesson as well as a riding experiance.Shooting a video isn't as easy as it looks,alot of bloopers to get to the main event.All went well,that crew sure knows how to have fun! After returning home we were able to get some boondocking in,actually took guests out from Florida and they had a blast!Want to thank all that stayed with us this past season,was nice to see new faces as well as the old.Had fun with our anniversary guests,they now have a trophy to pass around,it's a joke we have going with the Hart's. I want to thank Norm for the fur hat, and a few others for their gifts.Haven't ate the pheasents yet,that's Easter dinner.Thanks to Dobson Ent. for including us in the Born to Ride6 DVD coming out this fall.We had a great banquet for the Make a Wish,want to say thanks to all that donated to the cause.Sorry it was't the best winter conditions here this year,but we had snow, not the best at times,but alot of you made the best of it. Dave finally beat Mike and Richard in grooming miles, I belive it was 1100 miles this year, we'll find out at our next meeting.Well the summer season will soon be upon us,and the wedding season has started, alot of you have booked for weddings, school and family reunions,for some it is your 1st. visit here with us.We're sure you'll be pleased with your choice. For all of you that like to ATV we're located on the trail that can lead you to miles and miles of riding,and we offer free guide service if you book 3 days(weekend guide service only available)Our trail cam is down for now, hopefully John will have it up and running soon.If trying to book with us now, sorry if we are playing phone tag, this is our slow time and we are in the middle of spring cleaning here and at our homes,we will return your calls A.S.A.P.THANKS TO ALL, Dave and Lori
March 17, 2007
Boondocking special
The boss is away so Kathy is at play. Running a boondocker's special...Book two days and get one free! Mention seeing it at this site!!! Think snow...
March 7, 2007
perfect day
Well we got a gear up day in today,the conditions were perfect! Blue skies, a crust of snow under 1 1/2 ' of fresh snow,and I didn't get stuck! Yup it's that time of year we're heading West,I must admit though I hate to leave these perfect conditions.For those that have been a little gun shy about coming up the past few days have been perfect no matter what type of riding you enjoy. Dave said traffic is down on the trails so that has made grooming much easier,he cut at least an hour off each of his runs.We here as well as other resorts work on a day to day basis,today the condtions were as close to perfect as one could get,although that to can change, as we cannot control the weather. I'm hoping it will hold out until we come home though,as spring ridng is my favorite. Hope all that venture up in the next few weeks enjoy the area,trails and the cabins,sorry I won't be here to meet you, and for those that are coming up near the end of the month for their off trail rides, I'm hoping the snow will still be here as I'm looking forward to riding!
March 2, 2007
1st. day of the ride -in
We sometimes have to watch what we wish for. I wanted fresh snow for the ride-in and boy did we get it!As of this morning we have a min. of 12", all sleds that were parked in front of their cabins were buried,saw a few inches of their hoods and wind shields, but that's it.We're still plowinng out and it's already 2:00 in the afternoon. The real bummer of this storm is it caused a few road closers,so I'm afraid the attendance is going to be down.The good news is that we have ALOT of fresh powder!Trails should be prime for quite some time now.I hope that the ride in will still be a success because it's for such a great cause. I'm hoping that next year we can fullfill a wish of someone that wants to come and ride.For those that think riding conditions are dismill think again it's a clean slate again, buy now everyone should realize that the U.P. weather can change daily. For now it's prime!
February 25, 2007
Ending of another month
Here we are at the end of Feb. already.This has been a short season for all, but I'm not willing to throw in the towel yet. As spring riding is some of the best the season has to offer. Granted your limited to certain areas, as snow depths vary from area to area. But for the off trail riders it's one of the best times to ride as the falls start opening up, there's a crust of snow that pretty much allows you to go any here you point your sled.Plus you can sometimes ride in just a tee or sweatshirt.And of course we could always get the surprise spring blizzard we usually get hit with.We had a great day yesterday at the Copper Peak hill climb, a for sure thing to put on your list of things to see here in the U.P. Next year it is set for Jan. 20th. as it was this year but had to be bumped up to the Feb. date due to lack of snow. It's the mid wests version of Jackson Hole hill climb, just as exciting with an average of 80% of all sleds taking a tumble down the hill. With riders from all areas (including western hillclimbers)which didn't fair all that well. This hill really can't go to big horse power either, it's a hill of skilled riders, and maybe just a lucky run.A real must see event!!Everyone's #1 question is how are the trails in this area and as John's journal stated and showed it pretty much tells the story. As we rode to the Bessmer area we to encountered the good, the bad and the ugly. But after this storm goes through it could be a whole new ball game. Any snow though will help with grooming. As there is not much anyone can do with sugar snow, fresh snow no matter how much added to what we have will improve conditions. It's hard to belive that next weekend will be the John Dee ride-in, many a great folks that stayed here at the cabins as well as local businesses have donated some really awesome prizes!Please consider 2 things as a rider ,for next year, 1st. join a club in a area you ride,as any $'s help and 2nd. come or contribute to the ride-in as it is a wonderfull organization,that could someday help you or someone you know!
February 17, 2007
That's a wrap
Think that's how they say it in the movie business.It's been along week here at the cabins.Everything wrapped up here yesterday with the Dobson Entertainment crew.We were able to ride almost everyday except yesterday.Dave got tired out as he groomed 2 nights,plus 5 days of off trail rides, and has 2 more grooming nights yet to put in this weekend. But we think they were pleased with the footage and the riding conditions. Rick and Debbie are great people and made it very easy to work with. I kinda got attached to Burt and Ernie (actually Mike and Norm.) It was fun razzing Mike that his sled sounded like a humming bird, well Chad at M&M took care of that,they put a pipe on his sled as well as letting him try out the Mt. Lite, Mike still ended up liking his Phaser, especially after the pipe was added.The North end crew sure were a great bunch of guys and good riders as well,some of them came down yesterday to ride with the South boys and wrap up filming the U.P. segment. In a few weeks they as well as us wll be headed out West. Dave made arrangements for us to head west for our 1st. honeymoon.Rick and Debbie asked us to join them while out there, maybe with the John Dee crew as well,don't want to infringe on them though as this is their cup of tea.Hoping we can hook up with some of our guests that wll be out there the same time!We're looking forward to the Born to Ride 6 DVD,as the weather conditions made for some awesome footage. With Dave knowing this end of the bridge like the back of his hand, he was able to get the crew in the deep woods and the deep snow!There should be a few good crash and burn segments as well.John's journal gave a good sneek peek,and we can't thank him enough for wanting us to join in on the action!We would also like to thank Castle and Dobson Entertainment as well as some of our guests (for helping out in the commercial)words can only say how much we appreciated the op. as well as the exposure this will give our little humble abode. Well enough boring all to death about the filming, just think it's kindda cool we'll be on a DVD.As I mentioned earlier, Dave as well as many others have been doing their best to keep the trails in good condition, but this weekend is the hardest by far.The traffic in the past week has been unbeliveable,but this weekend is equvilent to the Christmas/New years weekend, most places book up a year in advance!The temps. have stayed cold and light dustings of snow manage to come down almost everyday.A few feet would be nice just to refresh the old snow, but at least we have snow. Many have asked how late in the year can one ride off trail,as long as there's a good depth of base we could be well into April. The riding is not as extream as the snow is usually hard snow but with spring riding the streams and falls open up, which makes for some very pretty riding conditions, and sometimes one can ride in just a sweatshirt!I'll still bet though we get our usual St. Patty's day storm,which in the past has brought us feet of snow in just a night or a few days. Just hope it hits after we're back from out west!!
