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  Wildlife Refuge Cabins are privately owned  and
  operated with hometown hospitality. Available are
  six fully furnished cabins. Three cabins can sleep
  one to eight persons. One cabin can sleep one to
  six, and two can sleep one to ten to accommodate
  larger groups. One cabin is handicap accessible.


  A written word from us to you ... ( view more )  
  December 2, 2018

2018-2019 season has begun!!!
though their will be a few trail closures this year due to the epic Father's Day flood.their is still lots to ride, just not yet, though the trail #3 is rideable from South Range to Rockland use caution there are some water holes, we opened the gates on trail #13 yesterday many thanks to the private land owners that let us use their land,6 gates are on this trail!!! It is still quite soft ,water holes and muddy, washouts and the downed trees have been removed,ice is forming on the water holes,hoping if this weeks forecast pans out the temps. will lower and the snow machine will start,then groomers can get out and at least pan the trails....PLEASE LET THIS SEASON BE A SAFE ONE FOR ALL AND PLLLEEEAAASSSE BE RESPECTFUL OF PRIVATE PROPERTY, IF IT SAYS STAY ON TRAIL, PRIVATE PROPERTY OR NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES RESPECT THESE POSTINGS PLEASE!!!!


"All Tracks Lead Here"

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