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  Trail Information  
  See below for current Trail Condition Report  

An all purpose trail that connects to 100's of miles of trail riding in the summer months and miles and miles of groomed trails during the winter months.

The Bill Nicholl's snowmobile/ATV trail is only 150 feet from our front door.

Recorded trail conditions are available by calling 1.888.SNOWFALL

Trail Cam site available at www.JohnDee.com

Trail Maps and Permits are available at our office, or please feel free to call for trail updates.

  Trail Condition Report  
  March 18, 2018
March came in like a lamb, will it leave like a lion????
2017-2018 has been a great year for snow over 200'' even though the big lake froze up and shut down LES. Mid season brought 1000's to the area which made for some good,bad, and ugly trail conditions, the past 2 weeks have been premo conditions for the trails in our area, we have had cold nights and low day temps. so the trails are holding up. Off tail there is still 3' to 4' of snow some creeks and rivers are starting to open up, the local falls are still pretty frozen up. so the good news is we are still in winter mode up here,plenty of snow to plan your last rides for the season.or come and do testing.On a sad note we are experiencing the worst year of reports due to ditch banging the highways and private land which has led to permanent trail closers. Not sure what can be done to solve this issue ,but if we lose the trails we all lose even if your a 'BOONDOCKER' at some point in time your track hits a trail. or private property .....If you enjoy our area how about joining a club that grooms the areas you like to ride or get out there and help a local club with trail work..they all need help and members to continue to serve you...please don't make the up coming year of misguided riders not educating themselves as to where you can ride... this is not good...to disrespect land owners is not a wise choice.. as it WILL lead to trail CLOSURES... Please know where you can and can't ride... be respectful... This also applies to ATV's /UTV's. It is becoming an issue that land owners will be/ or could be closing areas and possibly trails, please police yourself and others before it's to late! So if your snowmobiling,ATVing/ UTVing let's abide by the rules and enjoy our trail systems we have worked so hard to make available to all.Thanks to all that ride our area trails and spend their monies here!Remember PLEASE be respectful of private land and ride the trails,or be educated on what areas are open to county roads,back country access and what vehicle types are allowed on trails in the areas you will be riding,safe and alert!

"All Tracks Lead Here"



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