February 11, 2007
Well the weather started off snowing and blowing,but out of the blue(pardon the expression) came sunshine and blue skies!! What a photo op day. The footage Dobson Entertainment got was SUPER,the clarity was superb. the riding was comparable to out west,minus the vastness of wide open space. I'm sure John and the boys had a good time and that Dobson was able to get enough footage. I'm excited now to see what they put together for Born to ride 6. Can't thank everyone enough for letting us in on the video.(no autographs yet,ha,ha, just kiddin')The DVD will be ready later this fall,can't wait,even though Dave had to give up his secret spots!!
February 9, 2007
Movie stars?
Todays going to be an exciting day as we have 2 days of filming with Dobson Entertainment and John Dee.The North boys are coming over to play. What an oppertunity for all of us, thanks to all that wanted us included. Hope we get good pictures, good footage, and good snow!!Update you all real soon,and who knows we may be in next years movie!
January 31, 2007
Last day of Jan.
Hard to belive it's the last day of Jan.Last night we recieved 6" of fresh powder.Wish it would have been 6' instead!! Trails are holding out on the South end of the bridge. The North end has picked up some more now as well. Still low snow depths in the low lying areas though.Still some icy spots reported, please be careful!!The traffic still has been light in our area.Which I will post dates and cabin sizes available for Feb. They are #4 cabin available the 12th.-15th.,#6 cabin available the 11th.-14th.,#1 cabin available the 21st.-24th.,#5 cabin available the 22nd.& 23rd.,and #2 & #4 available the 25th.-27th.That's it for now unless we recieve a cancellation. Please be sure to check out the update on the John Dee ride-in on his web page. If anyone wants to donate a gift for the raffle/door prize please contact us here at the cabins.
January 24, 2007
Beginning of the season at the end of Jan.
We here on the southern end of the bridge have been luckier then the northern side. But I'd have to say the traffic has really stepped up this past weekend.David called last night while out grooming and he said by far the amount of sleds he encounterd was way up. He also said the trails diffenitly needed to be done,as he recieved alot of thumbs up. Which reminds me to remind all that read this page,give the groomers a hand sign when your the last one!!He said the hills and corners are ICY, so slow it down.Snow is still much needed for off trail riding,a fresh 6"+ inches are truely needed just to refresh the 2 track roads,and I would have to say conditions are still holding true,in towns and areas close to the lake, are still low.The groomers on this side of the bridge have been grooming,some areas that are considerd lower traffic trails are being done every other day. Today we recieved about an inch of snow as of this a.m. 70% chance thru Thrus. p.m. and more through out the week into the week end,WE SHALL SEE,I've asked all the people I know that have the Heikki Lunda record to Please PLAY IT!!Heikki's a Finnish snow God,folk lure or not,it's worth a shot!Some of the earlier posted dates have been filled,but others are still open,I will try and update those soon. If I can get a few hours away from the garage,2 more sleds yet to paint,nor complaining though.
January 21, 2007
A new week on the horizon
Gearing up for a new week,last Thrus. storm was well welcomed.As I wrote areas recieved different amounts of snow,and all has settled or been rode over by today. Snowmobilers are heading into the area,as there have been some positive posts on John Dee's web page.We still do not have conditions that are typical for the area,but as most that are checking in today,and leaving , all agree there's more snow then what they have.The forcast for the next few days in our area is looking pretty good,40%tonight,Mon-Tues.a.m.30%,Tues.night-Wed.50% and snow possiable Thurs.-Fri.one can only wait and see.As far as I know groomers have been out,a few new rookies are having their share of troubles, but lets give them a break, at least their out there for you and trying.Should be able to update you on what Dave will be grooming tomorrow and Tues.Glad all that went out with Dave had fun and rode safe,see you either soon or next year!CANCELLATION DATES AVAILABLE IN FEB. Feb.4TH.-8TH.#1 CABIN,4TH.-7TH.#4 CABIN,11TH.-14TH#3 & #6,and 21ST.-24TH.#1 CABIN..
January 20, 2007
Good bye #1,2 and 3
Bye guys, glad you had a great 2 and 1/2 days of off trail riding. Don't know about you but after 2 days of grooming 2 days of plowing and 2 days of riding Dave's feelin' his age! For all that are wondering if there's off trail riding available, I'd say yes, Dave was able to hit fresh untouched snow,the groups have had a great time!I'd also have to say ride carefully,although the only close call was on a groomed trail.I belive all groomers every where have been out, again I'd have to stress that in the low lying areas,such as in towns,and along the lake the snow is still low. The snow that came Thurs. and Fri. came in snow bands,and what came has made an impact on trails,in coming trailers and phone calls.Today is cold and sunny with blue skies,snow is in the forcast for severval days,so this may mean winter has come upon us here in the U.P.WHO KNOWS MAYBE THIS WILL BE ANOTHER YEAR WE ARE ABLE TO GET AN EXTENSION FOR GROOMING, after April 1st.We still have limited openings in Feb.,who knows it maybe what your looking for, and this maybe as good as it gets, I doubt that, I'm sure there's more snow waiting to be dumped upon us. We always get a storm around St.Patrick's Day
January 20, 2007
Good bye #1,2 and 3
Bye guys, glad you had a great 2 and 1/2 days of off trail riding. Don't know about you but after 2 days of grooming 2 days of plowing and 2 days of riding Dave's feelin' his age! For all that are wondering if there's off trail riding available, I'd say yes, Dave was able to hit fresh untouched snow,the groups have had a great time!I'd also have to say ride carefully,although the only close call was on a groomed trail.I belive all groomers every where have been out, again I'd have to stress that in the low lying areas,such as in towns,and along the lake the snow is still low. The snow that came Thurs. and Fri. came in snow bands,and what came has made an impact on trails,in coming trailers and phone calls.Today is cold and sunny with blue skies,snow is in the forcast for severval days,so this may mean winter has come upon us here in the U.P.WHO KNOWS MAYBE THIS WILL BE ANOTHER YEAR WE ARE ABLE TO GET AN EXTENSION FOR GROOMING, after April 1st.We still have limited openings in Feb.,who knows it maybe what your looking for, and this maybe as good as it gets, I doubt that, I'm sure there's more snow waiting to be dumped upon us. We always get a storm around St.Patrick's Day
January 19, 2007
Thank you snow dancers,snow Gods,Heikki Lunta,'ol man winter whom ever.We now have 1-11/2' of snow in our area,South Range, Trimountain. Houghton had about 5" the mat is now down on the bridge, John Dee said he recieved about 4"-5" in his area,all is beautiful fresh powder! If you want to come on up we had a cancellation,Dobson was going to do some filming but we decided to wait for more snow. So the dates we have open are 16th.,17th.,18th. of Jan.#3 cabin.The snow is good and trails should be in GOOD SHAPE!
January 18, 2007
check out NOAA,
Check out NOAA, for South Range, 100% starting this afternoon-Sat. a.m. I can't remember ever seeing 100%!!! Oh when they say all we needed was the west north west winds how true was that.How many inches we will recieve will be a gift from above literally!! So all that are in the area or coming should have great riding,those that are on their way please be safe and careful, those that are here and can't get out, we'll find a place for you on our floor!!
January 16, 2007
added inches
Well we've added a few more inches to our base up here,trust me it was well welcomed. Please be sure to check out John Dee's journal,as he like us got out to see what conditions are.We were so happy to report to our customers that the trails north are holding there own. It's still the same conditions as far as going into Houghton/Hancock,and other towns in the area as well as trails that lead you close to the lake.Dave was able to make it all the way through on trail #13, he reported that there was enough snow. He was training in Chris, which had a lesson in climbing the hills on the trail last night,1 stuck. Good luck to Chris and thank you for your volunteer time, Good job! As far as off trial riding the logging roads have at least 1' of base in our area,course still a little iffy if you venture to far off in the woods, as if you see a bump, it probably is a rock or a stump!Weather men were right on when he said the snow was going to be in bands, as areas recieved different amounts through out the area.But there is at least 5"-8" of fresh new snow in the higher areas.Try and get you an update on the Superior Snowmobile trails, soon.
January 14, 2007
Reports from riders
Well I guess everyone has come to the conclusion,it's the middle of Jan. if we're going to ride we may as well give it a try.There seemed to be alot more sleds in the area,with people stopping in all day long to visit. Some asked were's the snow ,others were happy to see the snow and the usual comment, more snow then we ever get in a season.Two positives from riders were, 1 guy dropped off in Eagle River and rode to Houghton(all by himself)said the trails he rode were in fair to good, and the trail from Mass to South Range was perfect, to bad his buddies ditched him,as he said he had a good days ride, he did say in town areas snow was thin,and by the lake as well. The other group could not find a place here or south to stay so they booked north of Calumet, rode all the way to the harbor and said the main trail was in good shape,in the Harbor a little thin and near the lake as well, as they came into Hancock/Houghton very thin ,but they went to Henery's to eat and stopped back and said they thought the trails to be in good condition,especially the main trail,icy on some of the corners, but the put on over 300 miles with smiles.This am the group that checked out said all was fine except the Rockland hills and sections over by Bergland.The forcasts for our area are calling for snow,4 days in a row. We've decided we can't wait anymore as well,if carefull and at least 1' of snow base we are going to do an off trail ride this after noon,update you soon,it's just time can't take it any longer. The question of the year should we come or cancel,I'd have to say those that were here this week had good times and good rides,did they get to experiance a true U.P. winter ride with 5' base 12"of fresh powder,untouched snow,NO,quick wake me up,I to am dreaming. But we are riding in the area, businesses are coming to life, and we heard alot of positives on the trails and especially the ones that we the Superior Snowmobile Club grooms.
January 14, 2007
Riders opinions on trails
updated reports on a word written from us to you page
January 14, 2007
If your looking to come up we had a cancellation for the following dates,1/15-1/18 and 1/18-1/21,also check out the page a word from us to you.also want to add this morning a group stted that the Baraga end of 109 was not good.
January 10, 2007
check trail conditions for the latest update
Check the info on trail conditions
January 8, 2007
The #1 question
#1 question...should I still come? #2 question is there snow? We recieved a few inches last night with snow in the forcast for a few days ,now,how much... well that's the trick question of the year!!! We did recieve much colder temps.and if the west/north west winds come we may actually see real winter. The groomers are all heading out today Dave will be doing trail 13 so hoping to post trail conditions for you soon.I, like the rest of you, are just waiting for snow this is truely a rough year for all,everywhere.Just hope when the snow hits tou all will be able to hit the trails, having to make plans depending on the weather is frustrating for all.
January 8, 2007
Still snowing!!!
Still snowing how cool is that? Real cool as temps. have been below 0, however today it's windy and snowing with 12 above!!Last night was the all nighter for statues at MTU, it was a windy,cold night for them,but today the statues will be at their finest,they should last quite awhile if the temps. stay low. They really are the high light of the event,course the skit night is a well worth while event as well.If there are no cancellations there are very few dates left here at the cabins.Here's an update as to what's available,#5 on the 14th., for any of you that may be doing a over nighter,#3,5,6, on the 18th.,#5 on the 22nd. and 23rd.,#2&4 on the 25th. & 26th., #5 on the 24th.,that wraps up the month of Feb. March is filling up fast and even though near the end of the month it may become iffy, we do groom up to April 1st. and have had extentions till April 12th. So hopefully we will still have good riding for awhile.The trails have been busy as well as the groomers, our club has had issues with the groomers,some minor,some not so minor break downs. One of our guys did his run with no heat! Dave, like Mike and Richard is getting a little run down,he's had tours almost every day,plus his plow jobs,plus working here at the cabins,then groom 2 to 3 times a week. I think his days of looking forward to winter are becoming a little less these days.He worries that if we can't offer good trails to those that come to our area,they'll go else where, which is true, so he's become a one man crusader. But there are a handfull of guys that do so very much.I'm seeing it taking a toll on my guy though.My wish is that other business owners in the area would jump on the band wagon and help out.One can only hope though,one thing Dave and I know is that we cannot devote as much time as Mike and Richard,and when the time comes that they throw in the towel,we all had best be worried!!
January 2, 2007
What's in the future
The million $ question, what's the weather going to be like in 3,6,10,14 etc. days.As all want the answer to the big question as they are hoping that their plans will be able to stay on track. Folks I wish I could answer that question for you. Yes we had a set back with the rain,but then we recieved some snow, not alot, 3 in. at the most. I do know that Dave and a few other groomers went out last night, Dave got in 5a.m. this morning so I don't have an update for you yet.Is there snow in the forcast, yes,will we get any, and if so how much.. that's the trick question. I do know in this area weather can literly change in a day. Sorry I'm not of much help here today,we have snow,is it worth the trip,I'll let you know soon as I have riders from Iowa here and some from Texas coming, 1st. comment was more snow rhen we have, but for us locals, we call this a dusting....
December 28, 2006
Trails holding their own,
Trails are holding up,from here to Lake Gogebic they are grooming,Dave's been out every day since Christmas eve day, as well as a few others,reports from riders are as I stated earlier the trails are holding up thanks to the cold temps.Don't get me wrong it is still only 6-8 inch hard pack base, and a few areas still need to be repaired on the trails after that last storm, I think Dave is going to go out again, as their were a few areas mentioned where there were still downed trees. Mostly up on the Greenland end, not sure why their not out on that end so the guys are going to go up and find out. They are still grooming and plan to as long as they can and there's riders out there.All things concidered from all that I talked to last night as they came in was they had a good days ride and at least they are riding.
December 24, 2006
The boys were out!!
After the heavy wet snow that came down Richard,Mike, Dave and I'm sure a few others went out with the groomers,hoping that if they get the base to freeze up we'll be off to a good start.Richard said alot of brushing needed to be done and a big tree was down on trail 13 Dave and Butch got it cleaned up and will keep us warm next year!!Dave and I'm sure a few others are out again today. Bob from the Kew. trail system panned in front of the cabins yesterday, so we are hoping he did from Houghton through the Freda trail.Snow is in the upcoming forcast, so please Santa Please bring us some real LES soon!
December 20, 2006
Merry Christmas?
All we want for Christmas is a foot of snow, ho,ho,ho. Still no new snow, no sleds, no groomers no... Some riders have said the only snow is from Atlantic Mine to Old Victoria. A few inches with dirt spots, passable, depending on attitude, better than nothing? Hoping the storm forcasted will come through for us as it looks promising for the weekend.. again we will see..Snow is predicted for Fri.- Sun. All the area groomers are idling, the operators have a twitch in their fingers to push the joy sticks.We'll keep you posted!!
December 14, 2006
Got Snow?
6 weeks ago we had blizzard conditions, today we have a trace of snow. If you check out John Dee's web page the Superior Snowmobile Club has 4 groomers just waiting to go, so bring it on , do a snow dance, start up the snow making machines , or maybe if we all start our sleds at the same time nation wide the snow God may hear our cry!!!So with conditions like this we have very little words to say.We've added a new section to our web page, trail conditions. We will post only what we get in reviews from guests as everyone has a different concept as to what's good, bad and ugly.Also we will post only what we and the Superior Snowmobile Club groom,what we ride off trail or what other clubs will report to us. We will try and update often, hopefully soon,let it snow, let it snow, think snow!!!
December 5, 2006
The start of a new season
Well I'm back,all is well and 1 1/2 weeks to go till my 6 week check up, wow that went by way to fast, but just in the nick of time.The snow is here,as of today 1'-2' of snow in our local area, some groomers are out, I'm sure we'll get the go tonight at the club meeting, kinda looking forward to starting, I'm nervous to cross the tressels for the 1st. time, really don't care to do it on sled,4 wheeler or car,but ya gotta go across.The phone has been busy, everyone's itching to ride, including me.Just keep in mind this is early season riding, especially us off trail riders.Many are waiting to try out their new sleds,including my family and friends. I'm trying not to get to bummed out cause I can't ride, but I'm keeping busy,working on 6 custom paint jobs,so if your trying to book I'm in the garage,but am checking the answering machine every couple of hours,so again please be patient. Here's to a SAFE new year, looking forward to seeing all you regulars and meeting those the will be 1st. timers, hope we make your snowmobile destination a comfy one!!!
October 30, 2006
Be patient please
To all who are trying to book with us please be patient. It is now our VERY SLOW time and we are not at the office all day. Especially the next few weeks as I am going to Mayos Nov. 1st. and if need be I may need to have an operation that will tie me up for a few weeks. The cabins are in good hands as Kathy and Torey will check the answering machine daily and return your calls a.s.a.p. THE much waited season will soon be upon us ,grooming will start Dec. 1st. and the Superior Snowmobile Club has been blessed with a SUPER turn out of VOLUNTEERS, which we really need as we have now taken on the DNR trail as well as our trail system that we have been doing. If you would like to become a member, and give this Great club a few $'s give us a call or better yet give the president a call, Mike at 288-3025.If you really want to get involved we always need a hand in the fall with trail maintance. Hopefully the next time I post we'll be all riding!!!!
October 14, 2006
Taste of winter
It's been a buzz here in our area, snow and a fair amount has landed. Enough for me to get a ride on the sled to work and around home, Dave also took a quick burn around town.The phones been ringing off the hook, had to say not enough to drive 6 plus hours. But we did get on the national weather channels, total we recieved 2'in Trimountain. What a surprise for the MTU parents, only one cancellation the rest came on up and really seemed to enjoy it. There was a great hockey game Friday night and today all were looking forward to the football game. We had a taste of hpefully what's to come, I remembered why I love to sled, the feel, the smell, the quick response, and the sound of pipes,yes pipes,sounds like horsepower to me! Oh and not to mention what beauty the white stuff adds to the landscape. Now I'm pumped,looking forward to the up and coming season and all of my repeat customers,are you ready to ride? Course now we have to get serious and get things wrapped up before it's for real.Did lots of work around the cabins, most won't get to see it as it will be covered in white, the trail cam area came out nice,Frank we need to get some nice flowers planted there next summer, can't plant when you get here in Feb..The 2nd entrance to the cabins as well as a new sign are all complete. I wasn't able to get out much for my bear hunt,but there's a few days left, so I'm hoping to fill tht tag.The guys are trying to wrap things up before the Yooper holiday, deer season, Dave's been trying to get his project sled stsrted,but... Well I've rattled on now long enough, but wanted to thank all the MTU parents for stayng here with us, really enjoyed our visits.
August 26, 2006
updates on happenings at WRC
Well here it is the end of August,need to update our page I see. The ride with the St.Criox crew went great,was surprised to see how dry everything is out in the woods. We went to 2 different falls in the area and they were just a trickle of water at both,rivers that can pose a problem for us during the snowmobile season were all but dried up. We had a cook out at the camp and got to visit, looking forward to seeing them at Hay Days. Of which is coming up soon, that's our annual summer/anniversary trip, can hardly wait. Dave's been busy preparing his sled for next year, can see some of his improvements on the Fabcraft web page, he's sent his motor out and I'm coming up with a new paint scheme for his sled.We are also gearing up for more hours on the trail as our club now has the task of brushing/signing the trails for this up coming year.We also have taken on more miles to groom,and find new drivers as we have possiably lost a few and now added more miles.Reservation for off trail rides are coming in, and let's not forget the John Dee ride,looking forward to this years event, hoping we can raise more $ then last year.This weekend has been busy with the students coming back to the area, alot of empty nesters, in time they will adjust,the only thing the parents have to remember is book a year in advance for any of the Tech functions no matter where they stay, especially Winter Carnival.Last but not least the new highway project is winding down, today they are black topping. We will now soon have 2 entrances to the cabins, our old one and now one coming off the main highway.Our next best thing of the year is coming upon us fast, the color season, there is already a touch of fall colors appearing, but the prettiest is when the trees are at full color and we get a dusting of snow, yes the s word, can hardly wait. We'll get to see our usuals,which I remember 1st. by faces then 2nd by names if I'm having a good memory day! Yes I'm at that age CRS is setting in quickly,which reminds me Dave's big 50 is coming up Oct. 2nd wish him a happy 50 more!
August 12, 2006
Christmas in August
It was merry Christmas at our house this past Monday,as we recieved the 1st. snowmobile magizine! We're headed out this weekend with the St. Croix crew to do some ATVing,so while visiting we pulled out the 'ol snowmobile videos,it's in the air.Dave's suppose to pull his motor and get the garage set for the tear downs, soon the garage will be his office instead of going to work, he loves that time of year. It's coming,the days are getting shorter, the evenings are much cooler, and the color hues in the trees are actually starting to change into their pre fall colors.We'll give you an up date on this weekends ride.
July 22, 2006
Perfect summer
Perfect summer thus far.The weather here has been hot for a few weeks but today is perfect, hard to belive July is comming to an end.Summer tourism seems to be somewhat down,at least with the travel trailer tourist, I'm sure the gas prices have hurt their travel plans.We here at the cabins however are holding the corse.We've been busy with the coming of M-26 as now we will be located on the highway. So we've been busy landscaping and putting in a new entry way to the cabins from the highway. Some of our efforts can be seen on the trail cam, been moving alot of rock, and made the parking lot much bigger.Hard to belive 4 months from now snow will be in the air,waiting to see how the gas prices effect everyone, although we can't just quit living our dreams and give up on what we love. My favorite time of year is approching fast,the press on regaurdless road rally, hunting season(birds, bear and deer),and I got a bear permit this year!And then there's the best time of year for ATVing coming up which leads us to the cream of the crop SNOWMOBILE SEASON, YES, don't know about you but it's comming fast, as we had to have all advertising in 3 weeks ago for the Sept. issuues. Can't give up what I love while I can still do it, by the time I'm 80 I'm sure it will be a tough go, so enjoy it now is what I've been told, so I'm going to.
July 22, 2006
Perfect summer
Perfect summer thus far.The weather here has been hot for a few weeks but today is perfect, hard to belive July is comming to an end.Summer tourism seems to be somewhat down,at least with the travel trailer tourist, I'm sure the gas prices have hurt their travel plans.We here at the cabins however are holding the corse.We've been busy with the coming of M-26 as now we will be located on the highway. So we've been busy landscaping and putting in a new entry way to the cabins from the highway. Some of our efforts can be seen on the trail cam, been moving alot of rock, and made the parking lot much bigger.Hard to belive 4 months from now snow will be in the air,waiting to see how the gas prices effect everyone, although we can't just quit living our dreams and give up on what we love. My favorite time of year is approching fast,the press on regaurdless road rally, hunting season(birds, bear and deer),and I got a bear permit this year!And then there's the best time of year for ATVing coming up which leads us to the cream of the crop SNOWMOBILE SEASON, YES, don't know about you but it's comming fast, as we had to have all advertising in 3 weeks ago for the Sept. issuues. Can't give up what I love while I can still do it, by the time I'm 80 I'm sure it will be a tough go, so enjoy it now is what I've been told, so I'm going to.
June 12, 2006
Well we had a great Fri. ATVING,the weather was wonderful and the dust wasn't to bad, although we weren't on the main trail for most of the day. We were out with John Stachler and girlfriend.Neither had been to the area in the summer. We had such a great time with them, our day was filled with adventure, water falls,and we actually came across a new born fawn,it still had just been born,the cord was still attached to it and was unable to walk or stand. Sat. was a continuation of a perfect weekend as we went out to dinner with them and Nora and John Dee.Worked on dates for this coming years ride-in, as well as plans of event,which I'll leave for them to announce. Although the date will be March 2nd. and 3rd.Aweek earlier then we had 1st. plannd but the following week is our annual trip out west. We shot around a few great ideas for this years event, I'm sure we'll be able to accomodate more guests this year as well as other events.So we'll keep you posted.
May 28, 2006
Kick off to summer
Hard to belive it's now the end of May,Memorial Day is just a memory, and 2006 Grads. are setting off to start a new phase in life. Congrats to all and best wishes.The summer events are now under way,and tourist are starting to arrive. The new highway expansion is progressing right along, as well as our new entry road to the cabins which will be right off the highway. The old entrance will still be accessable to,so 'Hustler' YOU CAN OPT TO TAKE THE NEW WAY IN, FOR TAKING DOWN THE NEW SIGN WILL BE PRETTY HARD!!All kidding aside we hope you and all our regulars are enjoying the kick off to summer, as the weather here has been wonderful for the weekend.John looking forward to our ATV outing, and maybe kicking some ideas around for this years ride in.
April 30, 2006
Grads,leaving as well as April
Well this past weekend MTU and FU went through commencements.Best of luck to all.Going to miss some of our riding partners and friends,but as long as we get snow they'll be back.Just recieved a nice package from the MTU's clean air organization as they took a trophy for best paint job as well as many others,I've been fortunate to have done paint jobs for many of their project vechiles.Now in a few weeks I'll be working on my truck,and a few other paint jobs. Also finished up with spring cleaning here at the cabins, the weather could not have been any better for that project, as all doors and windows were open and everything could go outside for a good airing out. Next stop our house, then get ready for the cemetary projects, as Memorial Day will soon be here, hard to belive 240 some days till the beginning of our riding friends to return. Some will have new rides that I'm excited to see. But soon the trails will be buzzing with ATV'ers, we're looking forward to hitting the trailswith a few of you. Hoping everyone will be able to get out and enjoy the best our short summer has to offer. The gas prices will effect us all, but it's out of our hands, and straight into there's!!
April 3, 2006
Thanks to all !!
Well here it is the 3rd. of April,belive it or not, but we are still riding!!Off trail but I will say that the trail from the cabins(PAST THE CONSTRUCTION)to Toivola is still in great shape,very few bare spots and actually still smooth.We tried to venture father to get to our off trail riding areas and still found the trails to be in decent shape for this time of year, although it is over for trail riding we can actually still use them to get to our destinations,not bad for April 3rd.!!We also saw Yamaha testing for the past 2 days,interesting looking sleds!!The falls that we know are not quite at there peak yet, but with a little rain they should be flowing great. The fishing down the Misery we heard is off to a great start.But my title was a Thanks to all!!and we truely mean it!! We were not able to take our annual out west trip this year, so that gave us an oppertunity to meet and visit many of you.We were also able to help with the John Dee ride in and meet more great people, and also was able to groom more for the Superior Snowmobile Club.We made some great new friends this year and also met up with past friends from our racing days, and of course we can't leave out our regulars that have been with us since our opening 4 years ago,hard to belive we made it 4 years!!Looking forward to next year already,St.Croix boys we'll be waiting to ride hard,looking forward to the 2006 dvd from Stanley and the gang,and Mark I'll try and get Dave working on that to do list,and if another storm should come in on your check out day Brakke's our spare bedroom will be ready for you!!! THANKS TO ALL THAT STAYED WITH US,WE HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD EXPERIANCE WITH YOUR STAY, and hope to see you back again!!To everyone winter is wonderfull here in the U.P.,but the sales pitch is you really must come up and see the area either in the summer or my favorite time the fall as it truely is a beautiful area anytime of year!!Thanks to all
March 25, 2006
Still riding!!
Well so far so good, we recieved 4 plus inches of snow in the past 2 days. We had a group out today and it was still excellant off trail conditions for us.We weren't able to find untouched snow, but newly covered snow. The base was softened with the new stuff, but not the best for carving, but for stucks, plenty of snow for that!! With plenty of stucks!! The trail from Twin Lakes to South Range was in very good shape, slushy near town crossings but the rest was very good. Dave blew a belt and wrapped it around his secondary,so he had to call it a day, which he didn't mind as he had to groom, so I headed her back to the cabins, while the rest finnished their days ride,so what trails I hit were still in good shape as of 6:00,starting a few stutter bumps,but.. So yes people are still riding.
March 16, 2006
Is it still winter?
Yes.It is now 5 days after the BIG ONE, and winter is still with us.We had a minor set back yesterday with a groomer down, but like everything here in the U.P., everything changes daily.Today the groomer is back out,it can't make up for yesterday,as I'm sure many of you had a unfortunate days ride.We had a taste of the trails, and think what a shame,our guests traveled here for this, but again it will happen once in awhile,it's beyond everyones control when a groomer breaks down.Now my day was AWESOME,the boondocking conditions for the past 4 days have been PRIME!!Yesterday was my day, the guys stayed back and I got to break trail on virgin snow all day!!! The temps have been staying cold so the snow is settling but not truely melting.After the big one the powder was awesome, best conditions all year,we now have great snow for newbee's to give it a try. Hope the group we had out had a good time,even you Jan, I know you didn't like the hill climbing part, but hey you made it!! The rest of the crew is ready for Jackson Hole (ha,ha)Remember if you do decide to come up we have our 10% discount special, just say you saw it here. If your concernd about conditions call ahead we'll keep you up on conditions the best we can. As of now the Superior Snowmobile club is grooming trail 12 & 13 daily, the Keweenaw Trails is grooming north,some areas south are limited,due to lack of funds.It's still happy trails thus far!!!
March 12, 2006
Well hopefully the worst is over. The high temps. for this past weekend really lowered the snow banks, and haulted some grooming, but not all.The trails in town took the worst,as the roads are bare.The good news is we did not get the predicted rain or thunder storms. The better news is temps are dropping and snow, possiably alot is in the forecast.For now we are at about 2.5-3 feet of snow still on the ground,still plenty for boondocking as the guys went out Sat. and had a blast!Waiting for the stuck pics. guys!The dark snow you see on the web cam in front of the cabins is not snirt, but ashes from them burning brush for the new highway. I don't belive snowmobiling is over yet, and spring riding is so much fun, so if your game to come on up, don't forget our spring special discount, 10%off just mention you saw it on this post.
March 6, 2006
Spring riding
Well here it is March 4th.,as of this weekend there's still plenty of snow, not a whole lot of fresh, untouched snow for us boondockers, but the trail riders should have no complaints.It is getting to be day light much later now,and hopefully the warm temps. will hold off for a while longer, as when they come the 1st. part of the trails to go are the ones in town. I'm sure we'll still get our annual St. Patrick's Day storm.which we boondockers pray for.As spring riding is the best, getting to do a little water skipping, getting into some of the falls,and riding with just sweatshirts on, is just way cool. Well the next season coming upon us will be ATVing, let the mud fly!! For those intrested we will be offering a 10% discount on your entire stay, starting March 15th-April 10th. Just say you saw this on the post, hey it's our way of saying come on up and try a spring ride, if weather conditions have you nervous, just call ahead and we will keep you updated!
February 25, 2006
End of Feb. best snow thus far
Can't belive it's Feb. 25th. and we have the best,deepest,and some untouched snow for the season!! Hard to belive March is coming upon us,and to be blessed again with the best riding season to come,as the first 2 weeks of March are usually the best. There usually is fresh snow,an annual St. Patrick's day blizzard,less traffic, and longer days.But that also means we're winding down on another season. This past week we met the nicest people, took a newbie out, off trail riding and had fun for all, Heidi didn't like getting stuck, but we explained to her if your not stuck your not having fun!They sent us the neatest slide show of our outing,it was fun for all,right Heidi? Well the Dave gang (5 Dave's and 1 TOM ) went out yesterday and it 3 miles to untouched snow and 5 stucks, that's a great start to a day!! We have recieved about 12 plus inches in the past 2 days, how great is that? Having this new snow softens the blow of us having to cancel our annual out west trip, to wake up and hit fresh snow outside our garage door makes it less painful.The forcast is still looking good for our neck of the woods,yeah whooo!
February 19, 2006
John Dee Ride In,
Well the 1st. and hopefully annual ride-in went off pretty well.Learned alot, had great suggestions and ideas for next year. This years turn out was great, people came in from near and a far.The group of riders we took out really enjoyed themselves, and quite a group we had 16 in all!! The kids did awesome, and we had quite a few stucks, which is all part of the off trail experiance, if you don't get stuck your not havin' fun!!The weather could have been better, but hey NO COMPLAINTS here, we were pushin' snow, we were in places with 6 to 8 inches of fresh powder, how great is that? We met so many nice people. So for those of you wondering how snow conditions are,right now they're great!!
February 10, 2006
Winter Carnival
It's here again Winter Carnival,even after a warm spell the kids pulled it off. The statues are wonderful, be sure to check the MTU's web page, as they really are quite wonderful.Other great events are coming up next week, the John Dee ride-in for the Make A Wish Foundation, this should be a great event, lots of sledders getting together for a great cause.Also a welcome home parade for our local troops returning home,and the spagetti dinner for one of our groomer operators that lost his home and EVERYTHING in a fire. So for myself it's going to be a busy week as I'll be participating in these events plus we have our annual customers returning, so we have to squeeze a few rides in as well,not complaining just wish there were more hours in a day!!
February 4, 2006
Where's the snow?
Well I'm waiting, and waiting, and still waiting,so far this morning we have a whoppin' 2 inches.Is mother nature going to tease us all year! We Yoopers have tried the snow dance,and the snow dance song,and ST.Anthony prayers, but then again, the day has just begun.I'll have to keep you all posted as to the results after the storm advisory is at or near the end, we can only hope, we actually get the 1'to 2'predicted.All in all though, we have snow,3'-3.5', trails are being groomed,some are good to excellant,some are very heavy with traffic,so they start off great ,but by the end of the day,become quite rough.The counter in Twin Lakes had 5300 sled in 1 day!!So we have snow,but we also have alot of sledders in the area,so try and be understanding to our groomers,their out and trying!!I'll try and keep you all posted, again MANY THANKS TO ALL who have been posting such nice comments about us on John Dee and HCS,it is greatly APPRECIATED
January 30, 2006
Birthday surprise!
What a wonderful gift from above, SNOW, and it arrived on my birthday. After a blow of warm weather, way above 50, we are back on track here in South Range, already 8 plus inches of new fallen snow.What a pleasent surprise to see such wonderful post on John Dee's web page about our cabins and how they enjoyed their stay here with us, that was another wonderful birthday surprise, as well as the one from Kathy, Torey, Joannie and of course Dave. Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful day!!!
January 27, 2006
a day as a tourist
Our good friend Joe and his friends were up, Joe had not rode in years, so this was new for him.1st, day here we took the gang off trail riding, they had fun, but they like to trail ride, so we set out Wed. to the Harbor. We took the upper trail straight to the Mariner and had a good lunch, the trails were very good, we headed to the Gay bar and again had great trails and even ran into the groomer. I will agree with Joe the trail riding is kindda boring, alot of straight a ways, and then sharp icy corners. Joe didn't under stand the whole thing of going 80 mph, stop, then go 80 mph again, and not taking in the scenery. So he did prefer the off trail ride, and I know for sure that is what I to prefer. I probably would enjoy trail riding if I had a sled set up for just that, I love speed don't get me wrong but I'm not sure the trails the place for that especially on the sharp corners with oncoming traffic. Also encountered curve cutters that weren't very friendly, which caused a slight moment of trail rage. I'm with Joe though ,could diffenatly get into drag racing sleds, a hit of nitros must be awesome!Today is not so good for the weather conditions, warm temps. but soon to come to an end,I think our trails in our aresa will survive, but the low lying areas, such as Baraga and Ontanogon will definatly have issues with mud and snirt. The MTU students to suffered with the warm temps. as they prepare for Winter Carnival. Let's just all think snow!!!
January 25, 2006
New SNOW, yahoo!!
Yes it's true NEW SNOW, 8 PLUS INCHES,Trails are reported to be in great shape, even the low lying areas recieved fresh snow.We're doing something truely new to us, we're going to be tourist today and actually ride the trails, so I should be able to give an accurate report soon, I think we're headed to the Harbor, we took our friends off trail had a great day, but they are trail riders, and prefer to go fast and not see scenery!Guess they weren't to thrilled with the off trail stuff, oh well we gotta please everyone if we can.This week the garage has been busy, our guests have had alot of break downs, but not for long, Dave and Butch got them all back on the trail.Keep you updated soon.
January 16, 2006
Is it worth the drive?
Jan.15th.we recieved 1 to 2 inches of snow yesterday. More is suppose to be coming for the rest of the week. This morning there was a winter storm advisory for tonight through tommorrow. We can only hope this to be true.All groomers are doing their job,Dave has another run tonight.He said trail 13 is holding up, with some icy patches on the corners. Towards the lake is low and out to Chassell/ Baraga, as well as Ontanagon, snow is low.The group of guys that went out last Thrus. and Fri. with Dave had a GREAT TIME AND FOUND PLENTY OF SNOW!! Thanks guys we appreciate your business, as all of you make us what we are and to be able to serve you is our goal.Is it worth the ride up, well we still have 1-2 feet of snow trails are at 75%, we've been completly booked for 3 weeks now and VERY FEW COMPLAINTS.The snow is what it is, but it's real and it's here for all to enjoy!
December 31, 2005
New year , new snow?
What a pleasent suprise, woke up to 8" to 9" of new snow. Sorry to say not fluffy powder, but it's new snow. Dave broke down last night while out grooming, but the guys came through and got her fixed!! Still alot of sleds in the area, and still some of the same reports, some good some bad, but all are still happy there's snow. Most have only this time to come, because of children's vacations or they are teachers themselves.But the one comment I always hear is how friendly the people are up here in the U.P.,which can take and turn a ugly day into a bright day.To all of you heading this way ,drive careful and may you all have a Happy New Year!!! If you would like trail or weather conditions don't forget to log on to http://www.johndee.com/
December 28, 2005
area conditions
Update for those heading our way, we just took a group of 10 out yesterday, left in the a.m. did 99% off trail riding, there was 1 to 2 feet still on the ground. Rivers and creeks are open but not high. Trails heading south are ok 12,13 and 109 were still in good shape. Had coffee with Bob and he has opened the South Freada trail. Heading north have not been good reports, our North Dakota boys were bummed, but as they said we are the only ones with snow, and the groomer operators are doing the best they can with what they have.As of today the Copper Country looks like Chicago expressway, trucks and trailers everywhere,even motor homes in the Walmart parking lot. So the season has begun, now if only the snow would come. The weather can change at the drop of a hat, here so keep checking John Dee's report
December 9, 2005
Update on our area conditions
I was told to do an update by those that are going thru winters withdrawl.Painesdale had a report of 80", Twin Lakes had 108" as of Wed. that's the report Dave got at the club meeting Wed. Becarefull as there are some areas with water and mud holes. Today there's a slight warming spell 26 degrees and partly cloudy, which will make for some nice settling, snow is expected for the next 4 days. The 2 Dave's went out yesterday to the deer stand and had a great ride, at least they came back with smiles and stories!!!For those of you coming in this weekend roads are clear in our area, drive safe, see you soon.
December 1, 2005
Snow has arrived
Snow has arrived on the 1st. day we can open the trails and hopefully start grooming.Grooming will depend on the amount of snow we recieve in the next few days, and having a good base to work with. Last night we had 11 more inches added to our area, and it's still coming down.Thanks to all that have booked early with us, we hope you will have a great stay, and a safe season.Will try and keep all posted as what the snow conditions are, and that we will still have availability for those that want to join us in this years season.Happy Holidays to all.
September 20, 2005
Heading into the busy season
Well it was offical,we wait all summer for the Hay Days weekend,to see what's new,what's up and coming and now the offical start to the snowmobile season is over.The snowmobile magizines are out and early planners have made their reservations (thank you).The Superior Snowmobile Club put in 2 weeks of trail brushing and signing, and some wonderful volunteers come from all over to help,we were disappointed in the turn out though, as many businesses offered discount lodging as well as meals. We had a total of 8 out of towners come in, course on the days that we worked that was more then what we recieved in local support, kindda sad, but as a business owner I thank everyone who helped out. Well the P.O.R. road rally will be coming up next, as well as the Yooper Holiday deer season, at the rate the weather is at right now we may have snow for both! The colors as of today are at about 75% with a hint of the Northern Lights out the other night. We actually had a fire going in our fireplace last night.Well keep warm and keep the U.P. in mind for your next get away, it's a beautiful place DURING ALL 4 SEASONS!!!
January 6, 2005
Snow , where are you?
After high hopes of a winter storm advisory,8" to 10", we woke up to less then an inch, what a bummer as we had a ride set to go. Well we went any way, all in all it wasn't that bad, the snow was soft, but it was just like a spring ride. As the ditches are open ,the rivers are open and the lakes are slushy.On average there is still 1' to 2' of snow out there, The trails were sugar snow with some reports of snirt in some areas. Met a J.Dee poster on the trail break at Krupp's, that was cool.I wish it were picture perfect for everyone, but all groomers are doing their very best, and we do have snow!! As we all know weather here changes daily, but couldn't it give us snow addicts what we want 3'+ to start with!!
December 31, 1969
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December 31, 1969
Fall is in the air
it's mt 2nd favorite time of year.Cool evenings that have you waking up to dew drops and then by mid morning the warmth of the mid day sun appears. The colors are actually starting to appear and we have had our 1st. frost a week back.We had a great annual ride with the St. Croix crew,we actually found mud to boot,that was a surprise as it's been very warm and dry for weeks now.Frank and Angie brought their boss and family with them this year and while on our outing we ended up at Pat's and they left with a brand new Rhino,within a hours time it was christened with good old U.P. clay mud, don't know about them but it took Dave 3 hours of cleaning!We made it through another busy weekend, the collage kids are now back,sure makes a differance in the population in our area. The weather couldn't have been any better for the families and this past weekend was a perfect Labor Day weekend. Even though Milwakee had the big ride in their were plenty of bikers in our area.Our guests had a great time and brought us in a good picture of their guys at the Gay Bar having fun.This weekend is the grand opening of the snowmobile season, HayDays, it's a fun experiance,miles and miles of snowmobile shopping.Bear season is soon approching,signs look good, we've seen quite a few in the past weeks. Then comes my favorite season, partridge hunting time,then soon to follow deer season. Our freeze hopefully will be full.Next weekend is the Superior Snowmobile Clubs annual spruce up the trail time. Also next Thursday the Mi Trale club is taking senior citizens out for a ATV/UTV ride,Jim and Deb from Krupp's are going to provide a lunch, the club has asked for donations to help with the gas expenses for the bus to pick up the seniors.For us it is on a bad day a Thursday,just can't miss work to help the others but it sounds like a great time for all.The North end is having a trail weekend coming up I belive John Dee is heading that one up,like our end places have offered free or discount lodging and lunches.Don't know about you but the the sites of Christmas are in our stores already! Guess it's coming as quick as the snowmobile season is.This years bookings are off to a good start,thank you to our repeat customers. Thanks to you we are still open.A heads up to our guests,the gas station here in town should be open this season if all goes well with the lease contract,we will keep you posted if we decide to pursue on with this endeaver.Happy trails to all,see you soon!
December 31, 1969
Riding season is in the air
we had a great turn out for the Superior Snowmobile Club's work weekend,I'm sure Mike was happy. We worked with a good group and resurfaced a bridge, it went well.Had a nice dinner that night and visited with the Leahman brother's which I would like to thank again for all their hard work. Got to see Skylar and crew as well as John Dee. My sled has sold and our new one's are coming soon, at least that's what we were told by Marty.The buzz I would like to pass on to all of our guests as well as those that may be passing through the South Range area is there will be GAS,we are in the works of opening the station, our only hold up is the beer and wine as well as the deli license's, but I think we will proceed in opening with out them for now, we just need to get the word out there.The reservation book is filling up nicely, we're looking forward to our annual rides.If those of you could send me photos of our outings I'm making a picture board for the new station.Any ideas for a name, Wildlife's----? The Superior Road Rally is coming up soon,and the colors on the trees have started showing their colors.

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